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 B ranked Mission - The Bandit's Camp

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Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: B ranked Mission - The Bandit's Camp   Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:26 pm

B rank mission:

"Uchiha have been asked to remove the threat of these bandits that have been tormenting us for quite some time. They have killed many of our people Sanosuke. Kiri cannot be viewed as weak and if we let them carry on as they do, then we will be viewed as weak. You are going on this mission alone Sanosuke no matter what, do no underestimate these men."

"Agreed my lords."

And with that Sanosuke left the counsel chambers and went on his way to gather his things. He was going to leave on this mission first thing in the morning and he needed to prepare. He got hos stuff together and ate something and left the village. He was not concerned about his own safety because he knew fully well what his capabilties are and he knew these bandits would not be able to beat him. For now he still have not purchased a weapon yet and now he will have to use his hands and his wit to win fights which he did not mind. He had full confidence in his abilties both as a fighter and as a shinobi. Many times when others relied on their weapons alone, he was not like that hence even though he will become a weapons master, for now he wants to build on his taijutsu. Sanosuke came to a river and made camp with his tarpaulin and sticks and started a fire and started to make a meal for himself. He took out his frying pan and opened up a can of beans and poured it into the pan as he held the pan and waited for it to fry up. He took out his spoon and started to eat his food and take in the sights and sounds of the night in the forest. He knew that the next day for sure he will get to go at them because he had been walking all day and knew he was in the right direction. He took some leaves and made a bed and went right to sleep.

When he awoke, he put out the fire and wrapped up his tarpaulin and gathered his other stuff and went on his way. After he went and spoke to other people about where the bandit base was because strange enough these bandits took no trouble to hide their identities or where they were located. Again because of confidence that was why they did that. Never did they think that Kiri was going to retaliate based off of their actions around the village. Sanosuke knew that they were acting so brazzen was because they knew the village did not have a clear leader but little did they know that the village had mighty shinobi who would be more than willing to do what was necessary to protect the village and those that live in or around it.

There were five of them in total and each of them had a different skill they were not really good at their jobs and they just could only pick on people who could not really defend themselves. But against a jounin of Kiri that will be another story. Sanosuke reached the encampment. It looked as if there was a meager wall made of logs surrounding the camp. And a large building at the center of the camp. There were two cannons and an archer tower  to take down enemies. And there was a large mortar cannon to take out groups of enemies. But Sanosuke was only one ninja who was bent on making quick work of this place. To be honest it was better guarded that he thought it would be but still it should not be a problem to over come their security. Of course they saw him coming and started to fire the shots at him as he evaded them as they exploded behind him and sometimes at his sides. He crashed into the wall with a couple kicks to it and he was inside. There was the cannon and he turned it towards the main building to make it attack themselves. He did the same with the mortar cannon and leap up at the archer tower and made quick work of the archers that were stationed there. After he did that the four of them came out and saw their village was burned to the ground and they attacked viciciously. Like their lives depended on it and Sanosuke also battled. But they did not prevaill as Sanosuke stuck his fingers inside their bodies and killed them one by one.

Now that the mission was over, Sanosuke thought it should be best if he would take this time to get some things to eat. And he went to this restaurant and bought a nice meal of simple white rice and pork and a canter of saki and he sat there wand really thought about everything. He wondered if there were going to be a rise in these sort of little bandits that were just there to cause trouble for everyone. All he knew is, that as long as there were shinobi in Kiri, these bandits would not flourish or prosper.

866 words. B ranked complete
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B ranked Mission - The Bandit's Camp
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