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 QuickiePt.2[Mission, Private]

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PostSubject: QuickiePt.2[Mission, Private]    Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:56 am


Sachio sat on the walls of the village he was sworn to protect and looked out at the sands of the desert. What he was doing was his favorite pass time of painting, recently he had gotten into more architectural illustrations. Landscaping and even map making. It was a break of sorts, not from art itself, but from the more creative kind of art. Sachio found himself needing to recharge and what better way was there to rekindle the flame in regards to non tangible creative juices, then to draw some landscape? Sachio sighed and his head drooped, his wrist getting tired and aching, he needed a break, but was trying to hold out and keep going. The thing about landscaping and mapmaking was that one could only do so while their was sunlight out, sure the moonlight offered illumination, but no where near the volumes the sunlight did. Appearing in a garb that had become synonymous with his name, Sachio was wrapped in his array of bandages with a small array of seals on them. He hadn't gone out without them since he used them once and they proved to be not only efficient and effective, but comfortable, and actually fun to wear. "Hey Sachio." The mummy of a Chunin turned his head nonchalantly to behind him to see two other Chunin approaching. "Hmm?" He hummed, before turning back to his work and scene before him. They continued their approach before there was one of them on each side of him standing near the edge of the gargantuan walls. "Our last member for our mission wimped out on us, something about an injured ankle or something. The Administration Office told us to fetch you as a replacement." Sachio didn't look at them and just sighed. "And what is this mission?" He went on with his painting, still not looking at either of the Chunin. "Just a small clean up of some bandits." Sachio really wasn't looking for combat today and had been taking not he more leisure assignments, no wonder he was chosen for the substitute for this task. "How much does it pay?" The Chunin took their turn to sigh and shake their heads causing Sachio to look up at them awaiting the answer. "Well?" "Six-hundred or so, regardless their orders from the office so lets go." Sachio nodded and finished up a few strokes ending at a good point, before making a single hand seal. His scroll went up in a plume of smoke, sealed into his garbs, then he stood and brushed himself off. "Shall we go?" The Chunin nodded to him and they safely descended the walls of the village before heading out into the desert.

It wasn't long before they came across the bandit camp and battle commenced. Sachio usually liked to get eh drop on the enemies to initiate combat, always putting him in an advantageous position, set up for success, but the Bandit Camp was actually well hidden due to use of a jutsu, so the Chunin Squad was actually ambushed. Sachio's first thought was to utilize his Hiding Like a Mole Technique, but he knew abandoning his allies would be shameful and if they were killed, he'd be the one held responsible. His hands moved to form the clone seal instead. A perfect replica of himself made, the twin mummies both unsealed two explosion tagged kunai from their wrist seal, to be gripped in their hands. The way the items were unsealed allowed such a maneuver to be done with only needing to clamp the hand shut to grip the handle of the weapon, no harm done to either in the process. Moving their arms to throw their weapons, ever cautious of their allies, selves, and aware of their enemies positioning, they threw the kunais so they'd be in the best places to cause the most mayhem and death. However, the detonation of these kunai nor their tosses would result in injuring and allies or themselves. Sailing through the air, the blades would lodge themselves in the sand, save for one which lodged itself snugly in the chest of an unlucky bandit. "Shelter!" Sachio would call out. This made one of the Chunin whom Sachio had worked with before form an earth dome around the three suna nin and clone after hand seals. Not only did it shield them from the bandits but also the explosion which followed the spawning of the dome, right after its complete formation. This formation taking a single second, the dome being crafted out of hardened sand and adaptation many Sunagakure ninja had learned to make. The explosion rattled the dome, but it stayed strong; the integrity of the shell was not compromised due to Sachio's actions. The dome was dropped soon after the explosion and as soon as it was, the other Chunin had expelled a stream of flames while turning to span a three hundred and sixty degree circle horizontally. Prior to such an attack while still in the dome, she had warned her allies, so they would crouch under the attack and not get harmed. Just as it was planned, it happened and the bandits who eagerly awaited their turn to strike when he dome was dispelled, were burned to ashes by the jutsu. "Th-this isn't working or worth it. Our leaders dead anyways, full retreat!" The Chunin and Sachio's clone watched cautiously as the Bandits made their way out the camp and in a direction away from Sunagakure, mission complete.

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QuickiePt.2[Mission, Private]
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