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 Alistar Terumi

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PostSubject: Alistar Terumi   Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:50 pm

Name: Alistair Terumi
Nickname: Legacy
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2
Weight: 157

Alistair stands at 6 foot and 2 inches. He dons a more lean, toned body type despite being quite agile. His skin is fair toned. He's rather slim, but he is tall. Growing up he's always had strong comeliness. It runs in his family to always have a majorly young appearance. For males, facial hair doesn't usually grow in until the latter 20s. Once he reaches a certain age, it will be common for someone to mistake his age for someone rather younger. One of Alistar's relatively prominent qualities is his lack of flaws and blemishes. The face of the teenage male is and was always extremely lacking of pimples, freckles, or dry skin. He's also possessive of straight, white teeth causing him to bare a 'perfect' smile.

Being a twin to Leo Temuri, he does not look identical to his brother. They were born as fraternal twins which is why they have distinctly different features. It was always a little weird seeing how they turned out. It seems that they did not receive the dominant genes from their parents. Both Leo and Alistar both look nothing like their parents which people found rather odd. They were still their children without a doubt.

His normal attire is usually wearing a cotton white studded button up shirt with a blue zip up jacket over the shirt. Both articles of clothing are very thin which allow him to stay cool in the hot Suna weather. Sometimes, he will choose to not wear the shirt under his jacket. As for bottoms, Alistar possesses some black, slim, and silk pants. The threads in his pants are woven to allow breezes to cool him down as he takes each step. Finally, he wears jet blue lightweight boots with thin laces. The thin laces allow for him to be able to tie them up fully while still allowing a lot of flexibility and movement.

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: Jounin
Clan: Terumi [Lava Release]
Element: N/A


After losing his parents, Alistar became a rather quiet individual. But just because he chooses only to speak when needed to, this doesn't make him an introvert. He would just prefer to sit back and observe. Back when he had a full functional family, he was very humorous and excited about things. It wasn't until those tragic events that allowed him to see the world through a darker lens.  When it comes down to it, the young Terumi has a decent sense of humor and he knows when to have fun.

Keeping to himself most of the time, Alistar is often always thinking of the matter at hand. He's witty and very practical, always looking to minimize his mistakes. Whenever presented with a problem, he is swift at coming up with the best possible solution. As you can tell, he is not a fan of rash thinking. Only in dire times. As you can tell, he is quite fond of knowledge. Being ignorant was not a quality he liked very often. As a result, he was always studying people whom he had never met, and general facts about the world he lived in. He loved to be in the light of things which would ultimately give him the feeling of not being left out. He believes knowledge and intellect makes a person superior.

Sometimes he can be described as shy but he is just trying to get accustomed to most people. Rarely would he ever start a conversation first unless it is needed. He would always speak to his brother however. When around people he knows well, he isn't much different. The only person whom he truly opens up around is his brother, Leo. Leo had always been there with Alistair since birth. It is only natural that he would feel the most comfortable around him.

Character History:

Alistar was born to Miu and Nazar 5 years after the founding of Iwagakure. His mother Miu was a Kaguya and his father Nazar was a Terumi. Alistar is 2 minutes younger than his twin brother Leo Terumi. The 4 of them lived as a happy family for as long as that actually lasted. Future events would throw off this balance, changing Alistar as a person in general.

Being apart of the first generation of children after the founding of the 5 major villages, Alistar and his brother Leo were pushed hard by the higher ranking shinobi around them. Nothing short of excellence was expected out of the two being born from two people with prestigious bloodlines. This helped them when they enrolled into the Academy at the age of 12.

The relatively new Academy of Iwagakure was strict. Their rules weren't necessarily set in stone at the time. He took his studies more seriously than the other kids. Being more of a quiet person in the school, many of the students thought he was weird. Alistair chose to pay them no mind. He was more focused on passing the test exceptionally well and bringing pride to his origin. This birthed his affection of studying and knowledge.

Once the test had came, both Leo and Alistair had passed. He remembered how much he could not sleep the night before because of all the excitement that built up. When it came the day, he was very impatient. The line seemed endless to him until finally it was his turn. When he went up, the boy had no problem passing the written and demonstration test. He walked out of the building with a huge smile on his face running to his parents, giving them a big hug. His journey would now begin.

The twins had received their headbands and became Genin. Their father found it quite peculiar that the two had not received their first elements yet. This made him believe that they certainly had the Kaguya bloodline in their system. One day, they all had trained to see if their true innate abilities would reveal themselves. When little results had been achieved, their father almost gave up on them. It was now up to them to push each other and strive to be greater than the other.

Without a proper trainer, both Leo and Alistar had excelled their abilities to greater heights. Between the two, they had been focused more on Fuinjutsu and non-elemental Ninjutsu. A few years had passed and the Chuunin Exams approached when they were 16 years of age.

Upon telling their father of their interests to partake in the Chuunin Exams, he strictly forbade it. Seeing as they had no initial elemental affinity nor a proper teacher over the years, he just assumed that they were too weak to take on such a challenge. Against the will of their father, the two enrolled into the exams and were gone training for several days until the date of the exams. Their parents had not known where they had been over this time period. Their confusion was then extinguished as Leo and Alistair came home both wearing their new Chuunin Flak Jackets.

Of course their father did not approve of their disobedience, but he surely could not complain. He was slightly thrilled to find out that his sons were self-sustaining. Although he did not think they would get farther than where they were now, their dad certainly possessed a new respect for them. Thinking their new found status would sway his general opinion on them, they were let down to know that they were still on their own when it came to progressing as shinobi.

More years had advanced as the twins continued to be their own teachers. Their progress led them to accepting numerous recon missions for the sake of their village. They had not known what had been going on entirely but hey figured those affairs were left best for the higher ups. A dreadful day had come when the Grand Tournament was supposed to take place in Iwagakure. It seemed as if their village would be attacked by the other 4 villages until 2 giant beasts came to decorate the streets of Iwa in cold blood..

Desperate to save their boys, both Miu and Nazar gave their lives to make sure that they had made it out of the village before the two Bijuu could destroy most of the citizens. They were torn knowing that they were now orphans. Even though they were practically adults now, being the age of 19, losing your parents would destroy anyone on the inside. With their parents' abnegation, Leo and Alistar were now on the outskirts of Iwagakure, wandering.

About 2 and a half weeks had gone by. The twins were now surviving on their own. Upon further traveling, they found some survivors from the Iwa attack. There were several families that needed hope and guidance. What beter than two proven Chuunin? The twins felt as if they had no purpose at the moment, but this would certainly help improve their morality. The two then led the group of various families high and low to a better life. They landed themselves in Sunagakure about a week later. Despite their affiliation to Iwa, their story seemed sincere enough to grant them all access to the village under watch. They were all now converted to Suna ninja.

A few days into their conversion, Leo and Alistair were called upon by the higher authority in Suna. It seemed that for their fruitful efforts in saving the families from starvation and lack of shelter, they seemed fit to becoming Jounin under the protection of Sunagakure. This became a shock due to them assuming that they could not be trusted. It could have been inferred that they were in the plot in which Iwa was concocting not too long ago. Apparently, their morals would prove to benefit them in the long run. They gladly accepted and proceeded to move on with their lives.

Even though the memory of their parents were still embedded into their minds, everything they do now would be for them. Even if their father had given up on them, they knew deep down they were special. It was just a matter of time until that unique quality revealed itself..

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PostSubject: Re: Alistar Terumi   Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:12 am

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Alistar Terumi
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