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 Mission Series 1 Redacted Part One [closed]

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Kiri Jounin

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PostSubject: Mission Series 1 Redacted Part One [closed]   Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:33 am

A ranked mission:

It was early morning, the sun had not yet arisen from its slumber behind the horizon as the sound of bare feet could be heard on wooden floors could be heard as Sanosuke held a brass pot in his hand. Within its confines were three incense that he was about to offer for his father. He had built a shrine to him with the only picture he had of him and his mother when they were younger. He had cut out the half with his mother since she had abandoned him as a child and framed the remaining part of it with his father and placed it on a table that was covered with a red tablecloth and gold trimmings. He placed the brass pot onto the table and lit the three individual incense with a match. As he did this the beautiful aroma floated through the air and rose to the ceiling. Sanosuke closed his eyes as he knelt on a burgundy pillow; his prayer pillow and he placed his hands together as he prayed. When he was finished, he took a shower and while he was putting on his white kimono, there was a messenger calling from the banister of his house.

Hmmm, strange how he found...oh, its Dozla.

Dozla was someone who had several run ins with Sanosuke. Some of them were not too nice but it made him grow all the same. Dozla was a few years older than Sanosuke but he was more stocky in built and shorter than he was. He was leaning back on the banister, he thought that Dozla was making a social call until he saw the scroll in his hand with a wax seal that had the village's counsel imprinted on it. His mind started to race to think about what could that scroll be. He thought it should be best if he just got to the point.

"Dozla...what's that your hand I mean?"

"This Sanosuke all I know about it is that you have been temporarily assigned. The details are in the scroll, you didnt think I came here on a social visit did you? Hahaha."

"I dont see how that could be funny." said Sanosuke as he removed the seal from the scroll and opened it up and read it carefully.

He saw that he was being reassigned as one of the counsel members assistant and since the assistant was gravely ill and his recovery may take a while, you may be there for some time. Sanosuke had no reaction to this because in his mind, where the village wanted him to go he will be and perform whatever it is they wanted him to do that does not go against his morality or own sense of justice. Sanosuke followed Dozla to the counsel building. Inside was alot larger than it looked from the outside. The last time when Sanosuke was here was when he was last promoted to Jounin. He had no other reason to come in past the counsel chambers for meetings about the village and the like. The corridors were massive with the arched ceiling and the tall windows and the blue carpet that ran down the center of most corridors.

With Dozla still in the lead, he opened the door for Sanosuke and only he went into the door and into the room. This one he had never been before. This was not the public counsel chambers but where the decisions were made and laws were given out. The same arched ceiling was in here like the rest of the building with the imposing joined podium that the counsel members usually sit behind with Kiri's insignia emblazoned behind them on the stone wall. There they were all five of them with their old age but full of wisdom and history of glorious Kiri. It was the eldest of the five that spoke first. His head was clean shaven and his white short beard as his eyes looked at Sanosuke with worried eyes.

"Uchiha Sanosuke, the room that we are in is sealed so that no one can hear us. You being brought here is not to be one of our assistants." said the counsel member, his voice grave, deep and serious but full of age and knowing fully well that his words was a hint that whatever it is that is uttered in this room must not be repeated. "We have reason to believe that there is a spy among us."

"What intelligence do you have on this my lord?" asked Sanosuke.

"We have narrowed it down to the counsel member Ugatta Kai has a group of assistants and its possible that one of them could be the spy. These are the same people that assist Ugatta Kai in sending out shinobi out of the village on missions."

"Counselor Ugatta Kai? But you are the one that oversees external mission assignments." said Sanosuke as he looked towards the elderly gentleman with the spiky grey hair and clean shave.

"Yes and that is why it is so important. The whole issue has brought alot of shame not only to myself but more importantly to the village and to my position." said Ugatta Kai. "With that being said, there are disappearances gennin and others are being kidnapped. Who knows what has happened to them. All because of this spy. Now you see the true gravity of this situation."

"Indeed I have. Consider this done my lords. I will do what is needed for this mission."

"What weapons and equipment you may need?" asked the counsel member that spoke first.

"None, my hands are my weapons." said Sanosuke seriously. He was getting agitated inside. How could one of their own do this. He felt as betrayed and did not yet know what he will do when he finds the person. "Thank you for this honor my lords and for trusting me."

"You head out immediately. Just give Ugatta Kai a few minutes to go to his office. You will meet all of them there. Dismissed."

With that, Sanosuke bowed and took a seat in front of the tall and large wooden podiums as the counsel members filed out and took their leave, and he waited for the word to head to the office. When he got the signal he headed out of the chambers and towards the office. As he walked towards Ugatta's office, he thought it would be best that he take on a completely different identity to throw them off making everyone think he was an idiot. When he arrived, it was large and each of the members that worked there had their own desk that was organized in neat rows; definitely not Sanosuke's type of environment. There were two rows with four desks each with a vacant one on the right row to the back which Sanosuke knew had to be his. He sighed inside as he looked at it but counselor Ugatta Kai began speaking.

"Kurrito, Lee, Gantz, Sousa, Midori, Illyana, Yoko, all of you, this is my new assistant Sanosuke and he will be working for me for a while until Kudon recovers from his illness."

They all eyed him and he eyed them as well, all of a sudden...

"HI! How is everyone? I am Sanosuke! I hope all of us can be such good friends." he said as he came and shook the hands of the guys and kissed the ladies hands and he kept bowing to them over and over again while he smiled gleefully at them.

He smiled and spoke to each of them taking notes mentally of their mannerisms and their voices knowing fully well he may or may not need them later.

"Good now that we have met each other, we can begin our work. We have this mission here, its a B ranked mission to the village of Kumogakure no sato. This mission requires the ninja to go to the lightning country's borders and see about the new gold mine that we discovered last week and secure it for ourselves. Write up the mission details people and find me a list of available ninja available for this mission. Sanosuke! You ad them to our data base. We have to stop these disappearances people. Sanosuke you come with me. Need to show you the ropes a bit."

Sanosuke hobbled behind the counselor and closed the door behind him. He did the same jutsu on the room that was done before so no one could hear him and Sanosuke returned to his normal demeanor.

"Sanosuke, I am guessing you already have a plan."

"Indeed I have. My plan is simple yet effective. You send me as I transform into a Chuunin When they make their move to capture or kill me, I will show myself and force them to tell me everything."

"Ok Sanosuke, you may proceed with that. I will tell them that you went on a personal errand for me. You will henge into a genin that they have on the list outside which they will have by now when you leave the office and come back and apply for the said mission. You understand that?"

"Yes my lord."
replied Sanosuke.

When Sanosuke walked outside, his back was a bit hunched and he put on his goofy face and again smiled at them.

"Hi you all got the lists yet?"

"Yea we do, these." said Kurrito as he handed Sanosuke the list which he went to his desk and put the names in the data base. As if on signal, Ugatta Kai came out and sent Sanosuke on an errand for him. He remembered on of the Chuunin that was on the lists, transformed into him and came back to the office.

So Sanosuke went out with his gear trandformed as a teenage Chuunin with black hair and pale skin with green eyes. He  left the country for the lightning country. Sanosuke knew the more he traveled away from the village the riskier it was to get attacked. But this prey was different. This prey actually wanted to be attacked. Once confronted, he will do it as he always did, feel the person out and when without any doubt he found the spy, he will pounce.

Not too far from this thought, it was the twilight time of the day, as the sun retreated behind the cover of the horizon, there were two figures, both cloaked and hooded and looked like specters in the dimming sunlight. He used his invisibility Jutsu to sneak up to them and that was when he heard what they were planning.

"So what kind will we get this time?" asked figure one in a male voice.

"We sent out a Chuunin just three days ago. He is supposed to be crossing this bridge to come closer to the border with the lightning country to the gold mine. Kirigakure wishes to claim it for themselves or that is what this mission is supposed to be hehe. When he comes, it will be one less Shinobi of kiri to worry about. After all, we cant let them know about this." said figure two also in a make voice.

He had suddenly appeared as he deactivated his invisible jutsu Both of them had masks on their faces, both white with no distinguishing marks on it and they began walking towards the Chuunin. They quickly surrounded him and drew their swords. Sanosuke transformed into his usual self and they backed away a bit no doubt being shocked by this.

"One of you are traitors to the village, and I can tell that voice. You are truly a traitor...or should I say...Kurrito san."

At once, Kurrito removed his cloak and mask and revealed his tall slender form. He had a dark body suit on and his blonde hair was hanging over his grey eyes on his face. The other guy disappeared in a shunshin no jutsu and left Kurrito alone to face Sanosuke.

"I really cannot believe I was found out like this."

"I came here to either capture you or kill you. Depending on what you do here is what I will decide what to do to you."

"Hmmm, based off the tone of your voice, I can feel some chills run up my spine. Yea right. Why dont you come at me bro." said Kurrito as he started forming hand seals at a speed superior to Sanosuke's hand seal speed who already started to perform his own jutsu. Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Ram, Boar, Ox, Horse, Monkey, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Bird as he performed the Great Waterfall Technique as a massive wall of water surged forward as Sanosuke had completed his own jutsu. Suddenly fire erupted since Sanosuke's jutsu only had one Hand seal as he performed the Great Fire Annihilation jutsu as a gigantic wall of fire erputed and spread out over the area consuming everything in its path. They two Jutsu cancelled out each other as a great mist was created because of the great masses of the two jutsu crashing into and cancelling out each other.

"Despite what, you are coming with me traitor!" cursed Sanosuke.

"You and what army?" retorted Kurrito.

Kurrito dashed at Sanosuke thunderously with a battle cry with his fist drawn back and Sansosuke's mouth curled down wards as he too took off at Kurrito and drew back his arm as well and both their fists shot out at the right time and crashed their fists into each other's face as Sanosuke kept his eyes on Kurrito and he did the same to Sanosuke. Both of them flipped and tumbled from the heaviness of each other's attack. Sanosuke got up and wiped the bruise from his face. and so did Kurrito. There was no doubt, Kurrito was as strong as he was but from the looks of things Kurrito took some more damage that he did. Maybe this was the time that he should use it. All of a sudden Sanosuke's eyes turned crimson with little black flecks in them as his Sharingan was activated. He was excited...he never was going to use this unless he was. Now he will be able to see everything. When Kurrito rushed him he saw the fist as if it were in slow motion. Sanosuke ducked and timed it properly and came up to Kurrito's chin with all the force he could muster and delivered a merciless uppercut to Kurrito's chin. His body pelted and skidded as Sanosuke was already dropping to the ground.

As Kurrito came to, he awoke to him being tied up and carried by Sanosuke who carried him back to the village to be interrogated. In time, information will be spilling from Kurrito's mouth and the counsel will have a lead to who the other masked individual was.

"Uchiha Sanosuke, the village of Kiri will remember your name for ages to come for what you have dome for it this day. Your skill in deception and being hidden is what we need in this village. No wonder you are of jounin rank. You will be paid handsomely for this mission."

"My lords...with all due respect I do not think this is over. I think there is more to this than meets the eye. We still do not know the identity of the one who he met that day at the bridge. Always know however, I will do what is needed for the glory of Kiri."

2,595 words A ranked mission complete.
600 exp gained 600 ryou gained
Bonuses: +200 exp for an extra 1000 words. I had alot of fun writing this. And I got carried away.
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Mission Series 1 Redacted Part One [closed]
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