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 Richard Knight

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PostSubject: Richard Knight   Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:16 pm


Name: Richard Knight
Nickname: Little Rookie
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Height: 5'6 feet
Weight: 145 pounds
Appearance: Richard has a overall slim frame with creamy smooth skin and slender physique. Richard along with his slender appearance is well toned making his body that of a statue. Although despite his toneness he only seems to have four pack abs. His biceps aren't fairly large but still pop out well enough. His calf's are much the same being the same size and not sticking out to much. Richards shoulders and hips are also averagely proportioned with his body as well. His arms reach down slightly past his hands which are small with thin and long fingers. Surprisingly Richard has feet almost the size of Sasquatch for his size.

He stands at 5'6 feet and is a healthy young man. He has a average sized oval shaped face with  a sharp chin.His skin causes him to look more child like. His lips are small and a cherry rose color. Richard also has large round red eyes and thin short white eyebrows. He also has short wild white hair which fans out to it's corresponding sides. Richards ears are almost covered by his hair and are fairly large. This gives him overall a more innocent look and baby face to the foreseeing eye.

Richard wears a unique jacket which from the back looks like a regular jacket but from the front splits diagonally in to the bottom of the jacket.It is a khaki color except from part of the right shoulder and collar to his armpit being black standing out on the jacket.The elbows also have black pieces of leather visibly sewed in to them as well. The sleeves are long enough to were the stop near the wrist.Underneath he has a plain black shirt that fits snugly against his body. With that Richard also wears black pants that are held up by a plain black belt with a gold yellow buckle. Lastly Richard's pants meet and are tucked in to classic  boots worn by shinobi that are a dark black in color.

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A

Personality: Richard Knight on the surface is usually a calm and collected person. He prefers to go through life with a positive attitude and carefully analyzing and thinking things through. Although this is simply because of his fickle and tricky nature. He likes to manipulate whoever and whatever he can just to have a good time. Richard despite this isn't entirely evil as he does have a kind heart. Richard is well aware when to be serious and times for jokes. As such a intellect type of person he knows when to get serious and goes in to a focus state to take in everything and act accordingly. He cares deeply about his comrades and those close to him and would protect them with his life. Richard also holds immense pride and honor for his village and would die in the line of duty to protect it as well.

However for his enemies or anyone who dares hurt what he protects he has no care for. If someone ever threatened his or someone precious to him would most likely kill them in a instant. Depending on what they did he might even go as far as torture to make them pay for what they did. This is more of the darker side of Richard which only grows when killing with immense malice.

Character History:Richard was born in Sunagakure as he was told by his foster Mother Hira Fukiyama. His parents were both shinobi who during their line of work died protecting a squadron during a mission. Hira being his godmother gained custody and raised from his new born days. Hira was a member of the squad Richard's parents died protecting and was a childhood friend of them as well so she believed it to be her duty to raise him.  From then on Richard who wanted to make his parents proud asked Hira to train him to be a ninja. Richard for as it could always be remembered was a sneaky and tricky person. He always loved to play pranks on his friends and would manipulate them for his own good. A few times there were a few incidents to where one of his friends was beat by a bully and he took revenge. He tricked the bully by using a transformation jutsu to lure him in a alley way before beating him senseless. He imprinted in to the kids mind what he would do to him if he ever messed with his friends again making him gain faith with most of the Suna kids. Not only did he gain more friendship but the grief of losing his parents created a darker side to him as well.

A few years later Richard comes home to find chuunin covered in blood waiting outside his door. The chuunin lead him to the hospital were he saw Hira without her arm and laid in a bed. She was breathing heavily as Richard ran to her side and held her hand. Hira breathless and with a smile told Richard of the battle were she also protected her squad mates with her life. She had ended up being poison and was slowly dying. Once she had passed Richard had vowed on her deathbed to always protect his comrades no matter what happened; but to also try and survive so that they wouldn't feel sadness from his death as well.Although even with this new resolution Richard fell in to a depression where he questioned everything all he ever cared about did. It took awhile before he slowly regained who he was and losing the emotional baggage.

From then on Richard continued on with his ninja training at the academy until one day he discovered the puppet master jutsu.Hidden in Hira's house was scrolls on the puppet master jutsu which he figured she had used for he had never seen her use her specialty. Not only this but he also found old tools for which the building of puppets where for. From then on Richard continued his training in the art of puppetry diligently working to study and perfect his this jutsu to use for himself. After a few years of studying and training Richard has passed his Genin exam. Also having turned 15 Richard has become ready to take on whatever and enjoy his lifestyle as shinobi; as well as to honor Hira and his fallen parents.
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PostSubject: Re: Richard Knight   Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:25 am


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Richard Knight
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