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 Street Side Bazaar Pt.2

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PostSubject: Street Side Bazaar Pt.2   Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:50 pm


Nara was in another bazaar again. He hated these kinds of places, loud noise, people manhandling each other around. Due to his small height, he would always fall to the ground and couldn't move. This time, he wanted to help the guards do their job. It seemed pretty farfetched since they were so heavily equipped, but when he asked them they told him that they would love the help.

"Yeah sure little kid, anything you can do we'll be mighty grateful for. Just try to make our lives easier, okay?"

He was confident that he wouldn't get in their way. Nara could have taken them all on if he really wanted too. It wasn't his time to fight anyone in this town yet. Even though he hated it with all of his heart, it was too early for him to do anything that risked his life. He thought waiting till he became a chunin would have been good. It's been a year so far since he started doing these missions. Nara thought back to his first mission and how he had grown. From helping setting up a bazaar booth, to helping protect the whole bazaar.

And he was lost in thought again. It felt like a routine by now. He would be doing a mission, until his train of thought would wonder off and land somewhere else. Nara had to concentrate, the rest of his career as a ninja depending on these missions. He started to walk around the bazaar, until he heard a female scream. He ran over to the sound of her scream until he found her. He asked her what had happened, and her answer wasn't obvious.

"Help me child! They stole my baby!"

"Who stole him?"

"Two bandits! They were heading over there..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Nara had started sprinting in the direction she pointed at. He didn't really care about the baby. All he cared about was that he had a chance to fight two bandits. Fighting was one of Nara's favorite things. Behind killing at least. While, he was too young to kill anyone he still was so curious about how it would feel. After a duration of about 5 minutes he reached the bandits. They thought that they could hide inside a tree. Well, he guess he'd have to prove them wrong. As Nara reached the stump's entrance he stood straight and called for them.

"Hey you two. Get the fuck out of that hole and come and fight me."

Like always, they'd laugh at Nara which made him just angrier. He placed his hand in front of his chest, getting ready to start doing hand seals. He started with a ram, then a snake, and finished the jutsu with a tiger. After the three hand seals had been invoked a poof of dust flew up, covering what would be an exact clone of Nara. The bandits now started taking him seriously, since they saw that he was a ninja. They just started to stand up but they were too late. Nara had already started his second jutsu, and with his incredible hand sealing speed they could never reach him in time. He reset his hands from the previous hand seal and started with a tiger this time, and rapidly changed to a rat.

These two had been stuck in Nara's genjutsu. In other words, they were no officially fucked. 18 other Nara clones had spawned, and were all wielding a Kunai. The Naras separated in half, and 10 would go to each of the bandits. When they were halfway in either man's face they would throw the kunai at their face. As usually, both of the bandits had fainted out of fear. When the Kunais actually touched their face, it disintegrated. With both bandits half dead, Nara walked into their hideout and picked the baby up.

As he reached the bazaar again, the guards were ready to see what he had done. Nara had came back with the baby, and told the guards to go capture the bandits before they got up again. He gave the lady back her child and walked away. This was enough commotion for a day.

[End of Mission]
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Street Side Bazaar Pt.2
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