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 Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin

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PostSubject: Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin   Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:22 pm

Name: Kousen, Mugen
Nickname: N/A
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Height: 4'10"
Weight: 123lbs
Hair ~ Mugen bares the signature white hair commonly found in his village and extremely prominent within his village. His pale moon colored locks are usually cut short so they aren't in the way during training or battle. That being said aside from keeping it cut Mugen does not do much to take care of his hair. He washes it when he baths but makes no efforts to comb or style it in any way preferring to instead allow it to simply fall wherever it may.

Eyes ~ Teal pools of blue-green color line the iris's of Mugen's eyes in what would be a fairly normal pair of oculars if not for the genetic mutation he has. That mutation is expressed as a halo of golden yellow color breaking the middle of Mugen's iris's. These halos are purely aesthetic however they could be mistaken for a doujutsu.

Expression ~ Mugen's facial expressions are pretty varied as he is still young and open to showing his emotions, even in combat despite how naive that may be. Usually he has a calm not-a-care-in-the-world look upon his face with soft eyes and a slight smile.  When upset his brows scrunch up and the smile fades into a flat stoic look that could only just barely be attributed to a frown. When angered however his emotions show through with grit teeth and narrowed eyes that give off a sharp piercing gaze.

Build ~ Being a 13 year old child Mugen's build is anything but impressive. He stands 5' tall and weighs 123lbs with a compact frame. His muscles are still developing however they are supple and healthy, bursting with potential to be geared towards either speed or strength.

Clothing ~ For his usual attire Mugen can be found wearing simple clothes that are by no means extravagant or flashy. He prefers to blend in so he wears nothing but a pair of simple shorts, a dark grey hoody with a light grey shirt underneath, and a pair of black sandal-sneakers commonly worn in the naruto world.

Village: Kumogakure
Character Rank: D/Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A

Curious Learner ~ Perhaps the most notable thing about Mugen is his curiosity for all things new to him. Being only 13 years old there is still much of the world which is unknown to him however unlike most children Mugen is not only aware of this fact. He embraces it. Meeting new kinds of people, seeing new kinds of jutsu, visiting new kinds of places. All of these things excite Mugen and fill his soul with a burning passion to learn and experience more and more "new" things.

Village Loyalist ~ It was a part of Mugen's upbringing as is with all Kousen children to have a well tempered and respected loyalty towards the village name. He is thankful for all the village has done for him as he has experienced nothing but the best life could have offered him thanks to the entire villages efforts. Appreciation for the village is always in Mugen's mind and he is very confident that he would be willing to die for it before watching it be hurt or destroyed.

Ambitious ~ Mugen seeks to one day become the Raikage's right hand one day. His families reverence for the Raikage makes such a position seem like the highest honor one could ever achieve to them. It could only ever be surpassed if Mugen were to one day become Raikage himself. A distant dream, however one he truly believes he can accomplish in time.

Good Heart ~ While Mugen's loyalty to both Kumogakure and the office of "Raikage" are absolute he still has a kind heart and does not take pleasure in hurting others. If at all possible he will decide not to kill targets or hurt them any more than necessary to complete the mission. When meeting strangers he tries to treat them kindly without judging them based on appearances however it is hard for him to smother all doubts when someone looks excessively bad.

Equalist ~ While Mugen recognizes that those with Kekkai Genkai are naturally gifted with an advantage over others he does not see that as any sort of measure on the value of one's worth as a person. He firmly believes that even if one has such a gift if they do not work towards mastering it than it will be about as useful as wet moldy paper. Mugen sees all people as being equal and looks to some clans which have had trouble mastering their own Kekkai Genkai as some sort of proof towards that fact.

Character History:

~Birth and Infancy~

Mugen's origin's are not particularly tragic or out of the ordinary. There were some complications during the labor process and he was born unnaturally light weight however his mother did not lose her life and he was generally healthy. Mugen was born unto Shura(father) and Rosa(mother) Kousen with no siblings to speak of. His father Shura was a blacksmith for the Kousen family and his mother a medical nin. Between the two the young Mugen would soon grow to be a healthy sized baby boy despite his meager conditions at birth. Mugen did not show any signs of being especially different from the other babies in the village and played well with others. He grew up to be well behaved and showed an innocent interest in his fathers work as a metal smith. The first years of Mugen's life were without conflict and about as happy and perfect as anyone could ask for.

~Early Childhood~

When he was 5 years old Mugen got his first introduction into the shinobi world when a wounded village member returned from a mission on the verge of death. The village member died shortly after and when Mugen asked his parents why he had to lose his life they told him not to be sad about it. They explained that it was all for the sake of the village and the raikage, something that had already been instilled into him. From that day on Mugen decided that he too wanted to give his life for the Raikage and the village so that he might be remembered with the same honor and respect. Thus began his training for eventual enrollment into the shinobi academy.

Having a father as a metal smith meant that training tools would be plentiful for almost all types of weapons however the one Mugen took the most liking to was the ball and chain type of weapon with a kunai attached to one end. It was hard to control for the young Kousen however with much practiced he managed a decent level of proficiency with it by the time he was 8. Having a medical nin mother was not without its benefits as well. Mugen was able to get plenty of practice with chakra control to better prepare him for academy classes.

~Academy Graduation and Becoming a Genin~

In the Academy Mugen was neither an ace student nor a failure but this was mainly attributed to the fact that he did not show off in class and tried to remain humble afraid that standing out as a "genius" would affect his ability to make friends. He humbly kept his best of skills hidden and kept his grades at a passing but not perfect level. Most of his training actually took place outside of school and within the confines of the family compound and after school hours. Mugen would continue to work on his weapon skills and improve his ninjutsu diligently day after day. The first element his parents both unlocked was raiton, however Mugen himself was having trouble bringing forth any sort of elemental chakra. However he did not let the "failure" crush his confidence and instead saw it as an opportunity to take advantage of the extra training in bukijutsu to further improve himself.

With the training he underwent it was no surprise that Mugen passed the academy graduation test with relative ease and moved on to begin his first day of training to become a genin. Mugen was teamed with a pair of fellow genin hopeful and sent to meet one of the village jounin so take their test. The jounin they were assigned to had a very harsh way of looking at the world and decided that the only true test to see if the 3 could become genin was to place them in a life or death situation and see how they took it.

The three were taken to a place outside the village gates where one of the jounin's friends were lying in wait. Almost as soon as they arrived this stranger emerged from the shadows dressed in foreign cloths shouting obscenities. Together the jounin's faked the instructors death by having his throat "cut open" when really it was just a combination of a blunt edged kunai and fake blood. With their instructor "killed" in front of them it was up to the genin hopeful to decide how they would handle the situation.

Mugen immediately established himself as a leader and looked at his two companions. One of them was shaken up but seemed alright but the other was in utter fear and looked as though he was about to run away. Mugen told the fearful one to return to the village and warn someone about the possible attack that might soon come to follow declaring that he and the other child would stay behind and hold the killer back. The fake battle that proceeded to follow was short but tough and when his life was threatened Mugen held firm instead of fleeing as his peers did. Mugen suffered an embarrassing defeat and was ultimately forced into an unconscious state due to his tenacious refusal to surrender.

When everything was said and done Mugen awoke to find he was the only one advanced to the rank of genin and he returned home to his family to find there was much pride revolving around him. The boy had officially become a shinobi of the Cloud.

Mugen would spend the next year honing his skills and trying to be the best shinobi he could be for the sake of both village and Raikage. Present day Mugen follows this same schedule with dreams of one day being the Raikage's right hand man while also raising his villages fame and honor as a group of elite shinobi.

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PostSubject: Re: Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin   Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:25 pm

Just as a heads up for the mods/admins, this is a character ripped from another site and edited slightly to fit this site.

If proof of ownership of the original app is required, let me know via PM and I'll be happy to provide it.
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PostSubject: Re: Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin   Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:51 pm

Welcome to Kumogakure. Do donate a doughnut to ya Kage as soon as possible~
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PostSubject: Re: Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin   

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Kousen, Mugen | Kumo Genin
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