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 Vaati Kazekuro

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Vaati Kazekuro   Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:31 pm

Name: Vaati Kazekuro
Nickname: Sorcerer of Winds
Age: 9
Gender: Male

Height: 5'1
Weight: 110 lbs
Appearance: Vatti is a small 9 year old child with lavender colored skin of the Kazekuro tribe from the land of winds and shares many of their traits in appearance. He wears a royal purple cap with golden embroidery. A single red sphere-like gem stands at the middle. He has long violet colored hair the extends to his elbows. Visible protruding from his hair are 2 pointed ears. He has deep blood red eyes that almost appear to be glowing.  underneath each eye he has a small black tattoo from his tribe that curves along the curvature of the eye with a single line down the middle toward his cheekbone, almost appearing to have the likeness of a tear. His dark cape matches his hat in color and is fastened with a golden snap. The tunic underneath is of a lavender color. His belt is golden with a buckle made of he same kind of red gem that adorned his hat. His pants are made of a very light material and are red in color contrasting with his so far purple appearance extending just to his knee. The red laces of his open toed sandals are tied up past his calf muscle in a crossing pattern. 

Village: Sunagakure
Character Rank: D -Genin
Clan: Kazekuro
Element: n/a

Personality: Vaati is a child of few words, In his mind everyone is a threat until proven otherwise. After being torn from his family, he has become a very quiet individual and has learned how to speak to others in small grunts and soul piercing stares. He acts tough and foreboading to strangers and most others. There are very few people that he lets into his circle of trust. To those people he has opened up to, and can see him for what he really is. A scared child far away from home. In his spare time alone, he will try to practice his tribal arts, creating small creatures out of shadows and wind to play with, each of them containing a piece of his personality that he keeps suppressed. While he is a ninja of Suna, he still sees himself as an outsider, a mere prisoner of the city. The attack on his clan, still fresh in his mind. and as time passes he continues to seethe in darkness. Alone with his thoughts. One person, however, has begun to heal that wound, and that is the bond he has formed with his roommate, Kirattan, who like him is seperated from his family, however for him, Suna was the hero, not the villian. This realization has given Vaati's young mind alot to think about.
Character History: Vaati was born to the Kazekuro tribe that hailed from the desert wastelands of the land of winds. This tribe was shrouded in rumors and mystery as they lived their lives in solitude away from prying eyes. using their jutsu, this tribe would turn their corner of the desert into a vortex of death, that would be called the haunted wasteland by travelers. Very few ever escaped once ensnared by the tribes "magic". They came back with stories of sorcerers and witches with powers to summon demons and instantly blacken the midday sun and spread darkness across the land. Other reports came from others who saw their companions swallowed whole by a desert that came alive, or how companions who were completely healthy one minute dropped dead from sickness the next. After Sunakagure was founded, the ninja of the village came to investigate the rumored "Haunted Wasteland". As a trained unit, they were able to get past the traps and infiltrated the small encampment. Caught off guard the ninja were able to easily assassinate the Kazekuro head chieftain.  The other clan leaders fearing of the clan's annihilation surrendered to the ninja and pledged loyalty to the ninja village. As per the terms of the agreement the firstborn of each generation of each of the remaining 3 families would be sent to Suna to be trained as a village ninja. The clan then spread itself across the land of winds, and kept their vow sending their first-born to the city. Vaati was the first child to be sent. 
The recent attack on his tribe fresh on his mind, Vaati was saddened about being torn from the only family he knew. His training was woefully incomplete. He had only just learned how to manipulate wind, and was far from being the sorcerer that his father was. As he left, his mother told him to be brave, and that they would be watching him. Vaati knew she would keep her word.
Upon arrival in Suna he was put up with another youth with no family by the name of Kaguya Kirattan. The boy was at least 2 years older then Vaati and he was unsure of what to make of his roommate. As Vaati quickly learned, however, he was definitely skilled. Vaati's kept an eye on him during their classes at the academy, and sure enough, they both graduated fairly quickly. Like his clan, Vaati preferred to attack from the shadows, while Kirattan seemed to like a more direct approach and their styles complemented each other perfectly.
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Neah Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Vaati Kazekuro   Fri Aug 28, 2015 10:13 pm

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Vaati Kazekuro
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