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 Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]

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PostSubject: Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]   Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:11 pm

Name: Hyuga, Tenshi
Nickname: Kumogakure's Grim Reaper
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs
Appearance: Tenshi much like his sister does not appear to be what the typical Hyuga looks like. Despite this fact they are in no way discredited of being Hyuga. Tenshi has long messy hair that he normally wears in a ponytail to keep out of his way. When on his 'off' days Tenshi wears a sort of old styled samurai clothes. Its basically just a robe or man kimono. He does however let his hair down sometimes during these off days that he rarely gets. Tenshi's eyes looks like the blue aura that ones soul might give off. His eyes are deep and one could get lost if they look into them for to long.

When on duty Tenshi wears black pants with gold trim and accents with a matching black hoodie with a golden hood. Over said hood he wears the classic Kumogakure Shinobi vest. He wears standard black shinobi sandals. He keeps his hair in a ponytail at all times. Sometime he wears black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the hand. His jacket is zipped up to his chin so if adjusted correctly it can cover his mouth. The kumogakure insignia is located at the neck area of the jacket and is grey in color.

Tenshi does however switch it up sometimes. Although switching it up may not be a appropriate way to describe what he does. He will wear the same style of clothes but have different colors or patterns associated to it. For example his primary color in his outfit could be black one day or tan another day with red accents instead of gold ones. He will also wear his hair in a man bun from time to time; whenever he feels to lazy to put his hair in a ponytail. Which to him is quite a bit of work considering his laid back demeanor.

Village: Kumogakure
Character Rank: A | Jounin
Clan: Hyuga


Laid back - Tenshi is an extremely laid back man. He often isn't know or seen doing much of anything, yet he has a reputation within the village. Within the Hyuga in terms of work ethic and overall appearance he is the worst. He is not the classic Hyuga be cause of his Slothish nature. Kai his younger sibling often teases him about this fact. She even often calls him Sloth. He takes life as is and does not often complain, at least verbally. He may make a face or pout slightly.

Secretive - He is a man with many secrets to say the least. He never lets anyone know what it is exactly that he is thinking at any time. The other person he tells is Kai, however there are even times when he does not let her know what it is he is thinking. The reason for this is because there are some things he does to help the village that he cannot tell anyone, so he decides to keep them to himself. Tenshi does not even allow his expression to change in the least. He is either seen with a tricky smile or laughing.

Powerful Presence - Although he has a secret and laid back deposition among other things Tenshi actually has a powerful presence. One would even say it gives of the presence of a Demon of sorts. Something beyond that; Tenshi has been related to giving off the presence of death. Hence the name he gained known as The Grim Reaper of Kumogakure. Depending on how he is feeling he could change the atmosphere in a room from calm to murderous. When around Kai however he tones it down as to not disturb her. However if in a situation where he is around her and someone disrespects her he lets it leak out.

Jovial - Despite his powerful demeanor he is quite the jokester. He only really plays pranks on the older shinobi within the village or his friends that he grew up with. He has even hidden various objects from Kai during he Kageship in order to mess with her. It is never anything that would damage her standing as Raikage however. Tenshi is also extremely sarcastic in the way he talks. It doesn't matter who it is; be it friend or foe. He is known to not discriminate in terms of age or gender. He has lovingly joked with Academy students to Village elders.

Serious Side - Tenshi has a side that is one that no one but a enemy who has either harmed the Hyuga name, Kumogakure, or his little sister. This more serious side of him is the one that flourishes on the more dangerous missions or if he was tasked in handling some more 'important' matters of the village. Tenshi's usual smile fades into a scowl. He doesn't talk or anything the normal Tenshi completely fades.

Around Kai - Around Kai is the Worlds best brother. He tries his best to set a good example for his still growing sister. Although she has risen quickly through the ranks and became the Raikage in the mind of Tenshi she is still a growing genin, even if she is one of the strongest if not strongest in the village. He loves is sister dearly and is like a lion protecting it cub when it comes to her. She is his day and sun, but the shadow she casts is his domain so to speak. If she is the sun he is the moon. He becomes completely goofy around her as well. This is the only time people would really see him in this way.

Character History:
Tenshi was born on a rare astronomical occurrence known as the red moon or blood moon to some people. Right before the boy was born it would appear in the night sky. It was ominous to say the least. When the boy was born the sight of him sent chills down the spines of anyone who had seen him. Even the boy's Father, Kaneki Hyuga, felt a slight hinge of fear towards he newly born son. He was over joyed to have a 'heir' to pass down his teachings and who could continue his line within the main branch. However this did not last long as the boy's mother, Venus Jaeger, did upon Tenshi's arrival into the world. The once pride and admiration that Kaneki felt for his child died along with the love of his life. Mixed with the red moon and almost soul colored eyes of the child this was truly a ominous scene. From that day on Tenshi was given a loathsome title known as the child of death. This would later become Grim Reaper.

Kaneki did not feel any love for his son and would often tell him that Venus should be here and not Tenshi. Tenshi was a genius of a child learning to walk and talk at the age of just one. Kaneki decided to use the boy for his own personal gain. After that Kaneki began putting Tenshi through training that no child should be subject to. He was going to make Tenshi into a walking and talking monster. One that would never be seen produced by a Hyuga. Through all of this training Kaneki told his son that he did not love him and told the boy he was nothing but death. Years went on of Tenshi having to hear this. He eventually began to believe it and began to lose his emotions; he then began to view life itself as mundane. When he turned 5 Tenshi was put into the academy by his father.

Considering the training in which his father subjugated Tenshi to would prove to be a invaluable tool. Tenshi would breeze through the easy lessons and test presented by the Academy and be promoted to genin while still at the age of 5. If that wasn't all Kaneki became the sensei of Tenshi. They had a squad all their own, a feat only high ranking people within the village could pull off, however in Kaneki's case he was simply known so he had some strings pulled. Tenshi was forever chained to his father. The boy didn't have many friends and most people stayed away from him because of his reputation. Tenshi underwent more training, but this time it was usually in the field. Kaneki began taking Tenshi on missions that no 6 year old or genin for that matter should go on. Tenshi saw death among other things at a very early age.

Tenshi would soon find himself being promoted to chunin, but would find himself going on a extensive mission that would have him gone for a year or two. During his absence from Kumogakure his father would regularly send a messenger to check up on Tenshi and make sure he was completing his mission. He was informed that his Father remarried as well. However Tenshi felt nothing towards this news. The boys emotions had died. Unfortunately for Tenshi however the mission ended up having a unexpected turn of events. Tenshi was found out and held hostage for more than 10 years. He was tortured for information but never broke. One day after being thrown in his cell after another round of interrogation Tenshi would close his eyes and hear a voice say 'Find your Freedom, Someone needs you.'

Tenshi's eyes would snap open. The now 16 year old Hyuga had not stopped training during his captivity. Tenshi quikly found himself feeling the urge to protect someone. The Hyuga boy devised a escape plan, but first he would gather some information that he felt would help the village. Tenshi managed to escape and gather the information without a single problem as well as kill every person in the compound that he was being held at. The funny thing about Tenshi was he only stayed under captivity because he was waiting for orders from Kaneki that never came. When he returned to the village he was promoted to Jounin for his service. When he arrived he saw that his father had a new child. A girl by the name of Kai. He also noted that his step mother wasn't around. Tenshi did some digging and came to the realization that she had been arrested because she was trying to flee the village with Kai. This enraged Tenshi a feeling he thought he would never flee. Without his father knowing Tenshi visted Kai'a mother and told her he would watch over Kai and free her from prison one day. It's been 4 years since then and Tenshi feels close to finding a method to free her. He continues to watch over his sister and tries to protect her from the shadows. Where she is the envoy of the heavens the. Tenshi is the envoy of hell.

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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]   Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:13 pm

100 more on appearance and ya gucci. Already added to usergroup. Will add picture for ya later.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]   Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:32 pm

There ya go.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]   Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:33 pm

Ya now are officially accepted as my big brother first and Jounin of Kumogakure second.
Enjoy ya stay~
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]   

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Tenshi Hyuga [Kumo]
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