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 Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]

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PostSubject: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:12 pm

“Good morning folks! It's exactly five o'clock here in ---” A slamming of her hand silenced the radio before it could make any further noise. With a loud and slightly obnoxious sounding yawn the long haired female turned over and reached her hands up to her face: she rubbed for several moments, getting the 'sand' out of her eyes and attempting to wake herself up further. Uno was by no means a morning person: she didn't do that wake up, thank the sun for shining another day, maybe hug a puppy or a kitten, and go around with a bright cheery smile shit. No, she didn't do that at all. In fact, if someone crossed her before she had her morning coffee? Shit was going to go down and it was going to go down hard.

Another yawn punctuated the air before the female rose up in her bed; sitting up. Uno stretched her arms skyward while her toes were pointed: she held the pose longer than necessary while enjoying the pain that came with such an action. Her toes curled from the mixture of pain and pleasure for several more seconds before she released the pose and moved her legs over the edge of her bed. She glanced about her darkened room for several seconds: her reddish brown colored eyes having already adjusted to the darkness. She was searching for anything out of the ordinary: something out of place, or someone there who hadn't been when she had fallen asleep. She wasn't paranoid by any means, simply exceptionally cautious.

Another yawn and she was standing, moving across the floor slowly and out her bedroom as she headed straight towards the bathroom. Upon reaching it she would shut the door behind herself, and turn the dimmest of lights on. Without care she pulled her sleeping clothes – which was nothing more than a long t-shirt – over her head and off of her body; leaving her in panties only. She dropped the shirt into the dirty clothes basket before stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. The shower was started as she removed her last garment of clothing. She adjusted the temperature so that it would be just a little too hot to be comfortable before she stepped underneath of the spray.

Uno stood there for several minutes, allowing the too hot water to rain down directly into her face and head which was tilted up towards the shower head so it hit directly on her face. Again her toes curled in the pleasure from the slight tingle of pain that the heat gave her; but she didn't let it last as she reached over and grabbed up the shampoo, applying it to her wet pinkish white hair. She scrubbed the scentless soap in so that every strand of her hair would be clean before rinsing it out. When she was sure every last trace of shampoo was gone she stepped out from beneath the spray and conditioned her hair. With the conditioner setting she grabbed the soap and did a quick but thorough lather of her body. After rinsing off her body she rinsed her hair of the conditioner and shut off the water – turning off the cold first so that the scalding hot water hit her for several seconds before it too was shut off.

Stepping out of the shower she grabbed the huge blanket-sized towel and wrapped it around herself. Once it was tucked in so that it wouldn't fall off of her body she headed back into her bedroom with steam billowing out of the bathroom because of how hot she had had the water. After entering her room and closing the door behind herself she grabbed a smaller towel off of a nearby chair and wrapped her hair up in it before walking over to her dresser. She pulled open a few drawers, pulling from them as she went undergarments as well as actual clothing. Knowing that the days goal was massive amounts of training she made sure she grabbed clothes that she didn't care about ruining, clothing that would have enough give to allow her to move freely without being restricted in any fashion.

Uno dried off her body while keeping the other smaller towel wrapped up in her hair. Once dry she tossed the towel to the side, leaving her naked while standing in front of her dresser: revealing barely visible scars from the numerous times she had had to self harm – scars that Uno had had no interest in healing because they didn't bother her. She stared at herself in the mirror for a moment before getting dressed; her chest was first tightly bound to ensure her breasts were hidden, undergarments put on followed by a plain black v-neck tank top, a pair of black sweat pants with baggy legs, and a pair of close toed shinobi sandals. Once she was fully clothed she removed the towel from her hair and gave it a quick dry before running a brush through it to remove all of the knots – this was done quickly, with little regard to how much if any hair she pulled out in the process. Once she was sure her hair was tangle free she threw it up into a low ponytail, swept her bangs to the side and added hevillage headband to the top of her head. Deodorant was put on after.

Once she was dressed and satisfied she headed to the kitchen. She opened up the fridge and frowned at the contents, wondering what it was she actually wanted to make for breakfast. Or, maybe she should skip breakfast? No, she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be able to get away with doing that especially after the previous night of drinking: she had had one too many the night before and was lucky she could remember her own name.

So, breakfast it was then! All manner of bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, cheese, and other ingredients were pulled from the fridge with gusto. Pots and pans followed and soon enough the food was started, filling the room with its wonderful smell. In her opinion the smell of food was a better alarm clock then well... an alarm clock. Food was finished, and after taking down three plates she fixed them up, putting them both on the table followed by glasses filled with juice. Breakfast was served and she sure her siblings would make themselves known fairly quickly!

Word Count: 1,080

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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:34 pm

The heavy snoring should have been obvious; Tre was in the room, curled up on the floor by the heater. Tre was sprawled on his back, arms and legs stuck out at odd angles as she slept. One would possibly believe that Tre was a contortionist while asleep, but this was something rare. This kind of flexibility was something Tre could only achieve after a night of drinking.

As Uno went about her morning routine, Tre merely rolled over once at the sound of the alarm being silenced. He had an internal clock that he somehow managed to adhere to -- exactly five minutes later, after Uno had stepped into the shower -- Tre snapped awake, and a second later, the hangover kicked in.


Blinding, seering pain flashed through Tre's head, and for a moment, he wondered where the fuck she was. He hated this part about drinking sometimes-- when he woke up, he always wondered where he was. He was afraid that one day, he would wake up in some stranger's bed, having been taken advantage of while drunk -- or worse, having taken advantage of someone else. More so, with the fact that he was now developing chest-wise; what was once flat enough to pass him off as being fully male as Tre had done in his childhood was now growing outward into C-cups, something that it seemed everyone was taking notice of. It didnt help that his hips were starting to begin rounding out as well.

Sitting up, Tre grabbed his head, rocking slightly. God, this pain was fucking... well, painful. It was hard to concentrate, but somehow, he was able to get up and stumble about blindly. He didnt dare turn on a light; that was just asking for trouble. Hangovers were caused by evil little creatures that hid in a person's head -- light made them go wild. Slowly, he found his way to the sliding glass door that lead to the balcony. Somehow figuring out how to open the lock, Tre literally crawled out on his hands and knees into the cool air.

The cool air felt good on his skin. If he'd been in his right mind, he would have notice that he was literally nude save for the underwear that hid his nether regions. To anyone looking on, it would have been a strange sight to see; someone with the obvious chest of a woman, but with the strangest tent in thier smallclothes. Speaking of...

As the pain began to subside in his head somewhat, it was quickly replaced by one in his abdomen, something that always followed a heavy night of drinking. While his body might have recently started to look more feminine, there were still parts and habits of him that were definately that of the opposite sex. Still not registering where he was save for outside, hands reached down and adjusted seams, allowing himself a bit of freedom. A moment later, a thick stream of urine spilled from the balcony to the ground below, followed by loud sighing. Why did it seem like the first piss of the morning always seemed to last for hours? The numerous beers he guzzled last night certainly didnt help.

As the stream died down, and his head cleared, Tre looked about the area. It looked familiar, but she couldnt quite place it. He rarely drank, but when he did, he was either alone or out with Uno and Due. After adjusting himself, and finally realizing that he wasnt wearing a top, Tre stumbled inside to find his clothes, just in time to see Uno pulling out items for breakfast. Mumbling a quick 'Good morning', he stepped around Uno and set about making coffee.

As he sat down at the table, Tre didnt say a word. It was a miracle that he'd managed to get out the 'Good morning' earlier. Normally, until he had at least two cups of coffee in her system, the best you'd get out of Tre was growls and grunts. Personally, Tre couldnt remember who's idea it had been to go out drinking-- that persona needed to be tied up and forgotten about for a few days.
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:21 pm

Due cackled as he raced through a crowd of people waving a bag filled with things that he had stolen over his head to tease the individuals that were chasing him. He’s been slipping this way and that through the market snagging simple items that he found pleasant from many of the various different stalls that were selling various different knick-knacks. He was pretty sure that he had everything from a random tea set, to some weapons, to even this weird statue of some snake clanking around in his bag. And It was hilarious watching them chase him, knowing that they’d never catch him. His siblings were waiting for him, up ahead and he certainly wasn’t going to let them down. They were just getting started with their fun.

The second of the triplets crowed with joy as he raced onwards, listening to the cacophony of yells that was music to his ears – except there was something else that was adding itself to the noise that brought him just joy. An incessant noise. One that he hated. But it was also very familiar. It started faint of course, it always did, but soon it completely broke into his dream going from a simple soft beep to a loud consistent:


“Nuhhhhh.” He groaned and stopped, dropping the sack as the dream started to fade away almost entirely and he was just staring at the blackness of his eyebrows, feeling his sheets tangled around his limbs. He wasn’t exactly the most peaceful sleeper, considering how active his dreams were. He groaned and let out a curse before pulling his pillow out from under his head and over it, to muffle the sound, just as his sister who slept by the alarm clock turned off the awful thing. Course she’d turn it off just as he lost one of the best dreams ever.

Alarm clocks and Due had never had a good relationship what so ever. It was why Uno slept by it now rather than him. He’d broken a few before, simply because he didn’t want to deal with them making the annoying loud obnoxious shrieking that they made in the morning. Of course, he exaggerated the noise that they made, when it was just a normal beep. beep. beep. But still, it sucked being woken up by them, even if he knew that he and his siblings would probably never wake up without at least one. He groaned as he heard both of his siblings moving around, preferring to curl back up into his bed, tugging the blanket that had been pushed down near his feet in his sleep up over his head again. He was not at all ready to get up yet. His bed was too damn comfy for the bull that life typically brought them

Morning’s sucked. Daylight sucked. Everything sucked. For at least a while, he attempted to pretend to be asleep in an attempt to actually go back to sleep, spending his time swearing in his head at just about everything under the sun. But, attempting to go back to sleep it never worked, not to mention if he actually did, one of his siblings would come along and poke him to get up… and that would just be a bother and bickering between them if that happened. Still, once his sleep had been disturbed by the stupid alarm clock and he knew that his siblings were awake, he without fail wake up as well. Still, stubbornly he always tried to go back to sleep each morning for at least a while. It was when the aroma of Uno’s cooking reached his nose that he finally pushed himself up into a sitting position and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, taking a moment to what little light there was at what had the radio clock said? Five o’clock in the morning or some ridiculous hour? Not that five o’clock was abnormal for the trio to be up and about.

Due gave a wide and loud yawn as he pushed himself completely out of his bed and staggered sleepily towards the kitchen, then pale form only obscured by striped pajama bottoms that hugged his hips. Sweeping a hand through his hair, which was completely loose at the moment, to prevent it from obscuring his face entirely he entered the kitchen again, giving a hum and another yawn with a weak wave as he moved towards the table that Uno had set up. He didn’t know how he and Tre would survive mornings without her the way that they often were in the mornings. Uno at least could be productive.

“Mornin’” he slurred and slouched down into his usual seat staring down at the plate of food in front of him before bending over to rest his forehead on the table for a moment, yawning once more. Mornings were stupid, but Uno’s breakfasts made everything better. Usually. He gave himself a moment of simply staring at the floor and trying to wake up before straightening back up and taking a voracious bite of bacon, giving a hum of pleasure at the delicious flavors.

WC: 875
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:36 pm

“Mmm, it will be as soon as I have enough caffeine in my blood stream that my blood to caffeine ratio is equal.”, she said in responses to the good morning and morning. Yup, she needed coffee to function, it was just the way things were. “Hnn... remind me again why we decided to drink last night knowing full well we planned on doing some training this morning?”, she would ask of Tre. Not that she didn't get off on a little self torture and all.. but still, looking at that decision now it likely wasn't the best to make. But, whatever, it had been fun – or at least what she could remember of it had been fun.

”Tylenol is in the cupboard above the coffee machine by the way in case you need some – I bought a new bottle yesterday; and I made enough food to feed an army if y'all are still hungry after that plate..” Fast metabolism: joyous for someone like her who enjoyed food. Uno pulled her own chair out and sat down. Figuring it was going to take a few minutes for the coffee to percolate she decided to start on her own plate of food: the hash browns were eaten first – her favorite breakfast food after all. Her biscuit was cut open and an egg and sausage added before she closed it up making a sandwich which was then devoured next.

She glanced over to the coffee machine when she was done eating, noticing that the pot was now full. She reached up with her left hand and scratched at a spot on her face. She stood then and wandered over, grabbing down three coffee mugs – big ones, not little tiny cups because they just didn't hold enough coffee in them to satisfy her. She also removed the creamer from the fridge and pulled out the sugar from the nearby cupboard along with spoons from the drawer. Yawning she added cream and sugar to her own coffee; a lot of both, and then added the coffee before giving it a good stir. Just as she was about to bring the cup to her lips however a sound went off next door that sounded like a door slamming followed by shouting.

Uno flinched and rolled her head on her shoulders: physical pain sprouting up due to the noise and her hangover not mixing well. “My tolerance doesn't exist in the morning... especially not this early. Hnn... they need to stop, it hurts...”




Okay, Uno wasn't in the mood to listen to this. She really wasn't. She knew they needed to move but the apartment was cheap, and outside of the noisy neighbors that liked to drink next door it was a rather nice place to live. So, Uno took a sip of her coffee, put the cup down on the kitchen counter, and then walked over and out her front door – snagging a knife out of the cutting block on the way. The neighbors apartment door was right outside of their own; only about three feet down. So, she reached it in just a few strides, raised her fist, and beat on the door loudly three times.


“Open the fucking door before I bust it down and shove its splintered pieces up your asshole one at a fucking time with only your own blood as lubricant.”, Uno bit out through gritted teeth. There was a quiet pause on the other side of the door in which Uno could imagine her neighbors looking at each other in likely a shell shocked fashion before footsteps could be heard on the floor coming nearer, followed by the door opening.

In the doorway stood a massive man whose knuckles were bruised and broken open: obviously he used them often and likely had done so in the past six or so hours with the way they were looking – or so the medic and all of the training she had gone through told her. The man took in Uno's appearance closely, looking at her in a way that made her skin crawl and gave her the urge to bathe in bleach, but she showed no outward sign of it. Once he realized she was much smaller then him and at least half his weight he grinned.

“Now who is this little thing beating on my door like a cop in the wee hours of the morning?” As he spoke his hand reached out, obviously he had every intention of stroking Uno's face but suddenly came up short with his hand hovering mere inches above her angry looking face. “Who do you think you are beating on my door like that and making threats?” As he finished speaking his hand closed the distance, clearly about to make contact with the smooth flesh on her face – aiming to touch her cheek.

Truly this man was about to make a fatal mistake... one that was likely about to cause him a great deal of pain... One did not simply touch Uno and go about unscathed.

Word Count: 872 + 1,080 = 1,952

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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:23 pm

“Mmm, it will be as soon as I have enough caffeine in my blood stream that my blood to caffeine ratio is equal.”  Tre didnt say a word to either of them. It was a miracle that she'd managed to get out the 'Good morning' earlier. Normally, until he had at least two cups of coffee in her system, the best you'd get out of Tre was growls and grunts.

“Hnn... remind me again why we decided to drink last night knowing full well we planned on doing some training this morning?”

Again, no answer save for the light growl and the sound of her forehead dropping against the cabinet doors.

”Tylenol is in the cupboard above the coffee machine by the way in case you need some; and I made enough food to feed an army.”


The cabinet door was snatched open and the bottle of pain medicine was retrieved in an instant; a moment later and roughly six pills were popped into his mouth and chewed on noisily as he quickly made a plate of food after Uno was done making hers. As soon as she was done, Tre stepped out of Due's way and sat at the breakfast nook, closing his eyes against the light coming from the kitchen for a moment before inhaling her food.

Pushing his plate aside as Uno fetched coffee mugs and the black gold, Tre lowered his head to the table once more, closing her eyes. With some food in her belly, and the medicine starting to kick in, he was starting to feel better. At least, he was until the yelling started and door slamming started.

“My tolerance doesn't exist in the morning... especially not this early.”

He didnt even hear Uno. His eyes opened, bloodshot and fury spreading across his face like wildfire.




Tre shuddered, fists clenching. Each slammed door set off firewords within his skull, each screamed slur and obscenity echo'd within. He looked up, just in time to see Uno snatch a knife from the block on the counter. Getting up with another growl, she followed her friend out into the hall, just in time to see her pound on a door just a few feet away.


“Open the fucking door before I bust it down and shove it's splintered pieces up your asshole one at a fucking time with only your own blood as lubricant.” If she'd been in a better mood, Tre would have laughed at the statement. But as it was, she was likely to help Uno go through with it. Coming to rest beside his sister as the door opened, Tre's red eyes seemed to glow as the brute made himself known.

“Now who is this pretty thing beating on my door like a cop in the wee hours of the morning? Who do you think you are beating on my door like that and making threats." It was then that Tre noticed the swining hand.

Bad Career move. Tre was not about to let this happen. The world would seem to slow down as he moved, stepping around Uno and somehow disarming her of the knife with her right hand. Even as this happened, the left hand was already moving, lifting into the air to intercept the incoming strike by grabbing the wrist and slam the man's hand into the wall. The knife was then brough to bear, driven down into the slammed hand, esentialy nailing this man's hand to the fucking door frame.


Normally, the screaming would have been music to his ears, but it was only serving to piss Tre off more. Almost as if tracing the length of this guy's arm, Tre backhanded the fucker with such power that he almost stumbled backward. Or, he would have, if he wasnt held up by a hand nailed to the door frame.

"It seems to me that you have a fucking problem keeping your hands to yourself. It seems to me that you like touching people, whether they like it or not. It seems to me.. THAT YOU LIKE GETTING PHSYICAL!" As he spoke, Tre positioned himself, pinning the brute's free hand with her own against the other side of the door frame. Drawing back a foot, Tre launched it forward, kicking this guy straight in the testes. "LETS SEE IF YOU LIKE GETTING TOUCHED!"

Another kick was launched, followed by another, and another, and another. The screaming gave way to whimpers, then quickly reverted to silent screams as a dark red stain appeared on the man's pants. "DO YOU LIKE BIENG TOUCHED?! HUH?! DO YOU LIKE INTERUPTING MY BREAKFAST?! DO YOU LIKE HOW I HANDLE PEOPLE WHO MAKE NOISE WHILE I'M HUNGOVER?! DO YOU LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK?!" Each question was punctuated with another kick, until Tre was pretty sure this man this man would have problems walking properly for the rest of his life, screw having kids.

TWC: 1529
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PostSubject: Re: Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]   

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Training with the Siblings [Training, Invite Only: Due, Tre]
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