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 Destruction Battle Death of the Wolves TWO!!!!![Mission, Private]

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PostSubject: Destruction Battle Death of the Wolves TWO!!!!![Mission, Private]   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:29 pm

Mission Name: Wolf Pack
Rank: C-rank
Type: npc
Client: The village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 EXP, 300 Ryo
Mission Description: A small pack of wolves located right outside the village have been making the village members very uncomfortable. They have a record of attempting to attack humans. Either kill or scare the wolves away. It's up to you, so long as they're gone. These wolves are strategic though and work well in their pack, so be some what careful.
Location: Right outside the village
Additional Information: n/a
Eligible Members: Anyone

Kira had just received a mission, and he fully intended to carry it out with the utmost of his power. A group of wolves had settled outside the village, bothering some of the villages who were scared for themselves, or perhaps younger family members. He didn't know, nor care, as that was not relevant to the mission. Kira was especially pleased to learn that he was given the option to kill them. They would be turned to ashes, forever removed from the world, and less of a nuisance. This village didn't need fodder bothering it when it had much more to worry about, after all. However, unlike other people eager to kill them, he wouldn't give them a slow and painful death. That was a inefficient task, and to his knowledge, these wolves had nothing that the village needed, so it would be of no value for him to torture them and break them mentally.

Currently, he was on the outskirts of Kirigakure, having already been given permission by the guards to leave the village to partake in his mission. Perched upon the top of a sturdy tree branch, about ten feet away from him in the grass was a pile of rabbit carcasses, all murdered by Kira for the purpose of baiting out the wolf pack.

"I doubt that these wolves will suspect any foul play..they can't outsmart average humans, let alone a trained shinobi like me."

Now, the young shinobi would play the waiting game. Vigorously trained in the academy, he was a patient person, and had no problem waiting for them.

These explosions can consume trees, they aren't biased, destroying good and evil, morals made by humans, equally. The flesh of wolves will be consumed all the same.

While waiting for these wolves to come, he thought about any jutsu he could add to his arsenal when he got back home.

Hn. Perhaps finding a sensei would help with that, it would be much easier to learn jutsu from him then do it by myself, I know that for sure.

Thinking about the various Jounin he could partner up with, none came in mind as viable candidates, but that was okay. He wouldn't get flustered that no one could teach him, he would rather be alone then have a bad teacher. Done with his thoughts, his focus returned to the pile of rabbits. In the distances, he could hear the sounds of wolves howling.

"So..they've arrived. Soon I can collect my rewards.."

The wolves, six in total, arrived from the deeper part of the forest and began to dine. Before he would end them all with a single jutsu, he looked at them, with a look that vaguely resembled pity. All they knew how to do was survive, but unfortunately, they weren't born in a world where they were on top of the food chain. Thus, they needed to be exterminated, having stepped too far out of the boundaries they were confined too. But, it would be a waste of chakra to end them when he already had a trap of explosives, ready to kill them all. He could be attacked by a foreign shinobi, and wanted to have full chakra. Remotely activating the explosive seal trap, the wolves, blissfully aware were soon turned into nothing more then ashes, a quick and painless death. It wasn't like they could react anyways, as the explosion would simply blitz them. Hopping off the tree, landing safely on the ground, he would collect the ashes of the wolves with a cloth bag, returning to the village. They would know he was the one who did it, as he was regarded as being decent with Ninjutsu and skilled in making traps.
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Destruction Battle Death of the Wolves TWO!!!!![Mission, Private]
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