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 Taking care of buisness! (missions)

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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

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PostSubject: Taking care of buisness! (missions)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:05 am


Neah cracked his knuckles and spat on the ground as he walked around the leaf village. He was to be going out on a mission today. No rest for the wicked as the old saying goes. Then again he wasn't the wicked type he was more ambitious than anything else. He was going to get a few missions at least a minimum of one done before he would call it a day. His hokage duties were taken care of for the day and he was feeling a bit pent up and anxious. Perhaps if he was He was going on a rather dangerous mission after all and he could not afford to screw up. He cleared his throat and took out the mission document and looked at it muttering to himself "alright then let me see here clearing out yet another bandit camp I see I swear these fools keep coming back for punishment.

He shrugged and cracked his neck to the side and then his individual knuckles. Since he had been gone and not to mention the quite the bit of ninjutsu training he was going to be rather formidable. Despite his young age he was a snake waiting in the grass to strike out a t a enemy at a moments notice. He had learned quite a few new jutsu he had a rather large arsenal to choose from to dispatch the bandits. Perhaps he would just take out the bandits one at a time then move onto the boss. after all he had time to kill. This thought pleased him yet saddened him he really did not enjoy having to kill but it was his orders and he would follow them no matter the consequences of his actions may bring about with the death of the bandits. Perhaps with enough show of force he would make a name for himself as the third hokage and strike fear into any more bandits making them think twice before coming back up and trying to camp near the village and disrupt its peace.

It was just after nightfall when he arrived near the base. he could see the firelight's and the rowdy talk of the bandits as the sat around the campfires. He wasn't really sure on how many were there but from the large amount of noise coming from there there was definitely more than the last camp. He was going to need to be extra careful with this mission his life was in danger here and he was severely outnumbered. Oh the thrill of this challenge was enough to make his heart sing out in joy. He was sure there would be look outs situated around the camp to watch out for intruders as well as any potential prey on the road. A idea suddenly came into his mind he had multiple opponents around the campfire and he could just simply crush them with a single jutsu. But honestly there was no honor in that so he would rethink his strategy. There were about thirty bandits and two bandit leaders within the camp.

He lay low below the camp as the bandits had made there camp on the high ground. A wise and strategic move for them giving them visual advantage of any one who would come into there camp. as well as to pot incoming caravans transporting goods for them to steal. He hide along a incline rock formation and sat beneath it. This was going to take some concentration on his behalf not to mention grace. he did not wish to change the natural formation of the land if he could help it. so he would rather choose not to have to resort to his eight branches technique. But then again there was the fact that they had guards all over the place so that too was going to be a problem. He grabbed a stick and began to draw within the dirty slowly the location he was in and the surrounding bandit camp. He began to write down each jutsu he possessed and crossed out the ones that would not be rather useful in getting by the guards. He had quite a few options to choose from. It was always so hard to choose which jutsu to use he just wanted the mission to be over honestly so that he may return home and get some well earned and deserved rest.

He let out a sigh and would slowly get up and stretch out his arms and legs. Well he wasn't going to be getting and work done here sitting on his ass. He slowly began to walk up the path leading to the bandits camp not bothering to camouflage himself. He was going to end this with one as few jutsu as possible. He approached the front entrance and was stopped by two guards as they crossed and then aimed their spears at him. He sighed and held his hands up. "Now now Gentlemen lets be civil i come on behalf of the leaf village with a gift." The men looked puzzled and asked "what sort of gift." He smiled and balled up his fists and thrust them into both men's hearts just before impact though his hands darkened using his earth spear and sent them flying crushing there ribs and muscles along there chest cavity. "Why quite simple I bring you the Third hokage!" He smirked and ended the earth spear and threw back his hood revealing his face. He quickly formed the boar and tiger. The entire encampment neah was looking at had sunk into the ground as the terrain changed around them men screamed as they were pulled into the dark waters try as they might there was no escaping this jutsu.

Soon the entire camp was swallowed up by the jutsu and he sighed and wiped off his forehead. "Well that was easier than expected i think i deserve a little treat for my hard work. He smiled and pulled out a candy bar from his pocket and tore it open and bite into it happily as he looked at the swamp he had created. air bubbles still came to the surface but were quickly dying off. The men would drown and the bodies never be found again beneath the swamp. He dissipated the jutsu and would return home his mission a success. Perhaps he would take on a few more missions as well he needed to bring up the villages fault fund of experience. After all the previous two hokage had dipped into it for there own personal use. This made him sik he would not be a corrupt leader like the first hokage he was going to be a just and fair ruler and make the title of kage worthy of being ca of admiration once again.

WC: 1139
TWC: 1139/850

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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

Posts : 258
Join date : 2015-02-27
Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: Taking care of buisness! (missions)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:14 am

Mission 2:
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Neah Senju
Neah Senju

Posts : 258
Join date : 2015-02-27
Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: Taking care of buisness! (missions)   Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:26 am

Neah returned home and would take of his shoes and place them neatly by the door. He waved to his father as he was sitting down and reading over some documents. His father smiled and waved at him. This brought a great comfort to him as he slowly made his way to his bathroom. Sadly he had to do a more difficult mission shortly. Well at least get ready for his arm pits slightly wet with perspired sweat. He was going to be attending a rather unusual soiree. Apparently there were some people who were in the disbelief of the daimyo's way of governing things within the land of fire. He would do his uttermost best and protect the daimyo of the land he called his home. The mans life and well being were somewhat intricately tied to the being of his village since they were kind enough to allow the leaf village to be built on his lands.

He walked into his bathroom and turned on the water for the shower and undressed. The steaming hot water felt relaxing upon his skin ans he scrubbed himself clean. He doubted there would be children his own age there so he would most likely either need to bribe the entrance guards. Their is another option though he could undertake he could perhaps use a transformation jutsu to make him older in appearance. He placed his hands against the tile of the shower and lowered his head as he tried to imagine what he would like like once he was older. He did take a awful lot after his father so perhaps he would e more accurate to gauge his appearance in his father as a younger man. He would go through the family albums later and see if he could find a picture of his father.

He sighed as he slowly turned off the water in the shower and  slide the shower curtain away. Tonight was going to be rather interesting night he would defiantly need to prepare for what was to come. the main element of this mission was for infiltration and information gathering. He was more of a combat situation shinobi but he could adapt. Plus he always enjoyed a challenge to undertake. He cracked his neck to the sides and let out a sigh of relief and quickly dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist and  put his clothes in the dirty laundry hamper. He would retire to his bedroom and change into his usual attire of He is usually seen wearing a black vest with gold buttons along with a white dress shirt as well as a red string tie with a pair of black pants.

After getting dressed he would move towards his homes private study area. He entered it slowly and shut the door behind him and began to look upon the shelves for photo albums. It would be a little bit tricky since  the shelves held mostly books but if he took his time he would find it. He combed through the shelves slowly his finger pressing against the books as he drew them across feeling the textures of the books until he felt a leathery surface. He smirked and pulled the leather photo album down and walked over to the couch and opened it. Inside were baby pictures of him and his father a smile curling up on his face as there was a picture of the baby neah apparently walking away from his father without his diaper on and his father chasing after him. He shook his head and flipped through the album and stopped for a moment as he saw a picture of his father and his mother. they were sitting down for a proper portrait his fathers hands upon his mothers shoulders both smiling. He took the picture out and looked at the date on the back.

He smiled widely and slowly began to memorize the details of his fathers appearance down to every smallest detail. He would need to do a few changes but he could most definitely work with what this picture had to offer. He put the photo back in the album after studying it for a good long while and proceeded to put it back in its proper place. He slowly looked around the room and stretched his arms up and looked over at the clock on the wall. It was about time he started to head out to this party. He was somewhat excited he loved a good party just like any other but he would need to get his mind on the information gathering task. he would need to think about how he was going to gather the information and what would be vital information to report back to the daimyo's assistant.

He would of course bring his ninja gear with him it would be safely hidden away with his transformation jutsu. One could never be to safe after all he did not know what these people were capable of doing should he be found out.He took a few calming breathes and  left the study and headed off towards the front door. He would pause and look over at his father. "I won't be back till later tonight  i Have a mission  tonight i have to do. His father looked down at his son and nodded his head "ok son be careful though and do your best even though your now hokage i will still worry about you." Neah smiled and walked over and gave his dad a light hug around his shoulders and moved off back to the front door. He would mumble out "see ya later dad." As he opened and walked outside the front door and shut it behind him. The sun was just starting to set as he made his way off towards the village gate making his way to the parties destined meeting place. He would also do a high pitched whistle which summoned his anbu within the area.

He looked down at them as they got down on one knee and he shook his head at there masked faces. "Please please stand i have a mission i want you to spread to your brothers, there has been talk of threats at the daimyos life i will be inspecting these allogations at a party tthat is supposedly to overthrow him if you hear my whistle again i want you all to gather as many men as you can and arrest the people at the party for treason should these allegations be true stay close and out of sight." The anbu nodded there heads silently and quickly disappeared as fast as they appeared.

He scratched the back of his head as he walked along the road and would stop. He looked around and quickly used the transformation jutsu and changed himself into a much older version of himself. He was wearing formal clothing  and he moved over to look at his appearance in a creek. He looked down at his reflection and nodded his head approvingly. Any passerby's would just assume he was being narcissistic. He pressed his hands down on the fabric and straightened out any creases and returned to the path. There was a large line of people each waiting to enter the soiree. He would appear calm and collected and wait for his turn to enter into the party. There was a young women who was letting people into the party and she had a clipboard. Most liekly a guest list he would need to think fast as he was going to be next. He smiled at the women as he stepped forward she looked up and blushed slightly and cleared her throat nervously "name please." neah smirked teasingly as her. Im not on the list sadly but i was invited by a group- of friends to attend." He looked down at the list memorizing the large list of names he would pick one at random. "I am a guest of the sentomaru family."  The women looked down and nodded her head. ah yes mr. ushida please come in."

He would mingle for a few hours gathering names and memorizing faces. though not like he needed to really he had memorized the guest list but still a party was a party. He would return home his stomach full of punch and snacks. His brain busting with names he would report this immediately to the daimyo's aid. He would stop after moving out of range from the building and do another high pitched whistle. Dozens of anbu appeared before him and he nodded his head at them. " Its true about the threats arrest them now Scatter!" He moved his arm outwards in a motion of telling them to leave. The anbu nodded and all said in uunison " Yes lord third it will be done. He would continue down a the road and stop at a shop and write down the information on a piece of paper and end his transformation jutsu of course not point in wasting more of his chakra. He moved towards the meeting place and looked around in the ally and the daimyo's aid stepped out of the shadows. "well do you have the information Lord Senju?"  Neah reached into his pocket and handed him the paper with the list of names on it. "Piece of cake the daimyo will be safe now." He smirked and slowly walked home his eyes tired as he let out a yawn his mission was accomplished.

WC 1591
TWC 1591/1200

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PostSubject: Re: Taking care of buisness! (missions)   

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Taking care of buisness! (missions)
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