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 Unwanted Guest [Mission]

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PostSubject: Unwanted Guest [Mission]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:19 pm

Mission Details:

It was a beautiful sunny day in Kumogakure. Nevertherless, the rays of light from above did nothing to attempt to blind all of the ninja hurrying about the village, delivering mail, running towards the training fields, getting ready to depart on a mission outside of the village, and whatever else ninja from the Land of Lightning did. There weren’t as many shinobi inside of the place today like there usually is however, since mission requests have grown a ton lately, and in fear that they might lose good clients, the Raikage has put most of the ninja on duty instead of patrolling the village. Unfortunately, Axel wasn’t one of these ninja, but at least he was able to get some training in, hoping that the next time a mission rush was going on, the leader of the village would surely pick him, maybe even as first choice. The thought of this made the boy very happy as he threw some kunai at trees around the small forest.

His ascension to a higher power was halted by a shout that could be heard from the forest, which was very surprising as Axel was a few hundred meters out at least. Now that he thought about it, there were multiple shouts, all coming from the town square. In a rush, the chunin dashed out of the forest and towards the location where all of the shouting was being done.

“That’s right, give us all of your ryo, now!” shouted a man in heavy leather clothing, who’s athletic build could be seen even through so many layers. There were three other men around him dressed like that, all of them surrounding a numerous amount of civilians. It seemed to Axel like they were bandits, wanting nothing but trouble. He hasn’t been spotted yet, as there was a large crowd gathering around the targets, with the risk of making themselves the targets, but to them they just though a shinobi would come and save them. It seemed as if none but Axel was in the area however, and from the looks of it, it seemed like he would surely fail in a direct battle against them. Then again, no one said he had to use direct force. In fact, the boy has learn some jutsu that doesn’t require physical contact with the enemy at all. It was because of this that hope began to spark within him.

The town square was exactly what it was called, a square area that was 60 square meters out and was void of anything but food carts as well as a giant stag for events, as well as a large fountain right in the middle. The bandits were close to the fountain while everyone was around them, attempting to run if they could. The bandits got to some villagers however and put them to sleep while grabbing their wallets. Axel made use of the constantly moving crowd and ran in-between it until he got close to the group of four men. Once the chunin got close enough, he would jump as high and as far as he could using his chakra as a propulsion system. He landed in the middle of the four bandits, and immediately stringed two handseals together in order; Snake and Rat. He did this the instant he landed, and with the bandits not not having been focused on him until a few seconds after he landed, they had no idea they were already in his genjutsu. The targets would see a tornado of leaves around the ten meter radius and be alarmed, but before they could even think of escaping, it happened. They all saw their worst fears. Axel wasnt able to see them but he knew they were quite the eye-poppers, since his enemies all fell to the ground in shock. One might have even gotten a heart attack, but he was a criminal, so the chunin could care less. Other shinobi got there quickly enough to tie up the bandits before they woke up, while Axel left to go train.


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Unwanted Guest [Mission]
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