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 Secret Training of the Mizukage [Training]

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PostSubject: Secret Training of the Mizukage [Training]   Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:23 am

The administration building was home to a library of knowledge now at Gambaldi's fingertips. He sat at his desk, numerous shinobi files and scrolls scattered on it. Smoke filled the room making it slightly less visible to the naked eye. He was alone in the room, since he had given tasks to every able body that worked in the building. Even his guards were made into heads of the entire village, the equivalent of police chiefs that all other village police reported to. There wasn't a reason for him to have such personal security. Those talents would best serve ensuring no one made it into the village to even be a threat to the new Mizukage. This would give those residing in Kiri a better sense of security with the Anbu presence lurking in the shadows. Gambaldi stood up from his desk and turned to face the beautiful view before him. Kirigakure.

He had gone from a boy given into slavery to a leader of an entire village. He had more or less achieved his life's goal much sooner than he could ever imagine. "You'd be proud, little brother," he said as he took a hit from his blunt, the source of the smoke in the room. He exhaled the smoke with a sigh, allowing himself a moment to feel sentimental. His fist clenched in anger as he thought of his brother's killers. They had been members of the Leaf Village who had outplayed the two brothers. Hayato had not survived the trap and Gambaldi had almost died as well. Luck favored the elder brother over the younger that day and Gambaldi was left for dead rather than being finished off. It was sloppy work on their behalf and they paid for it with their own lives. Sadly, in his rage, Gambaldi did not bother to interrogate the Leaf shinobi; instead just killing them immediately. A childish mistake, but one that couldn't be helped at the time.

With no leads he was left with only the option of letting it go. That decision had ultimately lead him to his decade long journey to see his brother properly avenged. "But now," he muttered to himself aloud. He blew more smoke at the windowpane, the smoke immediately spreading out on the surface, and turned back toward his desk behind him. His eyes trailed to a single scroll that would have given him the means to finding the one who gave that order much easier. "This will ensure I never have to deal with setbacks like that again."

He sat down in his chair, grabbing the scroll after, and began to read its contents. The jutsu was far from simple but, if mastered, would prove a deadly and useful asset. The jutsu would require an immense amount of focus and chakra control. It was a favorite jutsu for interrogators and allowed one to steal away secrets from a victim. This was the tool he would have needed in order to see his brother's death avenged much sooner. All he would have needed was to capture one who was charged with issuing missions to the shinobi in Konohagakure all those years ago. Finding the right prospect would have taken time, but patience was something Gambaldi had in spades. His 10 year hunt a testament to his sage like patience.

He stood up once again, putting out his blunt as he moved around his desk to the center of the room. He sat down on the floor, legs folded, and sat the scroll down in front of him. He read the scroll again and again until he was sure he grasped every word. He preferred to get this jutsu right the first time, as unlikely as it was. Time was a factor now and information was key in the success of any task, he needed a means to acquire more.

When he felt confident in his understanding of the jutsu, he began his practice. For the time he held no test subject, but once his focus and control were good he would call for one of the many workers in the building. The process of mastering the chakra control needed to utilize this jutsu perfectly took several hours and a few smoke breaks. When he had begun his dive into the search of knowledge, it was early morning. Now the sun was beginning its descent from the sky and beginning to turn the skies color from light blue to light orange. Gambaldi continued to remain seated as fatigue began to set in. Suddenly, the door to the office slowly crept open as one of the security shinobi entered. "Lord Mizukage, you called for me," he said, ignoring the lingering smoke. Gambaldi looked up at the shinobi and rose to his feet. He towered over the man, though between the two the security shinobi likely had the most weight between the two. "Indeed," he said with a grin, "I've been working on a interrogation jutsu, painless of course, and I needed some one to test it on. With your permission." The security shinobi didn't bat an eyelid at the request, "I am familiar with jutsu, my lord. I am more than happy to assist you. Its good to know you will have such a jutsu at your disposal, many don't," he replied. "Thanks, I didn't want to seem like I'm forcing you all into being my test subjects," Gambaldi said, placing the scroll on the desk.

He approached the shinobi who had now taken a seat in a nearby chair. "May I offer tips, my lord," he said plainly. "Sure, I'm open to suggestions," Gambaldi said approaching. "When you focus, try to avoid going for the direct route. Think of it like verbal interrogation. Lure out the truth by searching for related, but less secret information. It's like prepping for an attack against a heavily guarded position. Wear down the defenses until you find a weakness, then capitalize on it," the security shinobi finished. "That makes sense, I will be sure to apply it," Gambaldi said, now standing in front of the shinobi.

Prepped and ready, Gambaldi locked eyes with the shinobi and focused his chakra to the best of his ability. He then placed his hand on the shinobi's head and immediately activated the jutsu. He burrowed into the mind of the shinobi, gathering only information concerning village security. The shinobi did not make it easy on the Mizukage, offering resistance to force Gambaldi to put more effort into the jutsu. When the struggle was done, Gambaldi removed his hand. "Easy enough," he said walking back toward the scroll. "Your a quick study, Lord Mizukage," the security shinobi stated. "Thanks, you may return to your duties. I have a few other things to go over,“ Gambaldi said reading over the scroll once more. "My Lord," the security shinobi said as he turned and left the office. Gambaldi, though tired as he was, continued in his studies. He had figured this jutsu out, now he only needed learn the final one. "I can continue after my smoke break," he chuckled as he sat in his chair and began to roll another blunt. For what the Mizukage had planned he would need all the advantages he could get.

Name: Mind Reading Technique
Rank: B [C-Rank Sustain]
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Handseals: N/A
Speed: N/A
Description: The user enters the target's subconscious by placing a hand on the target's head and extracts any information needed, even if the target has forgotten it or has had it blocked. A special device can be used to decrease the time it takes to read the target's mind and allows other ninja to assist. Memories that have mental blocks on them will require longer periods of time to probe through and obtain however. Depending on the skill of the user and their level of experience, they will be able to go through days worth of the target's memories in a matter of moments and sift through until they find what they want while other may have to go through each memory in its entirety.

Required WC: 700
Bonus EXP: 100 *500 over wc limit*
Wc: 1211
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Secret Training of the Mizukage [Training]
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