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 Akira! (Finished)

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PostSubject: Akira! (Finished)   Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:09 pm

Name: Akira
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135lbs
Akira, although being quite the odd one, can be described as simply beautiful. Her hair is blonde, although can look golden in perfect sunlight. Her eyes are quite interesting. Their color can range from a color blue more beautiful than the oceans to a wonderful darker green/grey. Her nose is quite small and cute as are her lips, which hold a light pink color. This blonde beauty's body structure shows slight curves. Her skin, as always, is quite soft and fair.

Akira is quite sweet and beautiful looking as anyone can tell, although underneath may be a different story. Those beautiful pink lips of hers can normally be seen in a smile. This smile isn't ever real. The girl has never smiled a real smile in her life, however it is most believable acting. Those sparkling eyes are always seen with some sort of happiness behind them. This happiness may not be real either or at least it may not be because of what others would think.

What might throw others who had never seen her before off is the fact that Akira likes to dress in black from head to toe. Black seems to be her favorite color. Her nails are normally black as are her shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, or anything else she's wearing. This blonde beauty can normally be seen wearing a skirt along with a tank top or T-shirt of some sort. However, she also likes to wear dresses. The girl's shoes are normally black sandals or boots. Last, her hair is either kept down or thrown up into a ponytail using a black hair tie.

Village: Konohagakure
Character Rank: Chunin (C)
Clan: N/A
Element: N/A

Akira can be seen as quite an upbeat type of girl. The perfect personality trait to go along with her beautiful looks. This Blue eyed girl always has those orbs of hers on the people. To many she is simply kind and friendly. She also seems to be rather caring and loving. Blue eyes can always be seen full of happiness and curiosity, especially around the little ones. Of course, this isn't all true. Akira does care for the bodies and behaviors of the people of the village, however she doesn't so much care for the people as a whole. She cares for the children's bodies and minds more so because they are in the stages of development and she simply loves watching such a process. However, the image of this girl being a kind, sweet one is a good thing and she wishes to keep it in such a state. At least, for a little while. As long as there are people around, Akira will always be happy and full of curiosity.

Akira, as stated before, is infatuated with the human body as well as the behaviors of people. Since a young age, Akira has been studying the behaviors of other and why they react the way they do. However, it wasn't until later when she became rather interested in the rest of the body. This girl simply wants to know more. She wants to know how it works and why it works the way it does. She also likes to see how the body reacts to certain situations. Akira couldn't truly tell one why she is so curious about such things. She just is. However, as of this moment she hasn't experimented on any living subjects.

Akira also has quite the interest in Taijutsu. It's a way for her to test out how far the body can be pushed and how the mind functions during times of fatigue. It's a way for her to figure out how flexible the body is. It's a way to tell how the body handles times of stress and hard work. Akira also is interested in Weapons. However, this is simply because they can be used as experimenting tools and also she likes the way it feels to use them. However if she had to kill someone she would much rather try not to damage the body.

Akira normally does anything she is asked, however it's not because she is highly loyal to her village or Kage or anything of the sort. Although, she does follow the rule of not killing the villagers or experimenting on the living. She simply does it for her own benefit, although she may make others believe she is loyal. Akira believes that doing whatever the village tells her will further her research. She believes it will produce more subjects for her. Her main purpose is simply for her research. Although this girl normally has her mind on this research, she does have other thoughts and feelings.

If Akira is not thinking about research or experiments, she is thinking about love. Love is a concept she hasn't been able to understand from simply watching. Akira has never had anyone to love and therefore has never felt the feeling. Research on the human body, to her, is much easier to understand if the researcher has felt the same feelings as the subjects. Besides, what girl wouldn't want someone to love and be there for her. Who wouldn't want that someone they could trust with their life? Who wouldn't want that someone who could understand them and help them in any way possible? Who wouldn't want to feel love?

Character History:
It was a beautiful day and everything seemed perfect. The sky was blue, the air seemed calm, and the people were happy. However, what hid behind the walls of the peaceful looking hospital was quite sad. A beautiful blonde haired woman held a baby girl in her arms. However, she wasn't crying tears of joy but of fear. She wasn't smiling but frowning. Her thoughts weren't of happiness but of worry. Her husband wouldn't be very pleased with her. He was hoping for a boy, instead he would get a girl. She didnt know what she would do. She couldn't leave. She would just have to face him.

Of course the day that baby girl was brought home, she was left all alone. She was left in a bedroom while her mother and father screamed. For the longest time, that baby cried and cried. However, nobody came for her. When somebody did, it would be her mother. Her mother was bruised and crying. Nonetheless, she continued to stay. She continued to live this life. Now she had a reason. Everyday, she would endure the same hurt and pain. Nonetheless, she always came back to her baby girl.

As the baby grew, she would begin to understand things more. She would begin to leave the house more often. One day she went int the woods, where she would sit alone. However, it wouldn't be long until she noticed a bug crawling on her knee. She begun to play with it and soon decided that she wanted to know more about it. So, she flipped it upside down and watched as it flipped itself back over. She watched it attempt to crawl away but she quickly put her hand down. The bug quickly turned around and crawled the other way. The girl would come to the conclusion that the bug was either acting off of instinct or actually intelligent. So in order to figure it out, she watched more bugs. They mostly all did the same thing meaning her conclusion would be they were all acting off instinct, which is the point where she decided to begin pulling them apart and cutting them open. Eventually this would lead to the animals sizes growing, which meant more "research." However, soon that would all change.

Akira would be thrown into the academy, where she would spend most of the day. The child would become bored. There was nothing interesting about the academy. She was quite average in her class. She did the work she just didn't try very hard. However, she began to become interested in human behavior after being around them for quite some time. Of course, nobody noticed she even existed. So, watching everyone was quite easy. That would soon be ruined when she tried to cut a child open. This would gain attention making her the weird girl or the crazy psycho. She didn't know any better. Nobody had ever told her not to cut children open. She simply thought they would be like animals. She thought they had no feelings or much intelligence. All children seemed to be was cruel and dumb. However, that day she was proven wrong. It pushed her to want to pay more attention to others. Seeing what was inside them would have to wait.

Of course, word of this incident had reached Akira's home, where she cared for nobody. Nonetheless, she pitied her mother meaning she would help the woman from time to time. Her father was a complete disaster that she didn't even hold liable to be a subject. Although he had never personally hurt her due to the fact children can't keep their mouths shut and somebody would notice a child full of bruises, he wasn't good enough for her taste. So when she came home to find her mother dead, Akira didn't feel much heartache. However, her father was passed out drunk in his room. It was the perfect opportunity to do more research. So, Akira would slice his throat, while he was unconscious. Then watch as he struggled for breath. She stood with her blue eyes wide open. She watched as the blood spilled, spewed, and gargled. It was quite the wonderous site to her. After a while, he stopped breathing but his blood still spilled. Of course when the girl was found she was sitting next to the puddle of dried blood, which was also part of her research. However, she made the village believe she was simply sad and shocked about having to kill her daddy and her precious mommy dying (lie).

Anyway, it didn't bother her considering she had always been alone. However, soon she had graduated from the academy and decided she wished to learn about medical ninjutsu. Akira believed she was destined to do research. However, she has been restrained by the laws of the village from doing any live experimentation or killing the people. Being Akira, she has enough sense to stick to the laws and keep looking like a princess to the people. Despite her past, the people seemed to have believed her, accepted her, and have decided to simply think nothing of her. The girl has decided to stick to her lonesome and mind her own business.

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PostSubject: Re: Akira! (Finished)   Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:17 pm

Looks good to me. Approved until further notice

Rihna wrote:
idk why it's necessary to call me a kid when im stating my opinion, even if it's in an extremely disrespectful manner

This is what happens when you specify position in a thread:
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Akira! (Finished)
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