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 Catch The Thief

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PostSubject: Catch The Thief   Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:44 pm


Nara had taken a long ass rest from all these D-Ranked mission. He felt that he deserved a challenge. He put his name on the C-Rank mission list. The next day, he was given a mission to find a thief. It was about 12 pm, and the robber had stole and got away at 9 am. Nara thought out loud, knowing he could reach this man.

"I'm sure this man hasn't got far. I can easily catch him in a bit. All I need to do is start running straight away."

As he was running out of the Sunagakure's village door, he felt his blood level rise. It was the first time he got out of this village. It felt a bit weird. The last time he left anywhere was when he left Kiri. Just thinking about his old family made him mad. They gave him up. He didn't even know if they got money for it. Feng-Ossan did seem pretty rich, being an A-Rank and all. Also, his mother would never lose an opportunity to get some dough. The only people he cared for were Saicho, his older brother, and Ramen-Ossan in Kiri. Other than that, Nara's life pretty much sucked. Even though Feng-Ossan tried to be nice to him; Nara never felt a relationship between them. Feng was like an old man that took him in mostly due to his abilities. He knew how much sharingan eyes were rare and expensive. Nara most likely had the sharing, and in his mind Feng is waiting for the day he activates it. Once Nara does activate his special eye, the ossan can kill him and steal the eye.

After getting lost in his own train of thought, he had realized that he had been running for about an hour or so. He kept running until he heard the sound of feet cracking leaves. Nara jumped into the trees, and followed the sound. After 10 minutes of following the sound, he finally saw this thief boasting how he got out scott free.

"Hahah! I'm out. There's no way any ninja could ever find me. Fuck them, and fuck SUNA! Yeah, I said it. Fuck Suna."

Nara kind of felt the same feeling about Suna. He hated it, he wanted to break it himself. The same thing for Kiri. His history in both of these towns were fucked up and he wanted to deal so much damage on the citizens of the towns. His blood boiled and he really wanted to kill. This man was the only person here, so Nara decided to put his hate on him. He jumped out of the tree, and landed right in front of the thief. His hands got ready to start his attack, while the robber was still shocked.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing here kid?!"

Nara took this time to start his first jutsu. "Clone Jutsu." His hands shifted from a ram, to a snake, and finally a tiger. This all was done in a second, and at the end a second Nara appeared beside the first. The thief finally realized that Nara was suppose to stop him, so he laughed judging Nara by his size. They then smiled at the robber and both started another jutsu. From the tiger to the rat in less than a second, and Nara's double genjutsu had started. 20 version of Nara appeared in the thief's eyes. He had been struck by the Mist Servant technique. Even though none of his clones were real, the robber had started sweating as they all closed in on him. At that moment, 19 Kunai were thrown at the man and once they touched him they disintegrated. While approaching his face, he screamed at the tops of his lungs. Once the Genjutsu had ended and only one Nara was left, the man had fainted from fear. Nara then walked up to him, placing him on his shoulder and carried him back to Suna.

"Well I guess like this is still not that challenging yet."

[End of Mission]
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Catch The Thief
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