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 Bandit Camp[Mission,Private]

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PostSubject: Bandit Camp[Mission,Private]   Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:29 am


The wind of Kaze no Kuni lashed out at those who inhabited its girth with a spray of toasty sand. Naturally Sachio closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly to avoid one of the most vulnerable parts of his body hurt. Along with him, two others bowed their heads and closed their eyes to the kings of Kaze no Kuni and the king were the sand and the wind. There two others were Chunin not unlike Sachio who was freshly promoted to the rank and was just now going on his first mission with such a title. Where they met like most shinobi did, were the grand gates of Sunagakure. Sachio could go on and on eternally about these immaculate gates, but he'd leave that to someone else's observation for his mind was set on how mighty the commercial entrance to Sunagakure was. With all the shinobi of the team assembled and present, simply three in number, they went over the mission details. Their objective today was to kill a clan of bandits that were lurking a few miles outside the village. Bandit clans normally roved the sands, sometimes unaware of how close they were to Sunagakure given the fact the village was in the middle of the desert and the desert had the habit of concealing the village, thus the moniker Hidden in the Sand. Having prepared himself for the mission before embarking, Sachio and his team went on with the briefing, naturally the Chunin fell back and let someone else lead. "With the bandit camp being only seven miles out, we should be on the look out the whole time. That's not a lot of space from there to here and if they have set up camp out there, then I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are wandering about. Scouting, hunting, etcetera. Make sense?" The Chunin looked at both his teammates and Sachio and the other nodded. Next the Chunin squatted down needlessly brushing off a finger against the his mocha colored shinobi pants before drawing in the sand with said finger. It was a common thing the ninja of the village did, drawing maps in the sand given it was there for their exploitation. His body naturally positioned to shield the drawing from the wind, Sachio and the other Chunin moved to a position to better see what the Chunin was illustrating. He had swabbed his finger through the sand to make what were the Sunagakure Walls and he made a giant circle that was inclusive with these walls, Sunagakure itself. Sachio followed so far, next he scratched in three dots right outside the walls, their team. Sliding his finger down a ways a way, maybe five-inches, he made a large oval. "Here . . . is around where they will be. What we should do given we're all Chunin is distance ourselves." Sachio disagreed, but remained silent. "But stay within a fair range to still allow for reasonable response time should one of us need assistance, this splitting up happening about five miles in our journey. Yes or no?" Sachio held his tongue and the other Chunin nodded, no objections not even mental from her. "I don't think splitting up is best. Why not try the watcher approach? One linger back, far but still in readable range of the two out scouting. Giving the watcher the advantage and freedom to prepare prior to entering combat should it occur which it will. This way we aren't outnumbered walking out about in enemy territory alone, especially being unaware of their numbers." The female Chunin's eyes widened and she nodded along to what Sachio said, him not squatted down tampering with the illustration drawing out his plan in the oval the other Chunin had made. He wasn't a fan of leading, but he wouldn't sit back while some random lead him and someone else to their deaths. "Hmm, seems more efficient. Only question is who will take the position of the watcher." The answer was obvious. "I'll do so while you two take the front." No objections so they headed out to make it happen.

The travel consisted of spurts of running, then when they had suspected they entered enemy territory they paused to not only go over the plan once more, but to hydrate and assure they were each properly prepared. "Good?" Everyone was set so with that Sachio stood back while the two Chunin headed forward until they were about fifty-meters out. Then Sachio moved, shadowing their steps sustaining the fifty-meter distance between them as planned. Though they had taken the precaution, it ultimately wasn't needed, for they found the bandit camp without encountering bandits in the desert roaming. The sun was high in the sky, so it wasn't like they were sleeping, instead they were just loitering about, useless slobs. The two Chunin had started heading Sachio's way upon coming across the camp and warned him. Assigning the female of the group to stand and watch while Sachio strategized, her ears still open, he gave them the plan. A spread of kunai with explosive tags to cause disorientation and panic. Some would undoubtedly be killed in the rain of hell of course and the panic and chaos were just bonuses. They were to stick together and not spread their ranks thin and move quick to locate the bandit in charge. With him neutralized under the assumption he was the strongest, Sachio expected he could get the rest to yield. All explained verbally, his cohorts had the plan grasped and began to prepare, Sachio was already prepared so he switched roles with the girl and stood watch.

Everyone prepared, they advanced on the bandit camp unnoticed until they commenced their one-sided hazardous assault. Like a field of land mines the kunai that were tagged with explosive tags detonated killing bandits and destroying their camp. Sand was sent everywhere and the deifying flares of flames lashing out was enough to set some of the bandit's belongs ablaze and uncounted for factor. "Watch the flames, lets move in." The camp was surrounding by dunes on all sides, so the trio slid in to carry out the last phase of the plan, locating and killing the leader. Armed with a kunai, Sachio cut down many of the vagabonds while his back was covered by his allies. "There, gathering up those items!" The bandit leader seemed to be packing for a retreat, how shameful especially for one to be the leader of such a savage like band of raiders. The Chunin Kunoichi was swift with her execution of the Sticky Syrup Water Based jutsu which bound the man as the other two Chunin followed up with a hail of ranged weaponry slaughtering him. Also not planned, the whole camp had been exterminated rather than the leader being located and the stragglers hopefully retreating. As they approached their mark, chakra on the soles of their feet as to not be trapped in the sticky jutsu, Sachio was examining the man until he pooled into a cloud of smoke. "Good try, but I'm leagues ahead of you pieces of shit." The voice came from atop the sand dunes and was supposedly the original bandit clan leader. His hands paced through hand seals and upon completion he spewed out immense volumes of liquid. Regardless of the unquenchable thirst the desert of Kaze no Kuni had, this man quenched the thirst then drowned the desert turning his camp closed in by sand dunes into a pool. Sachio and his group had fought to get to the top of this deep pool with the powerful currents and surprisingly succeeded. Atop the water, chakra on their feet they were welcomed with the sight of the man reeling back for a punch aimed at the other male shinobi. Sachio retaliated with a lunge of his kunai at the man, but had his wrist caught with the arm that was prepped to punch. To the bandit leaders surprise however, his hand would phase through Sachio's wrist being a simple academy clone that had no tangibility. From behind Sachio emerged out the water and sliced diagonally across the man's spinal column killing him. "Well that was a bit more than we expected . . ." Sachio now saw what B-Rank mission were like, they were no joke and one could easily die on them. He need more training. With that the trio headed back to Sunagakure. Immensely tired upon return, but they could report in saying that the mission was complete and that was slightly satisfying.

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Bandit Camp[Mission,Private]
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