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 Horus [The Vagabond]

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PostSubject: Horus [The Vagabond]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:50 pm

Name: Horus
Nickname: The Desert Vagabond
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Height: 6'1
Weight: 13 stones

Horus of the desert is a tall individual, standing at 6'1, appearing to tower over those that are more vertically challenge. The Shinobi possess a certain presence about himself, considering that he doesn't seem to care all that much for appearances. Horus appears to be more unkempt than anything else, which is why he was dubbed the vagabond based on appearance alone. Handsome is not to be associated with Horus, he was far from being a lady killer too. A most average looking person, often so scruffy and rough around the edges. Horus as he stands now, have long brown hair, that falls perfectly in the sense that he doesn't try to style his hair. The unkempt style however adds more to his appearance than it takes away. His hair is spiky and reaching beyond his shoulders in terms of length. A portion of his locks often covers his right eye, leaving only his innocent, while sadistic looking green eyes. Horus' eyelids are red and black in color, with the top half being black and bottom being red in appearance. Many would often liken it to eyeliner, but he is not the sort to dabble in make up.

Horus has bandages wrapped around his neck, well placed as to not be used against the man. Strangely enough, Horus also had bandages, better yet a pair of tags that seem to stick diagonally on either side of his face. One is particular sits diagonally on his left cheek. Meanwhile the other tag sits of the right side of his face. This particular tag sits just along his chin area and his throat. Both tags also has Kanji written on them, and whether or not what is written is obscene is up for debate. Despite the scruffy and vagabond like appearance of Horus, the man's face is always clean shaven. Although he himself often questions why he even bothers to try and keep up appearances. There is also a pair of black jewels earring in either ear, but there are not made of metal. Wrapped around the abdomen area of Horus are also bandages, and above those are also even more random tags stuck to his body. None of the tags on his body are as of yet of a explosive nature though. Furthering this, Horus sports a green and red Kimono.

This Kimono is held in place by a brown rope tied around his waist. The knot from the tied rope sits of the left side of Horus' hip. See picture or think Orochimaru's attire. Horus very rarely wears both sleeves of his kimono over his shoulders. His right hand and shoulder is usually covered up by his Kimono. But as for his left shoulder, it was almost always exposed, as Horus tends to leave the sleeves swaying at his side. The Shinobi again has numerous tags on his arms, that are visibly to onlookers. The entirety of their visibility of course depends on the manner in which he sports his attire. Moving downward to his trousers, Horus sports a green pair trousers, but is of a darker green compared to his kimono. The Kimono worn by Horus of course sits over his trousers, reaching to his mid thigh section.

To stick to the theme of him being a vagabond, Horus wears no shoes or sandals. Instead the man has his leg and feet wrapped in bandages. And over these bandages are a kind of long black socks, with his length of his trousers tucked inside them. Again, please see picture for reference. When all is said and done, Horus also possesses a strong body, showing that he takes pride in his own health as a Shinobi.

Village: Suna
Character Rank: Jounin
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A


Horus is quite the enigma among his fellow Shinobi, and as such one may find it a difficult task to liken the man to anyone characteristic. Horus often exceeds expectation, whether it has a positive or negative impact on others or himself. The Shinobi likes what he likes and carries a certain dislike for things that are not to his liken. Despite his title as a vagabond, Horus posses certain defining qualities that makes him unique. He is a hard worker at all times, always putting in a great deal of effort to accomplish his task. This is the genius of the man, because he believes that no matter your circumstances. One should never succumb to the usual stereotypes, and thereby deprive oneself of life's pleasures. This is to say, Horus will always seek to compete with the best of them all. Never one to let the advantages given onto others, become a disadvantage or deterrent to himself. Horus possess certain skills, and he works extremely hard in order to ensure he is the best of what he does. And if he isn't, he should at least be able to do toe to toe with those of the same profession.

Horus is a hearty individual, and quite the independent Shinobi too. Horus will at times keep to himself, never seeking out unwanted company. But he does however enjoy companionship when its worth his time. He is a keen observer and highly perceptive too. A most intelligent and most unorthodox Shinobi, one possessing a most complex mind. Horus likes to study and learn new things, and to also develop new Jutsus. He is also very committed to his role as a Shinobi and takes it very seriously. Horus will at times partake in the occasional drink, liking the company of women and brothels. If he has money to spend, he will spend it for the right reasons and to enjoy life's pleasures. Suffice to say he is also a womanizer, despite not being a man that could be associated with such things. Horus can show signs of being of a kind heart, and will sometimes demonstrate pity on others. However, he can be rather brutal and less hesitant than most when it comes to getting the job done.

He does not believe in taking chances, especially when it could easily have a butterfly effect so to speak. Horus is also very interested in weaponry, probably more so than Ninjutsu and other forms of Jutsu. Horus enjoys relaxing and playing games when the need arises to do so. He likes a good tea, and also loves his food. The vagabond does enjoy the quiet moments, and seem to find loud mouth and obnoxious persons most detestable. Not to say Horus himself wouldn't become as rowdy as any other, but he believes in a time and place for everything. Horus can be the most honest person you've ever met, and then uncharacteristically be the most dishonest and deceptive person you will ever come across. He is somewhat of an eccentric bastard, and loves a bit of sarcasm to add light to a dull situation. The man can be comedic at times, before experiencing a shift in his mood. Which then brings forth a much more stern individual.  

Character History:

Horus of Sunagakure was born on the outskirts of the land of Wind, to parents who were travelers. The man came from humble beginnings, but his parents were also rather skilled Shinobi, especially in the use of weaponry. They possessed an array of different styles, especially with the use of a bow and arrow. Horus was born on a stormy night in the lands of sunagakure. A desert storm as it were, and as it happened Horus was brought forth into the world and with his birth came stillness on the night. His parents and their traveling community, survived by selling their services. And as a result, they would often move from place to place, never being able to truly settle in one area. With their way of learning a living, his family and their small community were often used as hired guns. The type to carry out the dirty work of another village, so that they may remain separate from any incidents that may warrant their indictment. The people around knew that they were travelers, or vagabonds as they were dubbed. But not a great deal of people were made privy to their alliances and hired gun uses. Despite the situation at home, Horus' parents had a great deal of love for their son. He was the third child to them, and the third sibling to an elder brother and sister.

Due to their life styles, Horus didn't attend any academy, but it so happened that he was a registered Shinobi of his village. He was born in Sunagakure and so he was a citizen of that nation. Without a academy to attend on a day to day basis, most of Horus' development as a Shinobi was dependent on his parents. And the people living within his community. Some would view this as a disadvantage, but Horus quite liked it. There were times however when he would look on with envy of others living in the Hidden Sand village. His community was small, and so there wasn't a mass amount of children that lived among them. The wanderers needed to grow up pretty early and not remain a fledgling for too long at all. Horus remembers one incident where he and his parents visited the village itself. And as they went on about their business, Horus was left to his own devices for a little while. And so he decided to take this time and wander the village a little. But made sure not to stray too far, since he needed to remain where his parents could easily located.

Traversing the area that he was allocated by his parents. The youngster stuck within the vicinity and during his travels the youngster came across a group of five other children. These children turned out to be the privileged ones. Since they had a whole village that they're apart of and not just a small community. Immediately upon setting eyes upon Horus, they could tell he was different from them, and that maybe somehow he did not belong. And like all children tend to do, they decided between two options. One of which was to welcome and befriend him, and the other was to make fun and pick on him. Sad to say, they all chose to make fun of Horus and also pick on him. The fact that Horus did not wear any shoes or sandals, was something that they immediately picked upon. And so they decided to tease the youngster about this. On top of that his garments wasn't the most flamboyant either. Which meant they decided to tease Horus about this too. But none of that really mattered to him. And while it was hurtful, Horus showed a great deal of pride and acted in a dignified manner. Peace was still until they laid down a challenge. A contest to see if he was capable to best any of them.

Horus was reluctant at first, but as his anger boiled, the boy finally snapped, after receiving one too many shoves. Unknown to Horus, his parents, along with a member of the village council was observing the situation. They had closed in on the group, able to listen in on things. While ready to pounce if the confrontation escalated too much. Surrounded by opponents, one by one they attacked and one by one he overcame the onslaught. But that doesn't mean he was totally unscathed, but his demonstration of skill, his actions and seemingly calm and controlled approach earned him some praises. Not from his father, but from a member of the council. At this point in time, his father was a little anxious just in case they were to be repercussions for his son. The defeated group of idiots all fled with their tails tucked between their legs. Meanwhile the member of the council suggested giving Horus Genin status. The fact that Horus did not attend the academy didn't mean a thing in the end. His own skill and the teachings of his family earned his recognition and praise.

The vagabond left that day behind motivated to take the next step. But his parents didn't stay in Sunagakure for too long. They migrated to the land of water, where they would be tasked with carrying out certain missions. Horus was always in attendance, not one to leave the side of his parents. And as they traveled, the youngster brushed up on his skills as a Shinobi, becoming more and more proficient with each passing day. He learned the basics really well, and showed he was quite adept at learning even more complex Jutsus. Before long, Horus had to put his skills to use in service of the hidden sand village. He took on various missions not realizing that they would all contribute to his advancement going forward. In time, Horus attained the title of Chuunin, now taking on even more complex missions. The village didn't have a Kage and as such he was working for members of the village council. Horus the vagabond traveled the world with his siblings, and his parents, and most times with the rest of his community. He was making a name for himself, especially as he was able to prevent an assassination of a close ally to the sand village. This earned him recognition, and so he was to be used as a figure working more closely within the village.

Time passed, and Horus grew in both size, years and skill. He was now mainly in Sunagakure, but over the years, he had taken on the name the vagabond, more so than the rest of his family. Horus embraced this, and even dressed the part too, not caring what others had to say. He showed that he was proud of his upbringing and of his parents and the others that are like himself. The man had nothing to be ashamed of at all. In any case, there was an incident in Iwagakure on the eve of Horus becoming a Jounin, and the Shinobi world was plunged into disarray once more. And it would appear that no matter the era, there would always be wars. Horus was far more skillful than his rank dictated, and soon enough, he may well be considered for a more prominent role in his village. It was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the skills of the Jounin now. So continues the life of Horus, vagabond of Sunagakure.

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PostSubject: Re: Horus [The Vagabond]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:26 pm

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Horus [The Vagabond]
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