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 Playing in the Sand[Private]

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PostSubject: Playing in the Sand[Private]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:08 am


Sachio sighed as he stepped out from the ventilated and cool feeling Administration Building into the scorching hot sands of Sunagakure. There had been a meeting to the lower ranking ninja/the fodder of Sunagakure. Topic of the meeting was the recent Scorpion Infestation that had plagued Sunagakure though it was a common occurrence. Once every couple years or so and this just happened to be one of those years. Along with the other Genin of the village, Sachio sat in attendance of this meeting, never one to miss updates on happenings in the village, though he was a bit disappointed that this was just some petty errand like mission for the lowbies to do so the big dogs wouldn't have to dirty their hands.

Like a good shinobi however, Sachio would does as he was instructed having nothing else to really do save for finish a few projects, but those were just things done at his own leisure, nothing he was making for a client. Today to shield him from the elements Sachio wore a deep red kimono and like always his bandaged up left hand hung idly in the "v" of the garb. On his feet were Geta sandals of normal proportions only putting him about a single extra inch off the ground. Despite being in Sunagakure with all the sand he had great grip and balance in the geta. His Sunagakure headband was hanging loosely around his neck and in his mouth was his pipe. Only seventeen and the shinobi had a treacherous habit of smoking. Puffing the volume of the fumes upward, Sachio pressed on through the streets at a fair pace. He was very observant as he did so, even more than normal given he was on a mission looking for god damn scorpions. With their small size he'd need to be immensely perceptive to kill ten before the rest of the Genin got busy smashing them as well. How he looked at it was, the sooner he started, the easier it'd be since less would be killed.

The first one he spotted was shaded by an awning at the corner of a sandstone building. He stopped in front of it to observe it more closely, before it wiggled a bit, shaking the sand off it's body since it had been idle for a while. With a shrug Sachio lifted up his foot and squished the Scorpion killing it with a satisfying crunch. No issues there and honestly if it was this easy, he saw the mission going by fairly quickly. "Thank god." He expressed as he continued to walk on more in the direction of the village oasis. He assumed the Scorpion was where it was due to the shade and coolness, and the Oasis was the best place in the village to cool off with or without its volume of drinking water. Even in the desert, at the oasis grass made up the border, giving the area a unique and healthy air about it. Stepping onto the grass, he walked over to one of the desert species of tree flora and looked on the other side and not to his surprise, Sachio found not one, but two scorpions. Same as before, the teen lifted his foot and killed both at once when he slammed it down. The hard exoskeleton like armor shattering from the force of his geta. Puffing the fumes upwards again, he took another deep drag of nicotine and let the sting bite at his throat. He liked nicotine with bite to it and found himself not feeling relieved when smoking nicotine that didn't have a small singe. Time moved on and eventually he was among the first few Genin to finish the task, not being stung at all unlike one one unfortunate Genin whom Sachio shamelessly laughed at. "If you can't handle killing Scorpions without getting stung what makes you think you'll be able to to survive an actual field mission. For fucks sake . . ." He shook his head, many of the other Genin looking at him in disbelief and anger. For the most part the Sunagakure Genin were a close nit bunch who were generally light hearted. There were a few bad seeds and dark ones like Sachio who enjoyed the more murderous aspects of being a Shinobi, but these dark few were outnumbered at least three to one, and even then Sachio felt he was missing a few light hearted people to his head count.

All the scrubs gathered back int he Administrative Office, they were paid off and dismissed, save for Sachio and two others. "You three have been tasked with a continuation mission that involves detonation of the scorpion hive one of the Jounin located. Any objections?" Sachio shook his head and innocently blew out a light stream of air as if his pipe were still in his mouth, a habit he had when he was in places he wasn't allowed to smoke. "Good, here are some explosive tags you three will use to dispose of the hive. Any unused are to be returned to me and are considered village property and not yours to keep. Dismissed." With that Sachio and his allies headed out and instantly the kimono wearing genin lit his pipe upon stepping outside. "Sounds easy enough, anyone need to get any stuff to prepare?" Both the Genin expressed they had what they needed and Sachio hadn't the need for anything not already on his person either. He had always made sure to prepare himself as if he were leaving on a high class mission everyday, just in case of emergencies. Aside from his tool pouch on his hip, his other items were harmlessly stored in the depth of his kimono, more specifically in the areas right near the "v" opening at the chest.

At the village gates the three showed the gate guard their mission bill and they were permuted passage to exit the village seeing as they had reason that was the mission at hand. Venturing out in the sands following the directions they were given, the trio came across the hive after about fifteen minutes of trekking. It was extremely important to have a sense of direction while in the desert since it is so expansive and looks generally the same. No landmarks or anything like that for miles and by then you would have confused yourself and have been walking at a slight angle to put yourself off course. That said the Genin each were careful to keep track of where they were and to keep Sunagakure's walls within their eyesight, constantly checking behind themselves to make sure the walls weren't falling out of sight or the angle at which they saw them were shifting. Locating the hive, Sachio and another Genin were tasked with placing the issued explosive tags on the hive to ensure complete destruction. The other Genin supervised and stayed not he watch for any scorpions and to the teams luck, none showed up. "Set." Said Sachio from a safe distance in regards tot he hive explosion and debris. "Set" Said the other two Genin also in safe positing from the explosion and collateral debris damage. "One, two three." With his countdown came the destruction of the hive via explosive tag detonation, all of the issued tags being used and only the issued tags. It went perfect.

"Good, lets head back." Said Sachio and the others agreed. Only a few steps in their return however, the sands began to rumble as if a giant who was in a state of hunger was resting underneath. Sachio's head whipped around to the source of the vibrations and eventually noise only to find a large scorpion about his size crawl out the hole of the destroy hive. "Oh shit." He said as the others backed up along with him one of which beginning to run. "Stop!" Sachio yelled, making he Genin halt. "I doubt we could outrun it, the desert is its natural habitat and given its size it'll be mighty fast. Our best chance is covering each other and assaulting it till its dead." Luckily blessed wight he presence of another dark hearted Genin, Sachio had someone to back up his ideals and the other Genin soon fell in line. "I'll use a smoke bomb for cover while you two flank it. Be weary of the stinger obviously." With that the team went into action. Sachio in the center his two allies hopped off to his sides about five meters away. The scorpion seemed to be choosing which to attack, but then Sachio initiated combat. A single kunai tossed at the beast, its stinger lashed out deflecting the blade as if it were covered in an iron carapace. No matter as the kunai was just to get the beast' attention. Next he threw a smoke bomb in close proximity to its face and the other two Genin went into action dashing forward off to the insects' sides. Then closing in, the executed a scissor attack on its legs each taking one off while the beast was focused on Sachio and the smoke. Lashing out violently with its stinger one of the Genin were grazed by the whip like extension. "Shit." Sachio said as he pulled out his last kunai that was prepared with an explosive tag. Rushing in he'd shout out. "Yui is down, just me and you now Ryu!" The dark hearted Genin responded in what sounded like disappointment which made Sachio chuckle on the inside.

Combatting the beast with just him and the other Genin was no easy task, but eventually with tact is and timing they got the job done. Another smoke bomb deployed,, through this smoke that was not he scorpions flank Sachio shouted and simultaneously tossed a prepared kunai he had. "Get clear, I'm blowing it up." He still has his kunai in his right hand, the blade proving to be a blessing in the battle, being used to block and parry the stinger multiple times as well as pierce the hard shell of the scorpion. But the wheel was now about to be bypass or ignored rather. He had noticed near the ligaments and underbelly the flesh was exposed to allow movement of the joints and thats where he aimed his kunai.

Lodged in one of the scorpions vulnerable leg joints close to the body, Sachio then detonated the tag wrapped around its handle with his teammates out of range, thus killing the beast. A large crater from the explosion made in its body dripped with multicolored goo that were its innards. "Lets get a move on before another shows up." His teammates had no objections so they did just that, back to Sunagakure that was always within possible sight. Upon telling the receptionist the tale of the large scorpion they were paid extra for their work.


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Playing in the Sand[Private]
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