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 Inmaterial Prison

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PostSubject: Inmaterial Prison   Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:39 am

You shouldn't seek all the answers; believe me.
You may not like what you Find
Cold, a shiver, that was the first sensation he felt. Even before he opened his eyes, he knew that he was in a cold and dark place, absent of sunlight and the warmth of nature and the wind. He was not a dumb fellow, rather, he was keen and shrewd in both thought and action. His eyes fluttered open for but a moment as he took in his surroundings and then closed his eyes again. Twelve shinobi were in the room with him, all sitting at a table playing a game of poker. Boisterous laughter could be heard as Rei listened to their talk about the game and a few other things. Rei could not remember how he had gotten there, more worrisome was that he could not remember his name or where he was from! All he knew, was that by his quick glance and the feel of his body, he had been taken captive and was now tied up and presumed unconscious. How long he had been unconscious, Rei couldn't know, but he felt like it had been quite some time, an unnatural amount of time. As soon as Mana gets back, we'll know what we're supposed to do with our "guess" He's out cold though, the boss put him in some kind of comatose state and suspended his animation with chakra to prevent him from awakening or moving. said one guard as Rei slightly opened his eyes: the man was explaining the details to some other shinobi who looked like a new recruit.

So... I am some kind of prisoner and their boss is away from their hideout. If they've done this much to prevent me from escaping, then I must either be someone very powerful... or very important. I must escape from here. he told himself as he closed his eyes and focused on his surroundings. Innately, instead of feeling his surroundings, his vision switched to someone or something else' view point, which was in a storage room not too far away. His vision was transmitted through the thing and he realized that by focusing his intentions, he could move the thing without actually moving his body. With his eyes, he looked down and realized that he was in what appeared to be a woman's body. He touched himself and realized that it was no ordinary body, more like a puppet meant to look as though it were human. His chakra could "feel" the insides of the puppet, a small but deadly arsenal at his fingertips. Somehow it felt familiar, as though it were his. Truth be told, this was his puppet and it had been taken along when he had been captured.

The puppet female lifted her hands and looked at them as long black and sharp nails protruded from her fingertips. The puppet walked over to the door and turned the nob, it was unlocked. The puppet found herself outside of a pantry and standing adjacent to the door where the twelve shinobi stood guard of Rei's body. She moved over to the doorway and knocked loudly. A pause of silence followed as the twelve shinobi paused their game at the sound. One guard stood up to check it out, he looked through the peephole and saw the puppet staring back at him. He began to mouth a question and turned the nob of the door as it unlocked, but not a word escaped his lips. Instead, one long black fingernail slipped through the peephole and went through the guard's eye and straight into his brain. At the same time, the puppet's hand grabbed the door handle and opened it as she stepped inside and grabbed the corpse of the shinobi before the man fell.

The other eleven guards looked on in shock and disbelief for a moment as some of them looked back at Rei's body. He was still in suspended animation and could not even move his fingers... so how then could his puppet move freely? His puppet Rory is attacking us! one of them shouted at he and a couple others threw their small weapons at the puppet. Rory, the puppet, held up the corpse of the first guard to block the attacks as her long black hair lengthened and stretched out across the room. Some of the hair tendrils coiled together into thick tendrils and stabbed through the closest three shinobi's torso's and dropped them to the ground. Other smaller tendrils wrapped around four more shinobi's arms and legs as the tendrils tightened and yanked violently to amputate the shinobi's limbs. Blood splattered everywhere as screams of agony and the sickening sound of bodies dropping to the floor could be heard. Eight out of the twelve were already dead as the last four took up a defensive stance at the far end of the table.

One guard began to use handseals and opened his mouth as he released a large fireball in Rory's direction. She held up the corpse and let it get burnt to a crisp as she disappeared behind the fireball. A moment passed as the shinobi who cast the fireball waited to see how much damage the puppet had sustained. Instead he didn't see the puppet, only the crispy corpse of his deceased ally. Rory was no longer in front of him and his other three allies, instead, she was behind them all. Her delicate and deadly hands protruding from two shinobi's chests and her tendril hair wrapped around the last two's necks. In one swift motion, she pulled her hands out of the shinobi's backs and twisted the other two necks as they rolled to the floor, decapitated. Blood pooled around the pod where Rei was tied. Rory turned her gaze to her real body and saw Rei.
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First Mizukage Rei-Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Inmaterial Prison   Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:30 pm

You shouldn't seek all the answers; believe me.
You may not like what you Find
Rei opened his own eyes and saw his puppet Rory staring back at him in a lifeless doll-manner. As Rory stood there, he used her nails to cut the ropes that bound him and then he clambered out of the pod in a clumsy way. He stepped out with his foot and fell forward against his doll who caught him in her arms: moving about and walking on his own two feet felt odd. It felt like he wasn't in his own body... which then was the real one? His flesh body or the puppet? It was a startling question, but logically his real body should be the flesh one. So why then did he feel so awkward in his own body. When he thought about it, he felt nearly right at home when using ROrys body to move about. It was as if his body was too small or he didn't recognize the movements. Why... Perhaps it is because I have been asleep for a while. I should use Rory and escape from here first before anything else. he told himself as he closed his eyes again and leaned fully against his puppet.

Rory supported his weight with her arms and picked up his child-sized body and looked down at him. Rei could see himself through Rory's eyes. He was but a child, maybe ten years old with pure white hair. He paused for a moment, looking at himself and wondering who he truly was. What his name was. He would have to worry about that later, Rory turned to the open door and walked over the bloody floor and quickly left the room. With her eyes, she could see the flows of chakra, lingering scents of multiple guards. Finding the exit to the base might have been hard, but Rory could see that all the chakra signatures met up in one direction- that had to be the exit. Rory met two guards along the way, one at two different check points. Two guards she quickly dispatched of as she cradled Rei in her arms as a precious person. Killing came easy to Rei as he used Rory, he held no remorse and the opponents seemed to move so slow compared to Rory. He wondered how people such as these had managed to capture him if he was this powerful. Their leader, this... Mana.. must have been the one to capture me. Then Mana must be a very powerful individual indeed. he reasoned as he kept his eyes closed as Rory continued to carry him.

Rory continued to walk over the mangled corpses that dared to bar her way as she found the exit and opened the door. If Rei had been looking through his own eyes, the light of the day would have burned his neglected eyes. Rory was a different case though, as he peered through her eyes, he was unharmed and could see clearly. "Clearly" was hardly the right term however. Several shades of thick chakra coated the area and Rei could sense the many signatures of powerful beings; power beyond that of humans. The power felt ominous and Rei knew instantly that he had to flee the area before those multiple entities detected his presence. He clenched onto Rory's arm tightly as Rory picked up speed and moved quickly across the ground. They were in some kind of ruins of a village, one that Rei couldn't remember- not that he could remember much. Rory moved as fast as Rei could make her go, which was extremely fast. Her body while holding him was moving at 50m/s and gaining ground away from the village quickly. Rei suppressed his chakra as much as possible while he controlled Rory. He and his puppet Rory continued to travel this way for many hours. While his own body didn't tire, he was using chakra to move Rory. Even though sh was a light puppet, he only had so much chakra to use. After several hours of fast travel, he was much too tired to keep going. Darkness had already set across the land and Rory used her eyes to brighten the immediate surroundings. Rei sat down and waited as Rory found a small cave nearby and then tucked him inside and then grabbed a bush and covered the top of the cave entrance as she lay beneath the bush holding it in her tight grip.

Rei released his hold over his puppet and relaxed as he felt the strain on his chakra regress. He lay there, alert and listening for several more hours as he heard a group of shinobi run by quickly as they likely searched for him. Another hour paused and he heard nothing, so he slowly drifted off to sleep. He slept the rest of the night and part of the day, he awoke to find the sun already in the sky. He closed his burning eyes, they hurt from looking at the sun. Rory picked him up and carried him again as they traveled once more, this time more cautious as Rory could see lingering tracks of chakra in the area. Luckily they split off in several directions and Rory intentionally avoided those directions. He was a long ways away from the ruins of Iwagakure by this time, yet he knew not where he was going, nor who he was. All he knew, was that he needed to get as far away as possible and learn what he could from smaller villages.

He knew that if he wasn't careful, someone might identify him, report him or try to capture him. He still didn't know why he was captured, nor who this Mana was: the best he could do was hide his identity and listen in the surrounding small villages to learn anything important. He traveled until he found his first small village, Rory quickly found two dark brown cloaks and stole them. He and his puppet garbed themselves to hide their identities as they sneaked around the village and listened to gossip. Of the few that saw him and Rory, all they saw was a woman in a brown cloak carrying a young boy. Rei learned that he was near the ruins of Iwagakure, a place that had been destroyed some twenty years ago by a number of eight demons. Those must have been the terrifying chakra powers I sensed back at that hideout... so.. I was captured and taken captive to a base in Iwagakure's ruins by Mana and her followers... His mind was fuzzy, but he could vaguely remember the layout of the land based on maps in his memories, strategic and in-depth maps. Those fuzzy memories would help him navigate as he would travel about aimlessly as he tried to recover his memories and figure out who he was. Two months would pass and little progress, though he did get a hang on his combat skills that came naturally to him. His eyes adjusted to the light and he grew accustomed to moving about with his own body. He began to use Rory less and less until he was confident with his own body once again. Sometimes he carried her puppet body and other times he just let Rory carry him for the sake of convenience.
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Inmaterial Prison
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