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 Leo Terumi

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PostSubject: Leo Terumi   Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:22 pm

Name: Leo Terumi
Nickname: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 6'0
Weight: 140 lbs


Leo wears a black long sleeve shirt, its not too tight or too baggy. He sometimes wears black cloth around him to either keep him warm or keep particles such as sand blowing on him. He has white straight spiky hair that stops at his shoulders. He wears black sweat pants and wears black shoes. His skin is really light and has no blemishes. He has really light purple eyes. He has a slim figure and is around average height. He doesn't have any facial hair and most likely won't get a lot in the future. He has a rather small and petite nose. He wears a necklace with a T on it. The T meant "Twins" because of him and his twin brother. He also has a metal stud in both of his ears.

When he takes his shirt off, he has no hair on his chest and he is ripped, but not too ripped. He has perfectly straight and white teeth. He doesn't like to wear the original clothing of a normal shinobi. So he would probably never wear a shinobi vest and pants. He would sometimes wear a small book bag to keep some of his equipment. Normally not his ninja equipment. He has little pockets on the side of his pants thighs, one on each thigh. He usually uses those pockets for his shuriken or kunai. It was the easiest and most efficient way to prepare them in battle. He also wears a wristband that he wears on each wrist. He made them when he was younger because he always loved making stuff just as his parents did. He doesn't have any tattoos or scars on any parts of his body. He also wears bright clean white socks that goes up half way to his shin. But aren't that visible since he wears his pants over them.

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: Jounin
Clan: Terumi (Boil Release)
Element: None


Leo is seen as being real quiet from others around him, but he is quite friendly when he is approached. He attracts almost every girl in his village with his nice charm. He is always thinking to himself and is always willing to get stronger and he loves to train and push himself. He hates when people call him a kid and call him weak because he's young. He's always walking around the village just thinking to himself and exploring. But he is somewhat anti-social, he mainly talks to his brother Alistar Terumi. He isn't really one who makes a lot of friends. He has bit of a dark past and has grown up to not trust others. He tries following his twin brother everywhere he goes because he feels that is the only person he can trust.

He loves to train and get stronger and he doesn't show a lot of emotion. He has a nonchalant personality and sometimes treat things like it wasn't nothing. He is not lazy and is actually a hard working person. His parents promised the two boy's to look after each other and to get along. They had a lot of fate in the two and believed they could change the world someday. Leo doesn't really like to show his feelings and takes things for what they are. He believed if something happened, then it was for a reason. He always tries to push his brother just as he tries to push him to get stronger. Him and his brother's personalty are a bit similar but not exactly the same. Leo would rarely smile and you would have to have a really good connection with him in order for him to trust you. It takes a lot to earn his trust because he doesn't trust anyone that might seem like a threat to hurt his brother.

Character History:

Leo is one of two twins who was born in Iwagakure. His parents were Miu Kaguya and Nazar Terumi. Leo has a younger brother named Alistar who is 2 minutes younger than him. They were a peaceful family and they all got along very well. While Leo was in Iwagakure with his twin brother Alistar. They were always surrounded by high level shinobi in the village. Leo always wanted to be a shinobi as strong as the ones in his village. His father always pushed him and his brother to become successful ninja. His father decided to enroll them in the Ninja Academy at the age of 12. While they were in the academy, Leo is a quiet person just like his brother. But he was not as serious as his brother when it came to studies. Leo was more focused on physically learning his ninja skills more than reading about it. So he was not as serious as his brother when it came to his studies. But he was not even close to failing the academy. He just wasn't as successful as his brother when it came to the books. While his brother was outshining everyone in the class. He was barely above average in the class. But when it came to physical strength, he was definitely outshining most of his classmates.

The day before the Academy test, Leo was not as excited as his brother. His brother couldn't wait to take the test, but Leo was nonchalant about the test. He didn't really like the academy, so he just wanted to get the test over with. After he passed the test, he was glad he did not have to go back to that place again. He could finally take his shinobi skills to another level now that he is a genin. His parents were proud of the two boy's. As they wore their headbands as proud Iwa ninja. Their parents were proud of them. But his father was a little concerned as to why the two of them did not learn their first element. Being from the Terumi clan, it was almost a must to learn the elements water, fire, or earth. They needed at least fire or earth to learn the Lava or Boil release. After continuous training on trying to learn their first element, it never worked. Therefore, this made the father to start losing hope on the two genin. The two excelled in ninjutsu that didn't involve elements and fuinjutsu. But they just couldn't learn their first at the moment.

When Leo turned 16, him and his brother wanted to take the Chunin exams. But his father did not want them to take it. this made Royalty mad because he really wants to rank up and take his skills to another level. Plus the Chunin exams included physical fighting and that was what Leo exceeded in the most. But his father did not think they were worthy enough since they never learned their first element. Which was something basic to have in the village and especially for their clan. But defying his father orders, Leo and his brother went and took the Chunin exams anyway. before they enrolled, they were training continuously to make up for not learning their first element. When they came home after becoming Chunin. Their father was upset for taking the Chunin exams anyway, but at the same time he was proud. And he started to believe in his sons again.

As a couple years went by, Leo and his brother began to push themselves to grow stronger. One day, Iwa was attacked by four other villages. Two bijuu's attacked the village and started causing total destruction in the village. As their parents helped them make it out the village, their lives were taken during the incident. The death of their parents changed the life of the two boy's. They were now alone and no one to look over them. Everything was taken from them in one day. At 19, him and his brother was now wandering outside of the village.

As they were on their own, they found refugees and other survivors after the attack. No time to feel too depressed at the moment, they helped guide the remaining survivors to safety. They had been traveling for weeks and they ended up at Sunagakure. They took in all the remaining survivors and let the two boy's join their village. They had went from Iwagakure to Sunagakure shinobi. A drastic change, but it was almost their only option.

The higher ups of the village have seen the way the two boy's saved the remaining survivors and bring them to safety. They granted them to become Jounin of the village and to protect Suna the same way they did for their people. Some people thought the two could not be trusted but they would treat Suna as if it was Iwa. Even though it wasn't the same, they tried their best to make this new place home. The death of their parents still haunts them, but that only made them push themselves even more. And this will soon awaken powers and push themselves far beyond limits they could ever imagine.
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Terumi   Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Leo Terumi   Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:12 am

Approved, ask a admin for color/rank tag
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Terumi   

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Leo Terumi
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