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 Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training

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PostSubject: Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training   Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:58 pm

Tenshi Age 4:

"Tenshi hurry along! You are showing weakness and weakness is un-befitting of someone of the main branch." Kaneki barked at his young son. The boy was only four and struggling to traverse through the rocky terrain of Mt Hyuga. This was a mountain that only the Hyuga knew the location of because they are the only ones who can see the path that leads to it. Kaneki would soon find himself at the desired destination. Tenshi soon caught up to his father; the boy was breathing heavily and was filthy due to the amount of times he had fallen. "Come her boy." Kaneki commanded while he stared his offspring down. Kaneki never knew he could feel this way about another human being. Tenshi approached his father without a single hesitation. When Tenshi would reach Kaneki, the man would wrap a special kind of cloth around the eyes of Tenshi and seal it using his chakra. "Tenshi, I'm giving you a month to fully master your Byakugan." Kaneki paused and walked past his son. "You are to survive here and train your eyes. That blindfold will not come off until your eyes have fully matured." Without another word Kaneki left Tenshi standing there.

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PostSubject: Re: Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training   Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:50 pm

Tenshi remained motionless as Kaneki's footsteps became more and more feint. The young boy felt the sharp breeze of the mountain as it sent chills up his spine. It rarely felt this cold within the village. Perhaps it was just the boy's eye being blindfolded caused his other senses to rise. Whatever the case Tenshi remained calm. If someone saw the boy now they would assume he was frozen with fear, but that was actually the opposite. The Hyuga had begun taking in his surroundings and began to see blobs of blue flying through the air. He would assume those were birds by the sound they made, he had heard a noise that caused a flock of the to evacuate their current resting location.

Kaneki had killed Tenshi's emotion known as fear long ago due to a violent genjutsu he was put under. Tenshi would slowly begin moving forward, because he couldn't tell what was in front of him Tenshi stared down but slightly ahead of himself. Tenshi was following the movements of various small specs of chakra that he assumed were different types of insects. The slight light that bled through the blindfold instantly as Tenshi found himself wandering into a cave. The entrance appeared to be the gate to hell. It was ominous and gave off a powerful presence as if something was inside. Tenshi felt this sensation but continued to venture into the cave. It was Humid within the cave yet at the same time the air was dry and made it hard to breath properly.

Tenshi abruptly stopped in his tracks and stared straight into the cave; he began to see a massive amount of chakra begin to pulsate fro. within the cave like some kind of portal. Tenshi tilted his head in interest and began to once again, yet this time he quickened his pace. The chakra began to feel as if it was pulling him in. Tenshi would soon reach the epicenter of the chakra. the cave opened up to what was a room with a single chair. Tenshi could not see the obviously due to the blindfold that was still soundly attached to the young Hyuga's face. "What do we have here..." A low and powerful voice would bellow from the darkness that Tenshi saw. That's when he began to see the chakra of something that was obviously nothing 'natural'. "Looks like it a human..." another would say in regards to Tenshi. "Let's eat him...!" Another would call out excitedly.

Tenshi would shift his body into a defensive stance. The young Hyuga boy despite his size and aged had quickly become verse in the 'Gentle Fist' fighting style of the Hyuga. Tenshi watched all three of the chakra blobs using his byakugan that he had already activated. There was one on each side of him as well as one in the front. The two on his left and right sides would rush in at the same time as one another. The figures still more or less looked like blobs to the adolescent Hyuga, but he could slightly make out what were their arms. Tenshi would wait until the right moment before jumping back out of their range, but close enough for him to be able to counter. The two figures would crash into each other. Tenshi would move quickly, he drew back both of his palms and slammed them into the blobs with force using his chakra to put force behind his attack and cause the figures to propel from his immediate area.

During this time however Tenshi had lost focus and lost track of the third, which had found its way to get in close and send a solid punch to the body of the boy. Tenshi notice all be it late, but he was able to throw his arms up in defense from the figure. That attacked caused him to slam into the wall to his left. The attacks caused Tenshi to begin bleeding from his head as he dropped from the jagged rock known as the wall. Tenshi slowly got up. He was in pain, but the young Hyuga was durable. He stared down the blobs of chakra and took in a deep breath focusing his eyes on them. Their visages became more and more clear, until Tenshi could make out their bodies and chakra points. This was putting a strain on him beca he wasn't used to it.

Tenshi shifted back to his defensive stance as the three enemies converged on him. Right before the reached him Tenshi would begin spinning and emitting chakra from his palms causing a dome of tearing chakra to encase him. The three enimes would slam into the dome and be sent flying in the opposite direction. Tenshi began to breath heavily and dropped to the ground. The three enemies had recovered, and were about to attack once again before a even more overwhelming presence appeared. Whoever it was caused the other three to halt in their tracks. Tenshi began to hear them talking but couldn't make out what they were saying due to him beginning to lose consciousness.
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PostSubject: Re: Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training   Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:03 pm

"Wake up boy." Tenshi struggled to regain consciousness due to the blind fold impairing his vision. Soon the young Hyuga would be able to make out someone standing over him. Tenshi shifted his body so that his back would be against the wall behind him. "That was very impressive what you did. I've never seen a human do that. That being said I have a question for you." Would you like more power?" The man would pause and wait for the child to answer his question. Tenshi saw no point in speaking so he simply nodded his head to the voice and powerful chakra that he saw in front of him. "Excellent! I will grant you our power, but you must defeat my three children Nike, Iro, and Luci and land a blow on me. That's perfectly doable right?" The man began to laugh. Tenshi watched at the mysterious being offering him power backed away and sit down in the single chair within the 'room'. Iro would be the first to approach Tenshi. Iro had long red hair and eyes to match and wielded a broad sword. All Tenshi could see was Iro's body and his weapon which Iro had begun fusing with his chakra. "Old man, if I kill him don't get mad. The human is still a child. Why do you offer him us?" Iro's Father remained silent to his sons words.

"Tch! Alright then." Iro leapt through the air at an alarming speed and swung his weapon even faster. Tenshi was certainly surprised by the speed of his opponent, but did not let it distract him from his task at hand. Believe it or not although only four Tenshi had the physical prowess of a high ranking shinobi. Tenshi would wait for the attack get to its full back swing before jumping into the air and landing on the blade. He would attempt to send a wave of chakra towards his opponent but would find himself getting tossed in the air by Iro. Iro then planted his feet and jumped towards Tenshi who was a good 40 feet into the air by the time Iro even jumped. Tenshi saw the man closing in on him and began spinning and releasing chakra. Iro's blade connected with the attack and reflected off of it. This caused Iro's arms to be thrown back above his head causing him to be left wide open. Tenshi took notice and took this as a opportunity to land a blow. Tenshi positioned his body and sent a forceful palm through the air towards Iro. Chakra flung from his palm and connected with the stomach of the man causing him to crash into the ground.

Iro slammed into the ground of the room and dropped his weapon. He was not phased by the attack but the power that this child held caught him off guard. "I see. I admit defeat..." Iro said realizing what his father's purpose was. Nike would step forward next. He had short messy black hair with eyes that matched Tenshi's they could only be described as the color of a soul. He appeared like he could be a older Tenshi. His face was plain and uninterested in what was going on. Nike and Iro's Father began to laugh at the uncanny resemblance between the two. Nike would hold up his hand and motion Tenshi to come at him. "I'm not going to move, but you must move me from my current position." Tenshi nodded and dashed towards the obviously more powerful sibling from the one before and sent the same attack he attacked Iro with and connected perfectly to the chest of Nike after a well timed jump.

"Well I see why you defeated my brother, however if that is all you can produce. You can never hope to defeat me."
Nike would chuckle; he had assumed his brother was just slacking. Tenshi remained calm and jumped back from Nike. Tenshi began to become more focused on the being standing in front of him. Tenshi knew he needed more power. Which mean he needed to focus his Byakugan more. Tenshi focused more chakra into his eyes. The veins that appear from the activation of the Byakugan began to pulsate. Nike remained to seem uninterested in the adolescence attempting to move him from this position. Tenshi would position his young body into a very peculiar stance that only those who knew of the Hyuga would really know about. Tenshi dropped his body low while sliding his dominant foot in front of himself. Nike would remain standing there feeling rather confident, which was unusual considering he normally stayed in different towards most things. Tenshi would like towards Nike and begin a barrage of attacks towards the chakra points of Nike. The first 20 did not phase Nike due to the sheer amount of chakra he possess, however as the attacks continued he wondered why Tenshi kept going the obviously had no affect.

Only seconds passed and Tenshi had hit Nike with a 64 palm barrage known as the 8 trigrams 64 palms, but that wasn't where it would end between the two competitors. Tenshi would continue the onslaught, each attack packing more of a punch than the last. Nike took notice and began to grit his teeth as he could begin feeling himself being pushed back. Tenshi would go from 64 to 128 strikes. On the 128th attack Nike would find himself being lifted from the ground and sent into the wall behind him. Nike slammed into the wall, but was uninjured. "Interesting...but you have accomplished my task." Nike would say moving towards Iro, who was standing off to the side. "Splendid! Now that's what I like to see. I knew you would be interesting." The proprietor of this event would borderline yell towards Tenshi. "Now your last trial. Best my Daughters Genjutsu. This is something even her brothers can not do." Tenshi remained quiet and nodded his head. "Mira come here." A short female would approach Tenshi. She wore and hoodie and had short red hair.
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PostSubject: Re: Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training   

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Growing Up Early | Flashback/Training
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