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 Raito | Soul Seekers

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PostSubject: Raito | Soul Seekers   Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:45 pm

"Raito | Soul Seekers

Clan Name: Raito
Clan Location: Kumogakure no Sato
Size: 5 Max

1. Hashirama Raito

Clan Ability Description:


Shogan | The Eye of the Dead

From the time of the first Raito ancestors, this eye doujutsu has been passed down within the clan and had access to what has been dubbed the Shogan, Eye of the Dead. It is not completely true to call this technique a doujutsu, as it is the result of two physical modifications within the clansmen. However, for all extensive purposes this technique grants clansmen an alternate form of sight that transcends the normal view of the world. In order to obtain this alternate form of sight it takes very little chakra, for the effects of this technique are actually created from physical adaptations that work naturally as part of a clansmen's physiology. This technique is performed by the activation of two unique attributes to a clansmen's physiology. The first of these modified biological formations is a set of retractable pupils that cover the retina, making a vein like deep-purple coating cover the entire pupil. These eyes act as a filter to sight, similar to how lenses can change the perception of the world. These new eyes, which do little on their own, work in conjunction with the receptors in the labial pits of the nostril cavity.

The type of sight that results from this technique is extra-sensory, but is unlike the infrared vision that many snake species possess. Instead, clansmen are granted a perception of the spirit world around them, a world traditionally known as Sho, or the "Shadowy Land of the Dead". While clansmen do not truly look into the underworld, what they are able to perceive is the spiritual overlapping of the living and the dead, allowing them to see the spirit energy of all living things, as well as that of the dead. Essentially clansmen are able to see the souls of the living, the life force of nature, and the usually unnoticeable spiritual trail left by the dead in this world. When used to view the living, clansmen are able to see the collection of chakra within the body, though not so such an extent as being able to see the chakra system, as the understanding of where chakra is being sent only stems from the fact that spiritual energy is half of what chakra is composed of. Each type of soul appears with subtle differences between one another, though they all maintain the physical shape of their natural being, allowing clansmen to distinguish between what they perceive, and even see through solid objects in order to maintain a sight on the souls they focus on. The souls of man can also carry with them distinguishing defects. When one individual kills another, a shard of the fallen foes soul become harmlessly imbedded within the murders' soul, and even these levels of impurities are noticeable to clansmen. When it comes to viewing the souls of the dead, clansmen see such wandering spirits in a different tint then those of the living, and such visions are susceptible to erosion with time, sometimes becoming to corroded that their true forms become undistinguishable. Normally these wandering souls are few in number in any given place, but large collections of such souls are not uncommon in such places as battlefield or places were large tragic events have been committed. When looking into the Land of the Dead, all non-living things or at least things without traces of spiritual energy appear blackish with only a loose outline around them, sometimes making it hard to see such objects. Reversely, spiritual energy becomes very easy to see, and can even appear with essences of them floating off their forms as through sun spots on a star, allowing clansmen to perceive greatly into the detail of the dead and the souls of the living. Using these eyes, clansmen can identify Jinchuuriki based around the intense glow of the demonic glow sealed within them. Furthermore, such things that carry spiritual signatures, such as summoning contracts, appear vividly even with them not being alive, since they are in essence bonds between souls that carry with them the tie to such creatures as they pertain two.

Goshoujutsu | Art of the Soul

The Soul:

Beyond the Grave:

Projecting the Soul:


Raito was in the beginning a single lone man, called by the same name. He had a wife, a farm and a happy life. He wasn't even part of the shinobi world, being a simple civilian who lived outside the hidden villages. He was known as an honest and kind man, who worked hard to survive and who cherished peace and joy. Everything was going fine, in the time of the man. War had just ended, peace was reigning as sole king over the lands. The man became prosperous, little by little, the good crops coming back every single year, feeding his family and giving him enough to sell and live comfortably. Yes, truly, this man was happy.

But we all know that happiness never lasts and that the storm always comes back whenever we expect the less. The world kept on being at peace, happy, joyful, calm and full of prosperity. But the man fell, crumbling little by little.

The event that brought him misery and pain, was a meteor shower. Thinking it were falling stars, his wife and him went to look at it, enjoying the sights of the many lights falling, just like fireworks. None of them were expecting that the small pieces and ashes of those humongous stones would fall on their lands and on themselves, unnoticeable, unnoticed. Nor did they even expect that those little pieces and ashes could bring so much damage in less than a single day... When they had grown tired from watching and that it had been time to go to bed, the couple left the shower of meteors continue without their presence. Neither of them would notice that the phenomena went on for all night long.

The next day, the morning went without any surprises, until dark clouds gathered in the sky and rain started to fall. The man, who had gone out to work on his fields, had found little pieces of black stone, everywhere, which reflected the sun light, like metal did. Not expecting anything, he had picked up some of it, to examine it at his home.  When he stood up from his crouched position, the first raindrops started to fall, as well the first sounds of thunder made themselves heard in the afar. Unafraid by it, the farmer kept on working, knowing that the storm always clashed down on the other side of the valley. But, after a few minutes of work, he noticed that the sound and flashes of light of the storm came closer towards him and that the rain had stopped.

Feeling a bad omen, the man picked his tools up and started to go home. Having barely made three steps, the first clash of lightning happened right on the spot where he had been standing earlier. Fearing for his life, the man dropped his tools and ran, as fast as he could to escape. He had forgotten to drop his bag, bag that was filled with the small rests of meteors. And that was what attracted the thunder to him. But, cynically, it didn't touch him, until he arrived at his home, which was surrounded by several high trees. He hoped that he would be protected, him and his wife. But when the woman opened the door to let her husband enter, the lightning struck them both.

A few days later, from the body of the woman, something that resembled a child came out of her womb. An unborn child of which the man and the woman hadn't known about. But, it was made of flesh and bone but covered with lightning and chakra. It was pure energy around him, a coat that kept him from being harmed by the world. No one could really say if he was human or not. It roamed around it's parents for a while, like a lost soul, until it realized that they wouldn't wake up and feed him. The child sat down for a while, staring at the two burned rests of flesh that once were happy people, thinking. Suddenly, it seemed to have found an idea. It started to grow, to grow, until it had reached the size of an adult man and left the house, to never return to it.

The creature wandered for years, hiding from the humans and feeding itself only from earth, only thing that didn't turn to ash whenever it touched it and never drinking a drop of water, except the one that fell from the sky. It had grown lonely, silent, sad. What once had been a big ball of energy, was a little rest of lightning, that sparkled and chirped like a little spring bird with great difficulties. It had arrived in the Land of Tea.

One day, the creature arrived near the hidden village of Otogakure itself. Feeling at the end of his life and that his years long journey had ended, he let the last rest of energy he had left in it's shield, escape, to find a body to live in and died, silently, unnoticed, unnoticeable because it had been unknown to anyone.

The last piece of energy settled itself inside a weak chuunin while he slept and rested in the blood of the weak family for years, until it reappeared again, under the form of a child who cried and shocked everyone who touched her.
Like the first creature of this strange phenomena, she grew quite fast, after having remained of the size of a toddler for years. Once she reached twelve years old, she grew in one year to a blossoming young woman with great gifts.

The parents of the girl prepared a special training program and asked to a weapon smith to create special jewelry for their daughter, jewelry that would be able to channel the too much of lightning she had inside of her body. The woman, or rather girl, grew into a powerful kunoichi, the first one of a long lineage of generations for that family. She remembered pieces of the creature's and father's memories, understanding from where the power came from. Her descendants inherited of the same eyes as the creature and they were passed down for hundreds of years.

A clan, after several hundreds of years was created, around hundred years ago. The clan, over time, had grown, having several members with the bloodline that had been named, and two weapon smiths who forged their special items and weapons. They had created several jutsu and developed their powers too with the five first generations of those who carried the bloodline.

Bloodline Reputation: Not Known

Clan Jutsus:

Secret Clan Jutsu:
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Raito | Soul Seekers
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