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 Saru Saya - Sunagakure

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PostSubject: Saru Saya - Sunagakure   Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:59 pm

Name: Saru Saya

Nickname: Ikari

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8”

Weight: 135lbs

Appearance: In spite of the rough life she has lead and the wear and tear she's placed on her body, Saya is a stunning youth.  She stands tall and proud, the look upon her face always seeming to hold within it a sense of frustration and complete lack of satisfaction.  Smiles are a very rare sight, but that is not to say she is unhappy.  She is simply serious, and ever on guard.  She can often be seen leaning against her long spear, a shaft slightly taller than she is topped with 18 more inches of sharp steel.  Armor is draped in seemingly random and completely asymmetric places.  She seems almost uncomfortable in the thick plates, however she is also covered in weapons.

Though her clothing and equipment seem to call out for war, her body tells a different story.  Her skin is soft and smooth, gently tanned by the hot desert sun.  She is built of curves laid upon her with the generous hands of some lecherous artist.  Every unsubtle curve seems uncomfortably restrained, barely contained within a silken two piece kimono of sky blue and white.  The straps of her armor bite gently into her supple flesh, seeming to stretch to fit across the great swell of her chest and hips, fighting a constant battle to simply maintain their grip on her.  Her legs are no less shapely, her thighs built of solid muscle and satin soft skin, leading down past her knees into a pair of strong, heavy plate boots.

She has the face of an angry angel, every feature designed to pleased the eye and yet placed around a mind set on battle.  It is framed by a long mane, a slightly tangled pile of snow white hairs that falls in ragged, knife cut ends tumbling past her shoulders. There is a look of scorn across her face at almost all times, her scowl detracting slightly from the carefully carved shape of her full lips.  Morning blue eyes would sing with glory as they matched the dark sky of dawn being breached by the first rays of day's light, yet they remain narrow, angry, and seem to glare more often than not.  Over all she could be called a contradiction, a juxtapose of bordello beauty which has been armed to the teeth and filled with an unending urge to fight.

Village: Sunagakure

Character Rank: ANBU Captain

Clan: N/A

Element: N/A

Saya has duality in her personality that only those who know her well would ever notice.  At most times she presents herself with a proud bearing, holding her head high and shoulders back, addressing the world through a gaze that says that she is the master of all she surveys.  She takes her position and her life very seriously, seeing herself as one of Suna's greatest defenders, and one of it's greatest assets in a time of war.  She is very intelligent, great with strategy, and what she makes up for in martial prowess she lacks in social skills.  She is blunt, to the point, and rarely masks the meaning of her words behind metaphor or innuendo.  She tends to view things in black and white while on duty, considering anything that benefits Suna to be good, and thing that does not benefit Suna as bad.  This can leave her in a moral gray area at times and has caused trouble for her in the past, but her love and loyalty to the Sand can not be questioned.

When she finally puts her martial skill to use she can flip as fast as a light switch from cool and collected to brutal and savage.  She has little mercy for her enemy, and will only spare an opponent that is much weaker than her, and only if it can be reasoned that they will not pose a significant threat to Suna in the future.  Her fighting style is efficient and effective.  She takes no pleasure in toying with her prey and seeks always to achieve as swift a victory as is possible.  She has absolutely no qualms at all about taking life, and has slain numerous evil-doers in the past.  She is the cutting edge of the weapon that is Suna, and she has no complaints at all about her job.  She loves it, she lives it, and she would do so without pay if it was needed.

It is only those who see her off duty that would realize there is actually a human side to the woman.  Not to say she is quiet and tranquil on her time off, that couldn't be further from the truth, but when she is able to let her hair down she tends to be all smiles, very friendly, and fun loving.  She likes little more than dancing and drinking at a bar surrounded by the common people of Sunagakure.  She is endlessly generous with her ryo, buying as much as she can to ensure that everyone around her is liquored up proper and unable to resist joining her in joyous dance and revelry.  She is also pleased to simply sit when the mood calls for it, and tell tales of battles long past, listen to the stories of others, or just watch the clouds go by.  Of course, in these quieter moments, imaginary battle tends to unfold at all times in her head, giving her something of a spacey and far away quality.

Character History:
What little is known of Saya begins with her admittance into the Ninja academy at the age of 11.  She was older than most who were just beginning their schooling, so her extreme proficiency didn't stand out as much as it might, at first.  By the time she had graduated, however, none could fault her perfection of motion and the power she contained in her growing body.  She was known to be more like stone than wind, crushingly powerful and endlessly resilient.  She made little use of her jutsu, not because she was unable too, but because she considered it weak and cowardly to hide behind mystical powers.

She battled her way through with brute force, and though her instructors told her time and again that strength was not as important as skill, she crushed her competition through sheer determination, will, and steel.  She graduated at the top of her class, though few other students knew how skilled she was with her jutsu.  They saw her as something of a standout, a taijutsu weapon user of considerably talent, but certainly not one deserving to be thought of as the best.  Of course, they were mistaken there.

After being awarded her headband and rank, she joined a team with two others and began accepting every mission that the council handed to her.  Each time she outshone herself, victory and triumph piling atop each other as she began to prover herself to be far more than just a simple spear weilder.  She proved that deep inside, even with that look of unthinking, cold anger in her eyes, she was quietly and quickly analyzing her options, and her opponent.  During her trial at the chuunin exams she had been pitted against a genjutsu user, and most people thought that she would be beaten.  Force is nothing against manipulation of the mind, but Saya surprised them all.  

The fight took place with almost no motion between the two fights.  Both seemed to post, her opponent adjusting his collar and snapping his fingers while Saya stood on in careful consideration.  The only motion she took was to push some of the snow white hair out of her eyes, and then the fight was over.  The proctors intervened before Saya bothered to approach with her spear, while her opponent remain paralyzed and unblinking.  It was just another victory for her, but her superiors were astounded.  None except her own sensei knew she had any talent with Genjutsu, and that's been a fact she'd kept well hidden since then.

After her victory in the chuunin exams she soared through the ranks, reaching Special Jounin in only 4 months, and Jounin 8 months later.  The next year she was accepted into the ANBU, and excelled even among the elite.  There was a growing respect for her through out the village, and though she never seemed to be over taken by arrogance, she never disagreed with those who sang praises of her martial prowess and combat expertise. Instead she just gave a small smile, nodded a little, and bought a round of drinks for everyone present.  This has been her life since, one of stoic service to Sunagakure.  One of power built behind muscle and skill, one of spears, swords, and armor always biting into the soft, abundant curves of her beautiful frame.  While she would consider herself unremarkable in appearance and expert at the art of war, others are happy to see her perfection on both.

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PostSubject: Re: Saru Saya - Sunagakure   Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:57 am

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Saru Saya - Sunagakure
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