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 Explosions vs Gangsters [P, Mission]

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PostSubject: Explosions vs Gangsters [P, Mission]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:17 pm

Mission Name: Unwanted Guest
Rank: C-rank
Type: npc
Client: The village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: A group of thugs have been terrorizing locals in the village. They're a small group of thugs who have no ninja skills and rather just use brute strength to fight. They shouldn't be a problem for a trained shinobi. Scare the thugs and make them leave the village.
Location: Within the village
Additional Information: n/a
Eligible Members: Anyone

As it was the duty of every Kirigakure shinobi, Kira was on a mission. Plus, he didn't want to arouse any suspicion and wanted some money! Reports of a local gang that terrorized the civilians had been given to the council, and once he found out about it, he gladly accepted the mission. Why did these gangsters think that in a well guarded ninja village like this, they could get away with crimes? Did they believe the crimes they committed were too small to be attended too? Well, not for Kira, who wanted to do his best to protect the civilians from the injustices he had to deal with. These hooligans would be delivered justice, and kicked out of this village. He couldn't care less about what would happen to them, as they abused the civilian's trust.

The weather conditions at the moment weren't too bad, Kira estimating the current temperature being about seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. A slight breeze was present, but nothing that would have an effect on the mission. At the moment, it was the peak of the afternoon so plenty of people were roaming the streets of Kirigakure. All in all, it was a pretty nice day, although Kira didn't mind spending it on doing missions. After all, if everyone was lazy and didn't perform any missions, it could seriously damage Kirigakure's economy, which would make life overall worse. To be fair, he didn't really care about that though, as he just wanted his pay so he could leave the village faster.

Kira's clothing was specifically prepared for this mission and the weather, the conditions being predicted yesterday. Most of his current outfit was gray besides his shirt, as he couldn't help but have at least a little camouflage. His shirt was simple, gray, and collared. Instead of shorts like he usually wore, he picked out some gray joggers along with gray sandals with gray socks. His headband, like usual, rested comfortably on his forehead, announcing to the world that Kira was apart of Kirigakure(unfortunately). Some might have said such extensive camouflage wasn't necessary, but he was a bit paranoid. What if a ninja attacked? He needed any advantage he could get.

It was a bit predictable where this gang was hiding out. They chose the slums of Kirigakure, which desperately needed some renovations. From his calculations, he was about five minutes from crossing from the good to the bad. Kira was amazed at how the slums even managed to exist, even if it was such a small part of the village. Plus, he'd always remembered that specific part being bad. Why didn't the council members do anything about it? Gritting his teeth, he knew he would have to do something about that. It was such a shame how incompetent the shinobi around him seemed to be.

Entering the slums, no one actually bothered him at all. It was entirely possible, although they weren't shinobi, that they could still feel the killing intent radiating off of him. While he didn't actually plan on killing anyone unless they attacked, it served as a tactic to scare them off, and it would probably work on the gangsters unless one of them had abnormally high willpower. Five minutes later, he kicked down the door of bandit's hideout, walking in as if it were his own house.

All six gangsters were chilling in the living at the time, and were surprised, and a little annoyed that a man just barged in in such a way. Just as they prepared to try and beat him up, they felt the effects of the killing intent, chills and fear coursing throughout the fragile sacks of meat they called a body. Immediately, they all ran to alternate exits, leaping out of windows and heading towards the exit of the village just to escape Kirigakure. Again, the day was saved by Kirigakure's sexiest shinobi, even if it was a pretty easy mission.

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Explosions vs Gangsters [P, Mission]
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