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 To The Max!! [Mission Thread]

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PostSubject: To The Max!! [Mission Thread]   Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:39 am

Mission :

Richard sighed carelessly as he headed for the Red Moon Hotel. He wore his usual outfit with his distinct jacket black combat boots and  black shirt. The headband of his village wrapped tightly around his right shoulder.He looked up at the knight sky watching as the moon watched over the village Hidden in the Sand with it's rays of lights. It was his very first mission as a genin and wanted to do well on it. Plus he needed the money to work on and finish the puppet he had been working on for the past year. It does cost money to make them after all. So to crack down on the basics of the mission he had to deal with a few ruffians at the Red Moon Hotel. From the mission details they were practically abusing and taking control of the entire place. So they decided to hire a ninja to go in and subdue them. Richard never took kindly to people who hurt the innocent people of his village even if was the people in his own village. Having reached the Red Moon Hotel Richard calmly walked inside seeing a young receptionist who was quite beautiful. Richard smiled happily as he walked up to the front desk and leaned over it looking at her making the headband visible as she looked him over. "I here you have about  five annoying  pest, I happen to be the exterminator." He said to the girl with a smirk as she sighed with relief. In response she pulled out a sheet of paper sliding it towards Richard. It had listed the names and description of all five ruffians and where they normally are. Under it was a map of the hotel. "I'll be sure to make this quick." He said winking to her as the carnage was about to begin.

First up on the list was Daimuske was a scrawny spikey red haired guy. This annoying punk mainly always caused trouble in the bar and would spend most of his time in there. He tends to flirt with most of the female guest and or staff members and can't keep his hands off them either. Richard took the chance to transform in to Hira as she was beautiful and would definitely pull this chump in. Richard entered the bar area which looked like a small restaurant and already saw the first target. Who was sitting in the back of the bar in one of the booths by himself with multiple bottles of alcohol on the table. Immediately the creep spotted Richard as he pushed away the nearby waitress away walking towards him. "Why hello baby, care for a drink it's on the house." He said stumbling towards Richard before bowing.  It  was already to late as he released the transformation jutsu and dropped his elbow on the guys neck knocking him on to the ground hard as he was out cold. He walked over to the waitress helping her up as he dragged the knocked out Daimuske towards the front and left for the bath house but not before taking a short break from the strain of the transformation.  The next targets were a guy with long blue hair Yanu and a shaved head guy Maji. Supposedly they chilled in the bathhouse and peeped on the female guest from time to time. Richard walked inside the guy's bath already spotting the two looking through a hole in the wall which divided the two baths. "Oi twiddle dee and dumb!" Richard sung out as the two turned obviously pissed at him rose."Your interrupting the wrong guys kid, gonna have to make you pay!" Maji yelled out as he got up grabbing a nearby piece of soap throwing at Richard who chuckled easily side stepping gauging the distance. It was only about 5 meters which was perfect as he dashed forward at 9 mps reaching between the two in only .8 seconds. "Your time is up guys." He said as he stood low before punching them both in the solar plexus feeling a rib crack in both as they dropped to the ground. He slowly dragged them to the front as well dropping them with the first guy as he strolled around for the final two idiots.The moment he heard a girlish scream Richard dashed away towards the noise. It didn't take him long to find the source the last two punks cornered some kid in glasses as he cowered away in the corner. He simply did the same as before walking up to the two as he kneed one in the spine and punched  the other in the face as bones cracked and they dropped like flies. He simply dragged them to the front as well before throwing them all out happy to finally get money for his puppet.

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To The Max!! [Mission Thread]
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