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 Kotetsu Sakkaka(WIP)

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Kotetsu Sakkaku


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PostSubject: Kotetsu Sakkaka(WIP)   Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:21 am

Name: Kotetsu Sakkaku (Lost or Forgotten Child of False Illusions)
Nickname: Mirage Of The Leaf (葉の蜃気楼 Ha no shinkirō)
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5'9
Weight: 130
Appearance: (Describe within at least 200 words what your character's appearance is like. B ranks/Special Jounins and up must use AT LEAST 300 words. Making the minimum doesn't always mean you're good to go, so put some effort into it.)

Village: Leaf/Konoha
Character Rank: Chunin-C
Clan: Uchiha
Element: Yin

Personality: (Describe within at least 200 words what their personality is like. B ranks/Special Jounins and up must use at least 300 words. Making the minimum doesn't always mean you're good to go, so put some effort into it.
Character History:
Kotetsu's Father in his youth
Birth Arc:[spoiler]Here begins the story of the young shinobi known as Kotetsu Sakkaka Uchiha. Although before we can unfold his life, we need to talk about his parents a little bit. His father was Ookami Uchiha, a fabled shinobi that descended from the leaf anbu, Reknowned for his mastery over his dojutsu and genjutsu as well as his undying loyalty to his village and people. Yet something changed the moment he met a woman from a royal family affiliated with the Mist Village. A mystifying long-white haired beauty, known simply as Kitsune. From the rumors he was appointed to guard the families caravan as they traveled through dangerous territories to settle tension between the leaf and mist. Although no one is for sure how they truly met yet they do say it was love at true sight.

Soon, Ookami began to sneak off from the Leaf village in order to meet Kitsune on an island in secret. Which as time went by, the secret meetings began to happen more frequent. Also the two of them began to conspire on running away together. Eventually they did as they planned and hid away on the island that they had their secret meetings on and built a house. To where they conceived a child, which was a healthy pale haired boy.

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Kotetsu Sakkaka(WIP)
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