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 C ranked Mission

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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

Posts : 84
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PostSubject: C ranked Mission   Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:32 pm

C rank mission:

"Come on babe let me feel you up a little. Hehehe."

"No please, I have a husband!" pleaded  the waitress in the restaurant.

"Oh you got a husband? Doesnt matte babe." said another guy as he raised her blouse a little. "If he comes here we are going to slice him up real good. So you better hope he doesnt come here."

The woman whose little brother was witnessing the whole thing decided to run for his life and gather attention to himself as he appealed to people to help just as when Sanosuke got up from where he was sitting to look out from the restaurant that he was in and saw the little boy in a frantic effort trying the get people's attention. As the little boy was about to run past his window, Sanosuke's hand shot out and grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him inside where he was.

"Hey, whats with all the running and screaming. Catch your breath and tell me whats up?" he said in a serious tone of voice.

"There are these guys, they came into the restaurant my sister runs. But it was not the start of it. Ive noticed they were stalking her for days now. I told her to hire security and of course she didnt listen and now shes paying the price." cried the little boy.

Sanosuke signed as he paid the owner for his meal and told the little boy to carry him to the place where his sister is. He told the little boy to stay outside. The little boy realized that Sanosuke did not have any weapons and asked him why. Sanosuke reassured the little boy that he will be fine and he walked into the place. When Sanosuke walked into the restaurant, he saw that the thugs were molesting the little boy's sister. They had her on a table and were taking her clothes off as she struggled. Sanosuke did not see the need to talk in this instance as he rushed them and volley kicked the two of them that were holding her down. As he fell backwards, since his legs were outstretched to hit two men simultaneously he dropped on his arms and let his legs crash into the other two making all of them scatter. Sanosuke flipped backwards and stood there with his arms folded. The girl got up from where he was laying on the table and pulled on his clothes that was taken off by the men and ran to Sanosuke.

"Pull yourself together and get out. I will try to lure them outside so I wont destroy your place. Let's go."

Sanosuke let the woman follow him outside and her brother was there as well and right after the four men came out groggy and injured. Upon seeing the woman and Sanosuke, they hesitated a bit before they attacked.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am a Jounin of the village. You made a big mistake causing all this trouble. If you come at me again, this time, your jaws will be broken."

"You just got lucky inside there man. That shit wont happen again. Come on guys, lets get him."

Sanosuke sighed again as he anticipated their attacks and lashed out with severl blows about their bodies making them unable to fight again. As they slumped to the ground he tied them up and told the woman good bye. He then told the little boy to get stronger and take care of his sister and one day join to the academy so he will be able to protect everyone that resides in the village and not just his sister.

615 words. C rank mission complete
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Kiri Jounin
Kiri Jounin

Posts : 84
Join date : 2015-08-01

PostSubject: Re: C ranked Mission   Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:57 am

C rank:

The night was dark as Sanosuke entered the tent. As he did this, he saw three elderly people that were seated around a fire. He took his seat on the floor and folded his legs as they did as well. They looked like they were around the same age. They all had grey hair and were looking at him as if he were a child who was in trouble for doing something wrong. He sat there with his impassive face.

"We have brought you here because you are part of Kiri's shinobi force....Crimson Death."

"Oh? so you know of my alias."

"Anyone who has ears and eyes know of your exploits. Uchiha."

"So why dont u tell me what is the real reason for you bringing me here."

"Havent you heard of our plight? We have been plagued by the wolves that prey on us day after day. We feel so defenceless against them because of their size and their numbers. We know those like yourself in Kiri can take care of these creatures for us. Of course as you know there is a reward for doing this for us."

"How many wolves did you all see?" questioned Sanosuke.

"Hmmmm, lets see, I saw twelve of them in total. We tried chasing them but they always return."

"Oh? So youre saying chasing them is out of the question. I will kill them then dont worry. All I will need is a knife."

"How much do you need?"

"Oh, just two will be good. I will start tomorrow morning. Im really tired." said Sanosuke as he stretched his body and got up from where he sat and walked out of the tent.

That evening, he decided he will stay closer to the village where these wolves were praying upon and spend the night and see if anything will happen while he was here. While he was there, he was going to ask the elders to being him things to eat and everything and of course the two kunai he has requested. They brought it to him and even brought a woman for him to bed during the night. After he bed her, he sent her on her way and ate the meal they gave him and looked outside of his tent and could sense nothing coming from the darkness. It was strange, he knew these people were not lying to him and yet these wolves did not come to attack. He could not see why. He sat on a boulder on the outside and whittled a stick with his loaned kunai while he kept his gaze partially on the darkness. It was now 2:30 am and that was when it happened. He heard a low growl followed by some barking that grew louder by the second...they were coming. He grabbed his two kunai and ran in the direction of where the sounds were coming from. As he ran, he could see the wolves one by one leaping over the wall and Sanosuke jumped at it and stuck his kunai in its throat giving it a killer blow. It body skidded on the ground as Sanosuke looked at it bleed out and heard the others began jumping the wall to attack the village. As they jumped Sanosuke countered by jumping at them and killing them with his kunai. One by one they would come at him as they smelled the blood on his from their own kind and this he used to lure them towards him and he killed them all one by one. Soon enough all the wolves were dead and the village was thanking him for his efforts.

611 words. C ranked mission complete.
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C ranked Mission
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