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 Too Many Snakes In The Grass [P, Mission]

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PostSubject: Too Many Snakes In The Grass [P, Mission]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:15 pm

Mission Name: Serpent of the Mist
Rank: C-rank
Type: npc
Client: The village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: A large blue serpent with green eyes that is about 10 feet long has been eating some of the villages live stock. Because of this, the serpent has to be eliminated. Slay the snake, but be careful. It's extremely strong and quick. It likes to hang out in a near by lake, so it'll have the advantage from being in water.
Location: Kirigakure
Additional Information: n/a
Eligible Members: Anyone

Despite his hatred for his village, he still needed to make some money somehow. So, he went for the easy option of doing some c-rank missions. It would be some quick experience for him to better hone his skills as well. Perhaps he would come back to this village once the tournament came around so he could craft it in his image and get the council arrested, but until then, he personally considered his allegiances with the village non existent. Each time he saw a kiri shinobi, he was tempted to go out and kill them, to be honest. Even though they didn't necessarily kill his parents, they still served these scummy council members.

His current mission was simple, of course, as it was a C-rank. All he needed to do was go and kill a snake that had been overstaying its welcome and killing some of the villager's livestock. As he was a trained shinobi with nearly no regards for his life, Kira had no problems with taking another's life, especially those of animal's who he believed to be "beneath" him. So, when all was said and done he knew that he would have no qualms or worries about the life of this snake, especially when the civilians, who he believed to be far more innocent then the shinobi, were being threatened.

At the moment, his clothing was a bit more fancier then what you would usual see for a ninja, although this was his personal preference. However, he always made sure to switch it up, as he hated to be seen as tacky, plus, he was a bit secretive. As usual, his headband was on his forehead, proudly announcing his allegiance to this village, to Kira's annoyance. As much as he wanted to make it less visible, he knew that would make him stand out more which is what he didn't want.

Seeing as how the village was located on the outskirts of the village, that was exactly where he was headed. When he got to the village gates, he had mo problem with the guards although he was tempted to make a problem, just for the simple fact that it was possible for him to die in the fact. Death was all he wished, but he was just too scared to do something like hanging himself. But, he had things to do, snakes to kill. Kira did have a part of him that wanted to become stronger so his opponent didn't have such an easy time killing him. He wanted to make these bastards work for that kill.

Anyways, he headed to the last location it was seen, the snake's recent rampage costing the lives of three sheep and two pigs. It was at a small farm, the owner of this farm being glad to see that someone that looked capable was able to handle this problem. It rested by a small lake, and didn't seem to think anyone would bother it. Close range wasn't optimal for this task, so with a simple explosive shot, then the snake would be destroyed for good, reduced to nothing more than ashes that would soon be carried away like a breeze as if it never existed.

With a single handseal, an orb four inches in radius would pop up five inches from Kira's chest, fired at speeds that the snake wouldn't have been able to react too. It was like he hasn't even moved, and in the next instant, once the orb made contact with this snake's skin, it would be disintegrated, the resulting explosion reducing it into ashes. The farmer, thankful for the services, gave a short bow and Kira's reward. Then he left, intent on grinding some more.
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Too Many Snakes In The Grass [P, Mission]
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