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 Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]

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PostSubject: Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]   Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:47 pm

Mission 1:

It was a great and glorious day inside the confines of the sand village as Richard strutted around with his brand new puppet Karma on his back smiling like a crazy fool. He wore his usual attire with his handband wrapped around his shoulder. From his last mission he was finally able to earn enough money to be able to finish Karma his first and own original puppet. With the missions lined up today he would soon be producing way more and make his way to becoming a puppet master in no time. The current mission he was doing at the moment was to hunt down a criminal without killing him. Having reached the store which happened to be a plain grocery store Richard walked inside towards the counter where he saw a old man idly leaning over."Hello sir, i'm here to catch that pesky thief of yours. He said calmly with a smirk Karma leaning over him like a baby monkey on it's mothers back. The old man was slightly startled by Karma but regained composure as he coughed in to his fist and began speaking."Just around a hour ago a thief wearing regular clothes and a bandages around his face came in here and stole from my vault and most of my savings. He ran off in that direction with some of my cabbages as well." The old man had said walking past Richard outside his shop pointing in the direction he was talking about. "Don't worry sir i'll get this thief in  no  time flat." Richard said saluting as he ran off in the direction of the fleeing thief.

Richard wanting more ground sprang up on to the roof tops carefully watching the area for any signs of tracks left by the thief. It took a while but he found a trail off lettuce faintly on the street below which in response he jumped in to the air spinning causing Karma to fall from his back as he attacked  five chakra strings to it using all the fingers of his  right hand as he further followed the trail. It was close to being over as the trail abruptly ended at a alley way as Richard softly jumped down landing in the center of it Karma following behind him. Before him lied  a white sand stained curtain hung on a rod stuck between the two buildings. Richard walked through it leaving his right hand behind him manipulating Karma to stand off to the side of the alley wall for Richard's plan while hiding his chakra threads as well. Before him was a makeshift room with carpets a bed off to the corner and a large crate where a man sat. Around the crate lied cabbages and the man seemed to be riffling through some money and surprisingly had bandages wrapped around his face."Hey there you glorified mummy!" RIchard sung loudly causing the man to turn  as he stood up."You look mad there? Upset that someone did justice hiding that ugly face of yours?"Richard siad chuckling as the man growled angrily and charged at him. Richard smirked as he jumped through the curtains and manipulated Karma to go in front of Richard as the man burst through the curtains running straight in to Karma. Richard only laughed as he wrapped Karma's blades around the guy holding him against karma's chest as he screamed in pain. The man struggled only cutting himself more against the blades before he stopped and slumped to the ground. Richard walked over and grabbed the guy along with the money as he returned the stolen money to the shop owner and continued to drag the guy towards the nearest prison facility and finally out of his delicate hands.

WC: 627
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PostSubject: Re: Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]   Sat Dec 12, 2015 4:50 pm

Mission 2:

It was a late at night as the moon shone down on the Sand Village gate.Richard looked down at the many people massed together to help rebuild the fallen the gates due to the recent attack by the bijuu. He wasn't the only one here on gaurd duty as others were here to oversee as well. At this time he wasn't playing around as he knew that the Sand Village was vulnerable and needed all the help possible to get back to former strength. Richard stoof patiently with Karma at the ready. It was truly beautiful Richard thought despite his readiness looking over the vast desert and the village. He almost lost himself as he started to think about his parents and godmother Hira. He smiled to himself before he noticed the signal from another guard as Richard turned to the people with him signaling them as well. Together with his group they then traversed to the bottom of the outer part of the gate. Richard then stood guard awaiting his shift once more again endlessly staring out in to the vast desert once more moving Karma around as to not let his joints freeze up. Being out here let his thoughts wonder as he looked down at the emitting chakra threads of his right hand. What exactly could he do to improve as a puppet user? He was already verse in taijutsu to make up for the main weakness of a puppet user, but there had to be more he could do. Richard had never tried to use more than 1 puppet at once so that could be a start. He then focused on his chakra threads once more as a idea hit him. He needed to learn to use jutsu on his puppet as well as suppress his chakra strings for other uses.

A multitude of new jutsu ideas sprung up inside Richard's head throughout the entire night as he continued to watch over the village. Although around midnight a loud noise could be heard that Richard picked up on from the top of the gate. Immediately with Karma he dashed up there scouting the surface just seeing the squadron that took his place as they looked at him with confusion. He made his way back down but while traversing a piece of the gate fell off from up top and was hurdling down to one of the builders. Using his speed he dashed 9mps while flinging Karma at 10mps towards the builder pushing him out of the way with Karma as the chunk cut off his chakra threads smashing in to the grounds. For a moment there was dust in the air from the impact as it thus began to slowly clear out. He immediately ran over to check on the man as people crowded around the incident. Once he got over there he saw Karma on top of the man as he groaned dazed from the sudden experience. Richard attached a thread to Karma pulling him off the man as others helped him up and made sure he was okay. Richard left with a quick two finger salute as he returned to his post and waited out the rest of his guard duty when dawn arrived and the rising sun birthed color on to the desert once more. Once the those who came to replace him came he slung Karma around his body wary of it's long 1m scythe like blades as he headed on home happy that he was able to get another mission done well and successful. It filled Richard's heart at ease that he was able to contribute to his village today more than one and help with it's revitalization.

WC: 618
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PostSubject: Re: Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]   Sat Dec 12, 2015 8:27 pm

Mission 3:

Richard patiently knocked on the door which was highlighted with many roses and a heart at it's center. He had left Karma at home due to only handling D rank missions for the rest of the day. He tapped his foot patiently getting impatient as the door slowly opened and Richard had a look of impatience until he saw who opened the door. It was a young cute girl around the same age as Richard himself with long red hair with unusual bright blue eyes and face of a angel. "Can I help you?" she asked in a soft shy tone that made Richard gulp and blush slightly. Awkardly putting his arm in front of her he displayed the Sand headband to her." I'm here to deliver the letter Ms.Yunaki" Richard choked up as she gave a warm smile handing him a letter that was inside a pink envelop seal with a red heart. "I appreciate your help." She giggled as she gave him the letter and told him the address and who was the recipient. She gave him a small wave as she shut the door and Richard sighed as left her house and headed towards Chatnaki's her boyfriend's house. It was a simple enough mission as he practically breezed through the village following the exact directions to where he was at. Before too long Richard made it and was surprised to so see some sort of the training grounds and a lone guy training which fir the description he was given. Richarc calmly approached Chatnaki as he trained his taijutsu stopping taking notice of Richard. Richard without a word gave him the letter and was on his way not exactly caring whatsoever. Not it was just time to go get paid and go handle yet another mission to build another puppet.

WC: 304
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PostSubject: Re: Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]   Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:16 pm

Mission 4:

This was a cool and unusual mission for Richard. He simply had to just help out a old man at his ramen shop with whatever he needed. It always made Richard happy to help one of his own and get paid for it so he was practically ecstatic to help out really. It didn't take long to find the Shokugeki ramen stand as he walked inside seeing a old man preparing delivery boxes with multiple notes on it. "Hello sir,I happen to be the shinobi who took up your request." Richard said calmly as the man nodded at him. "Oh glad to see you, you happen to be just on time matter of fact. Would you mind running all these out for me?" The man nodded to the take out ramen carriers as Richard grabbed them looking down to see scribbled notes with the prices on them as well as the list of addresses to were he had to take them too. "I'll be back soon Mister." Richard said hauling the large take out cases and heading towards his first stop. It didn't take to long to reach the first house as Richard knocked on the door and a young kid with yellow hair wearing a blue jump suit with orange highlights opened the door. " One Miso Pork ramen?" Richard asked setting down the containers and looking at the first order questioningly at the young kid. "That's right!" the kid yelled excitedly giving the money to Richard as he handed him his Ramen and was on his way. Richard quickly got all of his delivery's done having to go to a few disturbing places for a few but it just built character for him in the end and nothing more. The empty weight of the once heavy carriers made Richard smile as he entered the shop setting all of the money and the carriers down on the counter as the old man looked up at him." Everything went smoothly and absolutely successful sir. I'll see you around next time" Richard said waving him off as he headed out done with yet another mission.

WC: 354
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PostSubject: Re: Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]   

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Shinobi Woes [Mission Thread]
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