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PostSubject: Quickie[Mission]   Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:22 am


Sachio was enjoying the atmosphere the night time air Sunagakure had to offer. The breeze was light and fair and kept his skin cool, with the lack of the sun and presence of the moon, the desert was a much more bearable place. Right outside his home, Sachio took in a deep breath then exhaled. Tonight he had a mission to go on, that involved the extermination of a miscreant who had been vandalizing some walls of important buildings. Given the fact only important buildings had been tagged, it was obvious the criminal was trying to draw attention to himself, if not he would have tagged more inconspicuous walls and buildings. With attention drawn to him, the man was confronted by an official and such things didn't play out well. For the official that is. Beaten to a bloody pulp. The only reason he still had his life intact was solely because someone had interrupted the beat down and apparently caused the culprit to flee. Sachio shook his head side to side, still in front of his house in the apartment complex. Idly resting against the railing, leaning on it, so one arm was parallel with it supporting Sachio's weight while the other had the elbow propped up on it. He was enjoying a cigarette before he departed. Taking one last drag from the toxic thing he dropped it to the concrete floor and smothered it out with his shinobi sandal covered foot. Grinding it to shreds, he gave a nice cough that scratched his throat, spit out a lump of phlegm over the rail into the sand that wouldn't soak in, then departed. His pace showed no urgency, hands in pockets, but eyes ever steady roving about. Sunagakure wasn't the safest place at night and with this asshole or people like him existing, if Sachio weren't a ninja and felt he was pretty powerful, he wouldn't be out and about at such an hour.

As he proceeded soon enough the undeniable scent of spray paint was tainting the air. The chemical composition of the substance was very vexing, probably nauseating to those within immediate proximity, but Sachio wouldn't be entering such a range. In due time the sounds of the spray began to be heard in spurts, then the shaking of the can, that retched iron ball jingling inside the can mixing the paint. Taking to the rooftops for the element of surprise, he let the light from the lanterns in the street slightly flicker on his frame as he crept up forward on a rooftop. The target was in sight and didn't seem to be looking out for anyone . . . perfect. Using the generic sealing technique, Sachio unsealed a single kunai from the seal and formed a few hand seals. With these hand seals he didn't release a jutsu, no, instead he sealed a jutsu inside the handle of the kunai. This being signified by the sealing formula now inscribed on the kunai. Jumping safely off the roof to approach the man, Sachio charged with his kunai in his right hand in a back handed grip. The man heard Sachio's landing and turned a bit startled. He gathered his nerves in time however and caught Sachio's wrist as he swung the kunai. With immense strength he then lifted Sachio off the ground, swung him around a bit, then tossed him a distance away. In the chaos Sachio had dropped his kunai but purposely. Slickly it fell with its blade down to the ground wedging itself in the sand. Sachio caught his balance whilst in the air and slid to a halt with the assistance of his feet and one hand. Coming back up to a stand, he shook his wrist. Wrapped up in the Arm of Destruction he often felt he was obliged to remain perfectly silent and that's exactly what he did. Like a mime, after shaking out his wrist he looked up at the man and his kunai smiling underneath his covering of bandages on his body. Releasing the jutsu he sealed in the kunai that was in the ground, the earth would begin to quickly swallow up the man's area specifically, careful to not damage the buildings near him. As he was brought down, Sachio could see he was trying to fight being brought down, but the jutsu would begin to cause pain to him, the minerals being able to crush bone and even suffocate him if he was brought below the surface like Sachio was planning and willing the jutsu to do.

Sadly however the man's superior strength allowed him to fight out of the jutsu, probably given because Sachio had concentrated it to such a small area making the overall potency a bit weaker than usual. "Fancy trick there. Sent by the village to eliminate me?" Sachio nodded, unsealing another kunai, this time it had an explosive note wrapped around it, but this wouldn't be noticeable with the weak light the lanterns supplied them. Squatting down Sachio put his hand in the sand eyes ever steady on the vagabond, before lashignt eh hand out forward sending a shower of sand at him. Int eh cover of the sand he tossed his kunai, but also unsealed one more and tossed it moments later. The criminal dodged the first, having predicted the tactic at hand since it wasn't that advanced, but wasn't prepared for the unsealing and tossing of the other that was aimed at him at his new positioning. Lodged in his stomach, Sachio then detonated the tag resulting in a messy murder and a mission complete.

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