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 The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)

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Nanao Egami


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PostSubject: The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)   Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:46 pm

But Not

Beginnings: meeting the teacher


Kaiya would slowly walk forward. She watched, scanned, and studied everything around her. A meek little creature, always cautious, always looking, always prepared. She had lived a life of pure torment with nothing by her side except her brother. It was scary to think there was a time which he wasn't with her. To boot, she was suppose to meet a new person! This sent chills down her spine. Kaiya disliked the idea of meeting someone new. She would have to try to explain how she couldn't hear. But what she made up for in lack of hearing, she had in other senses. Namely, her sense of touch and feeling was astronomically higher. She could feel every vibration that someone made as they moved. It would allow her to 'hear' things that were behind her. Her eyes, hidden by her hair and deep sockets were seemingly invisible. The girl, standing so small, could see the world clearly, even though people couldn't see her eyes.

Her body, mostly racked with malnutrition, was barely becoming that of a standard weight for her height and age. What a sad thing to see, the small girl in her high collared clothing, staring out into the world. Waiting. watching. Being ever careful not to give her presence away. Oddly enough, she was skilled at that, even for someone who COULD hear. However, she could only do so much. She'd lived the life of a beggar, no, an outcast. She held no permanent home, she held no other type of ties. Well, except Heizu. And where ever Heizu was, for her, was home. But now, her main goal at this moment, was to try and learn to be better at what she was gifted at. And indeed, she was gifted. At the age of ten, she was already able to produce S Rank techniques with little problem. However, she didn't know this. Instead, she had only learned one thing and that was self taught. But still, self taught was better than nothing.

Kaiya was now standing, still, in the center of a garden. It was odd, this wasn't a garden of flowers, grass, or even rocks. It was, sand. A garden of sand? Who did that!? It was calming however. Her gaze would rest upon the golden pellets before her. The glistening beauty of each single grain was stunning. Her eyes would almost lock upon them. She was fascinated by it. Something she always wondered. The sand in this area was so golden, it was as if she was walking on grains of gold itself. A thing she was always curious about. It was, oddly enough, her favorite color. And now she was standing upon it! It was like a dream. As Kaiya would walk slowly in circles, watching the light glisten off of each grain, the soft golden particles floated upwards from each step. Her clothing, now stained with the grains itself, seemed to almost glisten in the light as well. When she noticed this, her eyes went slightly wide with joy. It was easy to amuse Kaiya. She never had much. So, looking at this kind of thing really made her enjoy it.

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PostSubject: Re: The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)   Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:18 pm

Saya knew she had to meet one of her new students today, and she was excited about it. While she was understandably excited, she was also quite nervous. This student was a wild card, a young shinobi that was focused on ninjutsu, a skill she sadly had little experience with. She knew the basic academy jutsu, those were ingrained into her mind so long ago, but she had never expanded her knowledge from there. The girl's brother was a weapon user, like she was, but Kaiya Yuki was not. The name Yuki also stood out in her mind, a rare bloodline associated with snow and ice was certainly a stand out in the desert, but provided the village with a strategic advantage it would otherwise lack.

Beyond the use of ninjutsu she was also informed that the yuki girl had a hearing impairment. This struck Saya as something extremely detrimental to the job of a shinobi, however tales of expert swordsmen without sight traveled along the trade routes like so much ramen and silk. She wasn't sure what sort of challenge this would present her, but she had come prepared just in case. A simple notebook of paper and a pencil were tucked in her pouch. She had come in full garb, plates of thick steel hanging from her shoulders and hip, steel boots clanging quietly with each step she took. She had her katana tucked through her obi, her belt pouch behind her hanging from the same length of woven silk.

She smiles as she walks, nodding her head politely and offering the villagers she passes a friendly hello along her way to the gardens. The gardens, only Suna would call them such. No verdant fields of endless flowers, to old growth trees towering high and blotting out the sun. No, in Suna just grass was reason enough to put a small fence around an area and call it a wonder of nature. More common were the rock and sand gardens, places people went to simply sit and meditate, to draw designs in the sand or pass time in tranquil solitude. The Yuki girl was to be found at one such place.

She arrives at the garden only a short few moments after Kaiya does, and pauses at the entry to watch the child. No doubt she would spot Saya as the girl was making her slow circles in the grass, Saya's smile growing to see a child enjoying their time. She waits there to see if she's noticed for a few moments, and once she is she begins to approach, her smile remaining present and friendly as she does. She lifts a hand in greeting as she does, smiling brighter and even saying a Good Morning. loud enough to be heard by normal ears.[size=6]wc: 466

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Nanao Egami


Posts : 30
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PostSubject: Re: The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)   Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:47 pm

But Not

Teacher: Are we on common ground?


Kaiya would notice, out of the corner of her eye, metal shoes. Well it was more than that. The sand shifted a different way when heavier objects struck it. It was that which gave away the woman first. But she had noticed the woman's grieves before looking to her, shyly almost. Her seemingly nonexistent eyes looking up towards the woman she would presumably call Teacher. It was odd, perhaps for more reasons than one. As she looked forward at the tall woman, her hand went up to wave. Her eyes, however, were focused on the woman's lips. They moved softly, almost like a lullaby. Ah, the secrets they told were vast, however. It was her next movements that would cause, perhaps slight confusion. Kaiya would back away a tiny bit, staring softly at the woman. She'd simply stand there for several minutes. She was, attempting to get accustomed to the woman. It was odd. She rarely liked interactions with people. However, she was the only one that could actually interact with them with out going on the defensive all the time. Heizu was often attack first. Kaiya, on the other hand, was more of the negotiation type.

It was this moment in time, after about three minutes that Kaiya would bow deeply. She'd raise up and move her hands in odd motions. Something that Saya was sure not to know. It would then, most likely dawn on Kaiya that this woman most likely didn't understand. And so, she'd think of another way to say it. Kaiya's hands would move in odd ways all about her in an attempt to say, Good Morning.

She attempted a charades like set of movements but she'd most likely fail. So, to top this whole small odd introduction off, Kaiya would move her lips back, saying Good morning, but with out actually speaking. Hopefully, Saya would understand this. If not, well, that would be difficult. Kaiya's left food would slowly move around in the sand though, perhaps Saya would soon realize that she enjoyed this. It was the color but, then again, could Saya figure that small detail out? It was perhaps the most interesting conundrum. Kaiya was deaf. But she could lip read, feel vibrations passing through surfaces, and other such simple things. But she couldn't tell someone good morning. How odd.

But the most daunting issue was. She could speak with no issue. She chose not to. A vow of silence, if you will. This was mainly because she couldn't speak well. She was deaf, and because of this she could form the words but would have issues saying them correctly since she has never heard them before. An odd set of circumstances.

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PostSubject: Re: The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)   

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The new, the old, the wet! Enter! Kaiya Yuki! (I)
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