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It was a day like any other in Sachio's perception in Sunagakure. The sun made cryptic heat that rested on the shoulders of every one who dwelled inside of Sunagakure. Even the shaded areas had rage instilling amounts of heat resting in them despite being hidden from the sun's dastardly gaze. Sachio was resting in the Art Museum, it was a place he could commonly be found, either there, some rooftop painting, or the village gates. He liked to linger around the gates, that's where the action was if there was any to occur in the day. The first line of defense and the last line if one who invaded where to try to escape via conventional means. Sachio always liked the thought of being the first to respond to possible threats on the village. He wanted to be there to observe and possibly participate in the issues at hand and it was where he was headed now actually. He had spent a small term of his day studying over exhibits and pieces he had seen all too many times, but he stilled learned from them on the occasion. Out of the cooled sophisticated arms of the semi cool Museum and out in the scornful heat of open air Sunagakure. He sighed upon being slapped disrespectfully by a gust of wind that grains of sand rode on. It stung a bit, but he and probably everyone else here was used to it. He was grateful the sand didn't get in his eyes if anything. Before starting his walk to the gates, still on the museum steps, he pulled a small con teen off his hip and unscrewed the cap. Chilled water. People who lived in the Land of Wind knew how important water was and unlike many others outside Kaze no Kuni, these people knew water was truly a replenishing resource.

Sachio focused on the cool stream entering his body and felt if he could focus hard enough he could make the water cool his whole being. This was blasphemous of course, but Sachio obviously wasn't serious. Moving on. The Genin was making his way to the village gates. During his journey he nodded to those whom acknowledged him, most of which being past and current clients. The last building prior to the grandiose Sunagakure Gates being in sight. Oh what grand walls they were. Many stories to them from the frontal view allowing the shinobi of the village to defend from many elevations and ranges in the event of an invasion, but the back of these walls, the view from the interior, was just a high shelf. Then there was the entry way, one long corridor. Nothing but the two monstrous walls on both sides of those who entered, surely making foreigners feel uneasy with the thought of being crushed between both walls undoubtedly coming to mind. Sachio recalled the first time he entered the village and walked with and immense feeling of anxiety in his being as he did so. Sachio was just about to let the gates enter his line of site when a cliché occurrence played out.

"You there, you're a Shinobi right! Please stop these thugs from damaging my families tea house!" Sachio looked at the pleading woman. Hairs out of place, eyes wide, reeking with desperation, then his eyes looked forward towards where he was going, just a few steps away. He sighed then nodded. "lead me to them." She thanked him, then grabbed his arm and ran dragging him along. Upon entering the establishment, he saw a bandit with a young boy in his hands and a few observing. No patrons present, they must have cleared out. "Come on guys, this is stupid. If you're picking on little children what the hell are you going to do when some notable shinobi actually show up? They'll hand your asses to you . . . especially if they showed up while you had a kid in your hands." Sachio shook his head and inquisitive looks appeared on the bandit's faces. "How about you shut up." The guy just sounded dumb. Not solely his words, but his tone and voice as well was drenched in a brand of unique idiocy. Sachio's own left hand had moved during the man's talking and withdrew a pre-tagged kunai. Tossing the blade forward with nothing in the path between it and its target, the blade hit its mark. The mark was the side of a bandit who in turn fell to his knee, the explosive tag dangling slightly alerting the others. "As sad as it sounds and I could careless if I was forgiven, but I wouldn't waste a second to blow your whole lots to pieces, boy included." The bandit pulled the knife out his side with labored breathing and everyone watched as the boy was put down then ran to his mother. Stepping aside, Sachio and the woman let the bandits leave the building. "Thank you so much!" Sachio nodded then headed out; back on his way to the gates half expecting to see the bandits on the way.

He was wrong, but not completely wrong. Not at the gates, but beyond them, he saw the bandits, but they had help this time. Wolves. Where the hell di they get wolves? Sachio was confused, but nonetheless they had them and along with the other Jounin, Sachio prepared to assess the event. And by assess, I mean Sachio poised himself up on the lowest shelf of Sunagakure's walls as pulling out a scroll and paint brush ready to paint. The one bandit still was breathing hard from Sachio's kunai which was still gripped in his hand tag and all. Jounin standing between the village and the bandits and their wolves, they tried to reason with them to make them turn back, but the bandits weren't listening. They were going to attack . . . attack what? Sachio was baffled, did they think that as the small team they were they could take out the whole village when just a minute or so ago a Genin had downed on of their own. Sachio erupted in laughter as the two forces continued to go back and forth till Sachio grew tired of waiting for conflict. Time to set things in motion and who would know it was him? No eyes on him, Sachio made the appropriate hand seal and boom . . . the bandit that was holding his kunai exploded making a mess of the sand and a meal for the vultures. The explosion was enough for the Jounin to suddenly un at the bandits and wolves ready to kill and the bandits and wolves did so as well. Bluntly put, the battle did last soon. Slaughtered, massacred even, Sachio was and also wasn't surprised and amused. Easy come easy go, no matter however for most of the images were in his head ready to be expressed in the form of art later on.

"That was disappointing." Sachio said as the Jounin gathered up the corpses leaving only one human alive, he would be the one to be questioned. All the Jounin going about their business probably to report the occurrence, all save for one who approached Sachio. "Don't think we don't know you detonated that tag." He gave a cheeky smile one which Sachio didn't like due to its slightly arrogant nature, but oh well. What an eventful day.

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