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 The Busy Life of Voltaire Hayashi! (P)

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PostSubject: The Busy Life of Voltaire Hayashi! (P)   Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:29 pm

Voltaire Hayashi believed very firmly in holding up the village that bore him, even in spite of how terribly ignorant and undeservingly arrogant he found most of the inhabitants of Sunagakure no Sato to be. Though, he viewed most people in that light. He had a very firm dislike of the average human being because all of his life had given his all to prevent himself from being anything less than extraordinary, even in what any sane man, woman, or child would consider a life threatening situation. He knew that he could hold on to this disgust, but that he would not want to be showing it off if he was going to earn and preserve the title of the Kazekage. He tightened the Sunagakure shinobi headband around his head a little as he started down the busy street. It was just after lunch time, so all of the various street merchants were cleaning up their shops and closing down their booths for an hour or so. Many establishments were only open during the more busy hours as a money saving tactic, which Voltaire very much admired. He liked people who did not waste their time. He tried to hold on to thoughts like that as he went off to start his mission, to compliment people in the name of the government.

A big issue for Voltaire as he walked down the dusty road was that he could not find anything that he view as a nice sounding compliment. One man leaned up against a wall and was smoking a cigarette, but he knew that he could not compliment the man by thanking him for keeping business as a surgeon good. That would sound absolutely disgusting to just about anybody with ears. Instead he decided to start with the help option of this mission and then find some nice things to say after he was already in a kind mood. He found a woman putting up her fruit away for the day and he offered his help, and she gladly accepted. She requested that he move the apples back into the crates to be stored until another time. In doing so he said,
"You have some nice crates, they seem very sturdy." It was unbelievably awkward and he was glad to learn that she had also made those herself and that she had not offered him one. While he was bending down to get another crate he was suddenly blinded by a flash of light, which he later realized were a man's shoes. They were covered in what looked like precious stones and he had sent a flare of right directly into Voltaire's eyes. When he got back up he wanted to strike the man, but instead decided to get in one of his compliments. "Your shoes are brilliant!" he shouted to the man. He meant it literally, as in shimmering, he counted it since the man wearing the shoes seemed to take it as a compliment. As he started to walk away the woman who ran the fruit stand gave him two apples, one of which he gave to a homeless man shortly after. The reputation of Sunagakure shinobi was already doing better.

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PostSubject: Re: The Busy Life of Voltaire Hayashi! (P)   Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:01 pm

Voltaire Hayashi made his next stop at the hospital where he usually worked. he found it fitting that he take the mission that took place there saying as it was already a location where he spent a large portion of his time. Of all of the volunteers in the history of the hospital he felt that he would probably be the only one there to ever out rank the doctors or even the nurses or even the orderlies for that matter. That surprise was reflected in the faces of the other staff members who recognized him and saw him walk back into the kitchen. Before he explained the situation to the kitchen staff they were trying to get him to leave. "We don't just barge into your operating room, so what are you doing here? If it's a complaint then you can just go elsewhere on your breaks!" an older employee shouted at him.

This one is getting fired later, Voltaire thought to himself. But instead of that he said, "I am here as a shinobi serving my community today, Ma'am." He had to act professional while he was in public as a ninja, but when he was there as a highly respected medical doctor then she was so totally gone. There was no way around it. Voltaire just tried to ignore her constant whining and nagging for the next four hours as he worked as kitchen staff. Without end or even pause he spent those four hours hearing about how dreadfully incompetent he was, how slow moving he was, how bad he was with the patients and guests who did not seem to mind him one bit, and how cocky he was. These people must have hated him for being a doctor because every other staff member in the kitchen was smiling and laughing along with her every word. The moment he was done serving the disgusting looking meal he walked up to his office and took that horrid bitch right off of the pay roll. Disrespect to a doctor while he was trying to do something kind for those who did not deserve it was hardly a tolerable action. It did not go unpunished. With that taken care of, he leaned back in his office that on days like this served as his home and drifted off to sleep.

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Mission Complete: Hospital Pt. 1
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The Busy Life of Voltaire Hayashi! (P)
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