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 Hashirama Raito

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PostSubject: Hashirama Raito   Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:34 pm

Name: Hashirama Raito

Little Brawler - This nickname was given to Hashi due to his unmatched mastery in Taijutsu among people his age. He enjoys fighting and showing his superiority over any other young taijutsu user he is matched against, and loves to prove them how far away they are from him.

Hyperactive Demon - The name speaks for itself. Hashi is a very hyperactive individual and seems to be everywhere while causing chaos all over the place.

Age: Fifteen
Gender: M

Height: 175.3 cm (5'6" )
Weight: 71.1 kg (156.5lbs )
Hair color:▐ Blond
Eye Color:▐ Sky Blue


Always cheerful and with a smile on his face, Hashi is a well kept and sweet looking boy. He usually wears a mix between lightly colored long sleeved shirt and a pair of dark pants. While the clothes are perfect fit, they still are easy to move around in and not slowing down Hashi's movements. He doesn't care much about his appearance, focusing more on comfort that how well he looks so his clothing adapts usually to the given moment. He still refuses to wear large coats even in the winter, as he believes they would weight too much and slow down his movement and reactions which he would not approve off.

Not caring much about his looks, Hashi has longish for a boy and always messy blond hard as well as honey brown big eyes which could be considered quite cute. Together with his slim yet athletic body, Hashi comes across as swift and quick which portrays his skill set well. He wears his head protector as a scarf around his neck as while he isn't afraid of getting hit, he still believes he should defend a part of the body that is most open to deadly attack.

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Character Rank: [C-Rank] Genin
Clan: Raito


Rarely seen angry or without a smile, Hashi is a rather cheerful individual who enjoys company of others as well as some free time. While he does love peace, he would much rather spend time with friends socializing or training together. Hashi is just one of these people who considers everyone his friends and can usually befriend anyone and anywhere. Its that optimistic attitude which led him to becoming overly excitable, getting overly happy with minor things and feeling the need of telling everyone around him.

Hashi enjoys training with people more that alone. As a matter of fact he preforms much better with people looking over him, as he does feel the need to prove others that he is, or rather will be famous some day. His techniques are usually flashy but quick, not giving the opponent even the slightest opening usually leading to a quick fight where either side wins.

Hashi dislikes pointless work which can be easily avoided or which will lead to nothing, hence at times he chooses to avoid some of the more boring responsibility, going swimming, playing games or simply chatting to girls. While Hashi gets along with most people, the female gender seems to enjoy him more as he is a pretty open person compared to other guys, with the additional fact that Hashi is actually a huge pervert. While its true that most of his friends are female, Hashi does have a few good male friends.

While Hashi does love fighting and training, he dislikes the idea of taking another person's life unless its absolutely necessary. In fact if possible, he tends to avoid pointless combat which often leaves him at a disadvantage due to the opponent making the first move. In addition he is very loyal, and even despite the previous point, if an ally or a friend is attacked, he would consider it a necessity to kill the attacker solely to save his comrade.

Hashirama is set in the belief mankind will never look at situations rationally and will - always and inevitably - resort to violence to resolve conflicts. Most of the time he manages to keep this cynical part of his persona under wraps, but occasionally something so spectacularly idiotic happens that reveals his hatred of all things ignorant. He can burst into a fit of curses faster than the blink of an eye, and wields his sarcasm like a second language. Such outbursts are rare and seen by few, however, so most are unaware of Hashi's more temperamental side. It takes a lot to get a rise out of the brunette; anything short of incredible disrespect for his friends and family will rarely earn such a rise out of him.

Deep down, behind his sometimes questionable morals and "excessive" actions, Hashi is a good guy. He is completely honest about everything he says and does, no matter what the consequences might be. His methods are questionable, but everything he does is done with a good intention in mind. When he steals, when he lies or fights, he only does so out of his overpowering desire to establish peace for his chaotic life - even if it's only for a few minutes.

Hashi's only real goal is to enjoy life as much as possible. He loves to laugh and make other laugh alongside him, to poke fun at friends and strangers alike. As such, his more serious demeanor is often overshadowed by a playful persona that pokes fun at everything and everyone he comes across. If he finds a situation amusing himself, he might take his antics so far that other parties involved might actually question his sanity. He'll taunt his foes with ridiculous insults and threats so horrendously violent one might mistake the brunette for a psychopath. Hashi will ignore all manner of social tact should he find it appropriate for the situation, making the most bizarre inquiries and contextually-inappropriate jokes in order to amuse himself.

Now he is a friendly person to all the person he considers dear, even while assuming a cold and stoic approach to people. Those closest to him know him as a quiet yet respectful man. Although calmed and collected he sometimes lets the anger get the better of him such when his beloved fiance was taken as a hostage only to be killed before him. Having a greater attachment and sense of belonging with his homeland he will do what he has to do in order to save it. Even sacrificing his life and that of his subordinates to accomplish his goals.

Sweet wrote:
Yeah, well, this kid just can't be mean. He doesn't like it and even if the meanness was justified, he just can't be it either. He's far too much of a pacifist and friend seeking persona that causing harm on purpose just doesn't work for him. But then, one could call him too sweet, which actually then turns into a fault and a dangerous one for a shinobi. Because he could show mercy at wrong times, which could end up into disasters.

Oblivious wrote:
Or rather, childish ignorance. He is fairly innocent and doesn't always understand people can have ulterior motives that are less than neat or proper. He is pretty ignorant as of why people would want to fight. But he is not ignorant about the subject of death, personal experiences having told him early on that shinobi tend to die, despite being like super humans.

Character History:

the Preface:
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PostSubject: Re: Hashirama Raito   Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:40 pm

1. Appearance is a bit bland and lacking. You're also short on the word count. Beef up your appearance a bit. Hashi the pervert.

2. Personality wise. What the hell do you want from this character? Strange.

3. History is good enough. Typically, all your stuff there such as skill with a blade etc. This will be determined by your own skills and stats.

Appearance is the major issue at the moment. Sort that and we're good.
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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Re: Hashirama Raito   Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:51 pm

Bump, any movement?
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PostSubject: Re: Hashirama Raito   

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Hashirama Raito
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