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 Stat Tiers

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PostSubject: Stat Tiers   Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:34 am

Your rank will determine how many Tier Points your character will have. The stat system is fairly simple really and is put in place to get a more clear view of how "powerful" your character physically is. Our physical stat system will hopefully give a clear guideline of what you actually can do.

Starting Tier Points: These are the amount of Tier Points your character may start with, depending on their rank.

  • Genin/D-rank: 2
  • Chuunin/C-rank: 3
  • Special Jounin/B-rank: 4
  • Jounin/Anbu/A-rank: 6
  • Anbu Captain: 8
  • Kage/S-rank: 10

The following is a description of what entails the above distributed effects of your stats. You may distribute your Tier Points in which ever way you please.

Strength and Durability:

The following short descriptions should give you an idea of what your character can do to the human body, depending on the Tier at which your strength is categorized. Your Durability Tier should be treated separately from your Strength Tier, and Tier Points distributed into either Strength or Durability only count for said Stat Tier.
Tier 1: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punches, Ect.- cause bruises.
Tier 2: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punches, Ect.- cause fractured bones.
Tier 3: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punchest, Ect.- cause internal bleeding and can pierce into the body.
Tier 4: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punches, Ect.- cause broken bones.
Tier 5: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punches, Ect.- can pierce through the body.
Tier 6: Your physical attacks -Kicks, Punches, Ect.- can tear limbs off of a body.

When dealing with Strength vs Durability, you take the applied Durability Tier and subtract it from the applied Strength Tier, in order to get the results of whichever Tier damage you can actually do. Example: Ryujin vs Horus. Ryujin's Strength Tier is 5, Horus' Durability Tier is 3, which means Ryujin will deal Tier 2 damage to Horus upon connecting a physical hit, AKA cause fractured bones. If your Durability Tier is 2 Tiers higher than the applied Strength Tier, you receive no damage. Basic weaponry up to D rank can only pierce Durability Tiers 1-3.

This basically entails how fast your character is. The max speed your character can track are things that are moving at speeds of 2 Tiers higher than their own, unless you have Bukijutsu as a skill. See Bukijutsu perks in the Skill System for more details on their perception boost.

Tier 1: You move at a max of 10 meters per second.
Tier 2: You move at a max of 20 meters per second.
Tier 3: You move at a max of 30 meters per second.
Tier 4: You move at a max of 40 meters per second.
Tier 5: You move at a max of 50 meters per second.
Tier 6: You move at a max of 60 meters per second.

Handseal Speed:

Tier 1: You can perform up to 3 handseals in a second.
Tier 2: You can perform up to 6 Handseals in a second.
Tier 3: You can perform up to 9 Handseals in a second.
Tier 4: You can perform up to 12 Handseals in a second.
Tier 5: You can perform up to 15 Handseals in a second.
Tier 6: You can perform up to 18 Handseals in a second.

Rules of Tier Boosters:

  • You do not automatically have Tier 1 in all of your Stat Tiers. If you don't place Tier Points to achieve 1 in them, you basically suck real bad at them.
  • Your character is capped at Tier 4 for base Tiers.
  • Custom and Canon jutsu which boost your physical prowess can only boost you into Tier 5, no matter the amount of Tiers it boosts you, you are capped at Tier 5 with non-limited boosters. Skill Boosts and Clan Boosts can also boost you into Tier 5.
  • The only way to enter Tier 6 is through the use of Limited jutsu.
  • The 8th Gate alone is the only technique allowed to access the unlisted Tier 7, which will be explained on the 8th Gate itself.
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Stat Tiers
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