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 The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:31 am

He had mapped the house in his memory and after living in this same building for six years, he would go anywhere he wanted even with his eyes closed. All these years that he had lived under the Hao family, he had been very pretentious. He always acted like he knew nothing, he saw nothing and he hardly say anything. As far as he did not do anything to stain the name of the Hao family, Mr. Hao was contented with him. For close to a month, Torah had been planning his escape. His main reason for escaping was no other than to see the world at large and return to his homeland to become someone in life. He knew how his parents died and he knew what was sealed inside of him. Of course he did not expect anyone to understand what he was going through but still he had managed to keep the demon in check but not at all times too. There were times when somebody messed with him on the streets and out of free will, he would just allow the akuma to take control of his body and in that moment, his voice and look would change to that of a murderer while scaring away the person that messed with him but that was it. He never went as far as fighting someone or else the akuma would kill them if not putting them in a near state of death and if such a thing should happen, the blame would be placed on the Hao family.

The day was today and Torah was busting himself out of here. He knew that he could not run away from the Hao family and still be within konohagakure no sato. They had money, power and influence so they would surely find him and the only way to truly escape was to leave the village but he could not easily do that except if he wanted to leave the body of dead guards at the main gates of the leaf village and several search parties would be dispatched to find the murderer. His best shot at this was to hide among the numerous goods of the merchants when they came into the Hao’s compound. He had made his finding and he was certain that this merchants were leaving the village and they would come to see Mr. Hao before they would leave. Torah lay on his small bed while looking at the ceiling. It was still three am in the morning and he had not gotten any sleep at all. “Do not do it this way, just kill the guards at the main gate and you will be free. Do it this way Torah, do it!” the akuma shouted in his head but Torah paid less attention to it. It was part of his evil plot! Of that Torah had no doubt. It would slowly deprive Torah of his intend slumber until finally, exhausted, Torah would pretend to give in to his wretched advice. The akuma would claw his ways into Torah dreams, he would growl and laugh sinisterly at the same time but no, Torah would not give in. He would pull the covers close to his head and roll over. He was the stronger of the two and he was the determined one. He was the human and the akuma was the beast. He owned the body and the akuma was dwelling in it so he had all authority over this demon.

Torah would finally fall into a short sleep that would not last an hour. He would wake up and check the clock to see that it was almost four o’clock in the morning. He had to get prepared because the merchants would arrive soon, he never made a mistake. He picked up a small sack that did not have enough weight to make him feel as if he was carrying anything. The sack contained the little clothes that he had and things he held important like one or two books containing things that his mother and father had written. Under his bed was a round metal lid that was used to cover pots of food in the kitchen but he had taken one of it and kept it for his escape plan. The young and determined boy was waiting for the right time and then he heard the large gates of the Hao’s compound open as horses strutted in with a wagon carrying barrels that contained fruits. They were fruit merchants that travelled all over the shinobi world and this time, according to Torah’s findings, they were headed to kirigakure no sato- Torah’s homeland.

The merchants, two of them got down and walked into the mansion itself as Torah could see from him room up above. The young boy walked out of his room with gentle steps that made no sound. He took the back door and he was out in the compound. There was only one guard near the wagon eating an orange and he worked for Mr. Hao. Torah walked towards the guard after hiding the sack and the lid in the flowers beside him. He had no idea what he was going to say to the guard but if the timing was right, then he had no need to worry. The young boy stood in front of the guard whose spear was on the floor. “What?” the guard said at the young boy who had an innocent face and suddenly the akuma took over. “How good would it be when Mr. Hao finds out that you are eating oranges on duty, you puny little piece of trash.” The guard was scared by the sudden change in Torah’s eyes and voice. “I was only eating an orange.. nothing more” he said with a shaky voice. “Go clean the stables!” the akuma barked as the guard picked up his spear and ran towards the stable. Torah took over and was glad that the akuma had been helpful. He went back to get his sack and began the first step of his plot. The guard were inside the house and others were outside the gates so there was no one in the compound except the guard that he had sent to the stables. He knew that he had one till five o’clock before the merchants were set to leave and once the Hao’s find out that he is missing, the first thing that they would do is to release the hunting dogs and he was prepared for that. He opened the sack and picked out his clothes one by one as he scattered them in hidden places around the compound so that the hunting dogs would forever track his smell around the compound. It was a brilliant tactic for a six year old boy.
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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Posts : 299
Join date : 2015-02-27

PostSubject: Re: The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:39 am

Once he was done, he ran back to the stable and this time he did not need the help of the akuma. “You can go back to your duty post” he said and without the guard looking at his face, the guard ran back to his post. Torah was also aware that the merchants always came for about four barrels that contained hay so that they could feed their horses on the way. He walked into the stable and he saw the four barrels that were already filled with hay. He emptied one of them and entered inside after which he packed some hay into the barrel with him.

Once he had enough hay inside the barrel, he placed the metal lid above his head and made sure to perfectly cover the lid above with hay too. He waited patiently and then he heard voices. “So, we are to carry these eh.. pretty easy” the first one said. “they are much more heavier on other days” the second one said and Torah knew that the guards had come to load the wagon with the barrels of hay. They lifted the barrels one by one and when the barrel containing Torah was carried, the guard complained about it being heavy but he carried it anyway. Soon, the wagon started moving and Torah heard the gates opened. Suddenly the wagon stopped and Torah heard the hunting dogs barking. This was it.. the test of his smartness. The dogs kept on barking and stopping and he knew that they were definitely following his smell all around the compound. Mr. Hao’s voice boomed through the compound, “search the wagon!”. The wagon shook as the guards opened each barrel and checked inside. They saw fruits until they came to the one with hay. One of the guard brought out a knife and began to stab the hair but when it came to the barrel containing Torah, the lid protected him and it didn’t give off a single sound due to the hay covering it.
The dogs were still barking and searching around the compound. “I will find him! He is in the compound.” Mr. Hao’s would come again as the wagon would move out of the gates of the Hao compound. The first stage was clear and Torah was out of there. Torah was patient as he listened to every sound outside of the barrel as the wagon moved on. Torah heard the horses neigh louder as the merchants shouted and the wagon turned over with Torah’s barrel rolling over. The scene all became mushy as the only thing that appeared before Torah was the face of the akuma. “THIS IS YOUR END, STUPID BOY!! DIE!!!”

Torah awoke from sleep while panting loudly. He had been dreaming and yet he was still terrified by this memory. It had happened about eight years ago and now he was rid of the akuma but the incident still remains as fresh as ever in his memory. He got out of bed and walked to the wash hand basin. He ran the water and rinsed his face as he looked at the mirror on the wall. He had grown a bit but he was still a young kid. He had woken up to the early hours of the morning and the thing that he felt now were the pangs of hunger. He pulled out his tooth brush and put on some paste as he brushed his teeth. Only wearing shorts, he removed them and walked into the bathroom. He ran the shower and let the cold water penetrate his skin. The water went into his hair and laid a cool foundation in there. He began to wash himself with a soft sponge and a sweet smelling soap as he voided his mind of any thoughts that would make him restless. He took sometime in the bathroom and he had no reason to worry because it was only four o’clock in the morning. He got out of the bath room and dried himself with a white towel after which he wrapped it around his waist. He walked up to his cup board and picked out his clothes. He dressed in his most common attire which consisted of a white kimono like long sleeve that was opened a bit at the chest for the calm wind to slap against it. Black trousers and a black clothing tied from the waist back to around the knee and a black rope belt to hold them all.

The next thing was food and he had to make that by himself. He opened his fridge and looked at the varieties that it contained. Even though he lived alone, he was quite meticulous and his house was no more than a bed room, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom which was situated at the upper building of a one story building. He picked out some slices of bread, about eight of them and a plastic of butter. He placed the bread slices on a tray and spread some butter on them. He then picked out four eggs from the fridge and scrambled them and again he spread the scrambled eggs on the bread slices. One last thing was the sardine can he took out of the fridge. He emptied the contents of the sardine into the bowl containing the scrambled eggs and he mixed them together after which he spread them on the bread slices again. He paired the bread slices and put them in the toaster two by two. Once all the breads were toasted, he put them in a plate and switched off the toaster. He made himself tea and put them all in a tray that he carried to the living room. He placed the food on a stool and ate his break fast calmly. It was pretty early but it was none of anybody’s business after all he was not aware of any law of kirigakure no sato that was against eating very early in the morning. The young man looked at his clock and it was almost five thirty in the morning. The day was pretty fast. He was done with his breakfast and his food had been digested but he needed a little bit of hair. He carried the tray to the kitchen and washed all the necessary utensils and returned them back to their places.
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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Posts : 299
Join date : 2015-02-27

PostSubject: Re: The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:43 am

The young uchiha exited his  home after locking his door behind him. He walked down the stairs of the building and unto  the streets of the mist village. The village was known for it’s tall buildings and numerous condos making it rich in population. The young boy soon found himself walking in an alley way. The air was cold and calm but not too cold for him as he could  always gain some warmth from his katon chakra. The alley way seemed empty but he did not seem to  care. He was a handsome young man and he was gentle  too, always mindful of his own business. He figured passed across an another alley on his right but all he saw was a dark shadow.  The same happened on his left. He upped his speed and started walking faster. He saw the dark shadows on his left and right running with him but they were far off so he could not very well see them. He had to  escape this. Would someone dare attack him in his hometown. He was baffled. He did not have the akuma’s power to  lend and his  sharingan was not  useful either. He had no weapon and he could not even perfectly  mold his katon chakra. He was done for. Was this his end, never. Was this the meaning of the dream that he had this  morning? He could  remember very well that when he was in the  merchant’s wagon, he made it  to kirigakure no sato safely but why did the dream suddenly  have a twist? It was terrifying.
He looked forward and it was a dead end but there was if small route if he took a right turn. Suddenly, out of the narrow way to the right emerged a dark figure. Torah stopped in his track as he was about to turn but the other two were now approaching fast behind him. The dark figure before him stepped forward and revealed itself as a female. She was pretty, yes but she had an evil smile that gave Torah the chills. He could not go forward and he could  not go backward too. He picked up a plank that was laying on the floor right beside his right foot as he got ready to smash anyone who came near him. The female before him removed the cloak that she was wearing and she was now left with her bra and a very short skirt. The other two behind did the same thing as they brought out their  kunais but the one before him had a whip that was hidden behind her before she brought it forward. “Get  him girls..” the one in front said as the girls came towards him. He also faced them and waited for them to come. He was not all that lax in taijutsu so he could  still throw basic strikes. The plank of wood helped a lot in protecting him from the kunai slashes as he threw blows with his other arm. Just then when he was almost victorious over the two girls that seemed to have no skill whatsoever, he felt someone grab him from behind but when he  looked, there was no one there. He was being pulled and he could really feel it that they were the arms of someone and his back was rubbing  against soft body tissue and the shape mostly indicated that it was a woman’s  breast.
He looked farther behind and he could not find the woman that had the whip earlier. So the thing was maybe she has become somehow invisible. He managed to elbow her with his right hand as he felt her leave him and groan in pain. Now, he was fighting an invisible woman. She was invisible but her whip wasn’t. He saw her pick up the weapon and come at him as he managed to avoid most of the slashes but his speed was not up to par. Torah received several slashes but he tried to go on when one of the girl hit him from behind and he fell down. Before he knew it, the two girls had held his hands and the other woman had become invisible once more. “Once you go into me, I will become younger again.” She would say while removing Torah’s kimono top. She would also remove the clothe behind his waist after which she would lose the black rope belt. She would place a hand on both sides of his trouser and bring it down slowly as the girls that were holding him would chuckle. He was left with his shorts and he had no idea what this woman wanted. He was scared to the end as the woman would put her hand on the top of his shorts and bring her mouth close to it but in that moment, he would knee her jaw and break free from the girls that had lost their grip on him. The woman would go invisible again and this time coming in fast with her whip. Torah would close his eyes and open them once but the woman and her whip were no longer before him and she was now coming behind him and she was sure that he had no time to react. The handle of the whip happened to have a sword at the end and it was coming in for Torah’s neck. He would turn backwards in time to see the blade coming for his neck but there was no time to react but instinctively, he would veer his head to the side and land a knuckled blow to the invisible woman’s throat as her sword would scrape his shoulder. He had done it, he could see her completely in her invisible form and he felt the change in his body. His eyes were different and he could… He opened his mouth and gasped knowing that he had awakened his sharingan. The almost naked woman and her gang of just two girls scampers away as Torah looked at himself with surprise in his face.
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PostSubject: Re: The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]   

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The raging inferno awakens[sharingan training|closed]
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