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 Kai [Kumogakure]

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PostSubject: Kai [Kumogakure]   Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:13 pm

Name: Kai Hyuga-Furue
Nickname: -
Age: Ten
Gender: Female

Height: One hundred and thirty centimeters
Weight: Twenty-nine kilograms
Appearance: Kai is the name of the fair-skinned girl of only ten years of age that resides in Kumogakure no Sato. Physically speaking, the small child is the most nonthreatening looking thing to grace the planet and it isn’t like she’s anything special when it comes down to her appearance, well nothing that’s noticeable at first glance. She looks like a normal child with her blonde hair which isn’t impractically long nor short. The ends of her hair curls upwards if not brushed down and her bangs frame her face, cut in such a way that she doesn’t have to worry about swatting her hair out of her eyes. Speaking of eyes, Kai has yellow that pretty much well with her blonde hair which transition to two other colours whenever it damn well pleases. One second her eyes could be yellow, then a reddish-orange colour, and straight up red the very next moment. Yet, the default colour is yellow.

Moving along, it’s important for one to note that Kai’s wardrobe consists of nothing but dresses. This is to say that there isn’t a single shirt, skirt, or pant in sight. Instead, one is greeted by a collection of dresses that range from pastel to dark colours. She can be typically spotted in a sleeveless black dress with a white underskirt underneath and a small red bow at the front. She can also be seen in a white dress with pink details, its backless. She could also be spotted in a pink dress much like her black one with the exception of the bow and the needless white underskirt. There are plenty more within her wardrobe, but it would take quite a deal of time to describe them all. Kai doesn’t wear shoes at all because she doesn’t like them, but she can be seen wearing her aviator helmet in place of her forehead protector from time to time.

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Character Rank: D
Clan: Hyuga
Element: -

Personality: Kai is obnoxiously bubbly, energetic, absentminded, and extremely childish. She easily loses her train of thought and sometimes she speaks before she thinks which can result in jumbled up sentences that make little sense or just plain incoherent ones. She doesn’t seem to really mind rather or not one understands what she says nor does she seem to mind rather or not one even decides to listen to the rambles of a ten-year-old. With that being said, one would probably think that she simply likes to hear her own voice which she shall neither confirm or deny.

She is extremely forgetful, having forgotten the simplest of things on several occasions, though she has never forgotten anything that she deemed important. With her being rather forgetful, it’s no surprise that she isn’t very good when it comes to remembering the names of the people that she encounters unless she’s around them all the time or they are of some significance, otherwise be prepared to be asked your name a dozen times and sometimes in quick succession. It’s also futile and an absolute waste of time to get her to remember by dropping clues for she has forgotten the interaction nine times out of ten. Kai doesn’t intentionally forget, it just happens and she thinks it requires too much energy to dig for a particular set of memories that have been deemed meaningless to her.

She’s free spirited and the sort of person who does what she wants, whenever she wants according to her whim. There is really no rhyme or reason to a lot of her actions which can be rather annoying to some people. Her infinite amount of energy doesn’t go well with her ability to become bored at the drop of a hat and thus her unpredictability can definitely provide her with a means to avoid becoming bored. People can definitely entertain her, but keeping her entertained is a feat and if she becomes bored, she shall simply run off and do her own thing. Kai is even willing to throw caution to the wind just to avoid being bored, though it isn’t like she has much of that anyways. Her unpredictable nature carries over into her fights.

Very few things tend to trouble this ten-year-old for she’s care-free and laidback. Even if something does bother her, it’s rather hard to tell given her nonchalant way of speaking when presented with said situation, though that itself can be an indicator to the people who know her. Kai is rather stubborn and doesn’t like being wrong nor told what to do. An exception to this may be her sensei or somebody that she respects, but that’s no guarantee that she shall do as she’s told. She isn’t a very dependable person unless money is involved and she doesn’t seem to care about the opinion people may have of her. She’s tactless with her words and sometimes unnecessarily brutal with them for she cares little for the feeling of others. This doesn’t mean that she’s a brutally honest person, oh no, she’s fully capable of dancing around the truth and spinning complicated lies that could give somebody a headache.

Kai is extremely friendly towards everyone, that includes people who are suppose to be her enemies, but she doesn’t consider anyone a friend. She places everybody she meets into a hierarchy of sorts, one that has family at the top and acquaintances at the bottom. In between are playmates (people who she finds entertaining and wishes to spend more time with), companions (people she thinks can become her friends), and lastly friends. She has absolutely no problem with breaking all ties with anyone not deemed family or friend. Because she’s willing to break ties with people stuck into the playmates and companion category, acquaintances don’t count since she doesn’t even remember their names, one can say that she doesn’t easily form emotional attachments to people. Which is true, she also lacks empathy and seems incapable of being remorseful for any of her actions.

Though she comes off as childish, one should not underestimate Kai’s intelligence, though she’s okay with people doing that. She can be somewhat observant and somewhat strategic, though her observation skills need some work and her strategies may fall short rather than raise to the occasion largely due to her inexperience. She has the bad habit of referring to people after the doughnut she has in hand and she’s awfully confident in her capabilities despite her age, tiptoeing between the line of overly confident and straight up arrogant.

Character History: Kai Furue, that’s what the child went by before her father was made aware of her existence and her name changed to Kai Hyuga-Furue. Born the daughter of Kaneki Hyuga, a man a part of the main branch of the Hyuga clan, Kai should’ve lived a life of luxury and groomed to be a shinobi as early as possible. Yet, her mother, Kazumi Furue, did not wish for her daughter to be associated with the Hyuga clan and thus she concealed her pregnancy from Kaneki. She broke up with the man before she started showing signs of being pregnant and continued to conceal it until the arrival of her child. She gave birth to her daughter in secret, naming the child Kai and giving the baby her surname as to conceal her heritage. She was fortunate that her daughter had taken after her in appearance for it made the job of concealing her identity easier.

For four years Kazumi managed to hide her daughter in plain view, telling those who asked that the child had been a result of a one night stand. No one really questioned her any further for there was no reason to, but unbeknownst to the woman her former flame was highly suspicious of the woman. Kaneki had always thought it odd that Kazumi had suddenly broken up with him and even odder that she gave birth to a baby girl five months afterwards, so he begun to dig around. After gathering Kai’s records from the hospital, he began putting the pieces together and was confident that the blonde haired child belonged to him. He gathered more evidence to prove his case and confronted Kazumi with said evidence. She denied it at first, but after being pressured by the man, she gave in and told him the truth.

Kaneki was furious with Kazumi for obvious reasons and demanded to see his daughter. Kazumi agreed for Kaneki held a lot of influence within the village due to his status as a member of the main branch. So, at the age of four, Kai was introduced to her father. Her mother may have been nervous about the meeting, but Kai was really excited about it. She had always dreamed of meeting her father and their first encounter went off without a hitch. Kai wished to see her father more and her father shared the same desire, Kazumi on the other hand wished her daughter to have nothing to do with Kaneki. Yet, she couldn’t do anything about the man besides leave and she refused to depart from Kumogakure, though she would wish she had a couple months later.

It had been seven months since Kai had met her father when two men knocked upon her mother’s door. Kazumi, of course, answered and received word that Kaneki wished to have custody of their young daughter. She didn’t wish to hand her four-year-old daughter over to the man and begged Kaneki to reconsider, but he did not budge. He wanted his daughter to be raised amongst other Hyuga and taught their ways, Kazumi would not stop him from achieving this goal. Realizing that she would be incapable of deterring her former flame, Kazumi decided that she would depart from the village in the cover of darkness unaware that members of the branch family watching the residence. The woman was caught before she could even step foot out of Kumogakure and sent to prison for her crime.

With her mother in prison, Kai was placed in the custody of her father and thus would be raised by him. As soon as the child was within Kaneki’s custody, he had her name changed to Kai Hyuga-Furue - he saw no reason to remove Furue as one of her surnames. Kai, being four at the time, wasn’t sure what was going on and she wasn’t sure where her mother had gone, but she was happy to be with her father and cousins. It did take her a while to get use to the new lifestyle afforded to one born into the main family, but she did and just in time to receive  training. About a week after her fifth birthday, her father began instructing her in the clan’s techniques. It started slow then picked up pace when she got use to it, and she got use to it pretty fast. Her training regimen would only grow more rigorous as the years went by. She still maintained her relationship with her father, though she had all but forgotten about her mother by time she entered the academy at eight.

Graduating from the academy wasn’t a problem for Kai, the child being a natural when it came to the ninja arts. Add in the fact that she had four years of training and one could see how she had finished the academy in two years. So, at the age of ten, Kai became a Genin.
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PostSubject: Re: Kai [Kumogakure]   Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:24 pm

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Kai [Kumogakure]
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