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 Revive Tournament | The Undying

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PostSubject: Revive Tournament | The Undying   Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:10 am

Unmei no tōnamento or Tournament of Fate is a tournament held in the other realm, the realm of the dead. A tournament which can mean the difference between life and death, where you fight for what you want! This is where you claim your destiny, however it's all up to Fate. No, this isn't a dice roll. Fate is a legendary Shinobi who was said to have created the very first reincarnation Kinjutsu. Why is it a Kinjutsu you ask? Well the story goes as follows.

Fate belonged to a clan composed of great warriors many years ago, they had nothing that made them special such as the Uchiha or the Senju, no, but they did have spirit. Yes spirit. They had the spirit to fight for what they want to protect, their own. Family was everything to them, and everyone in the clan was family. One warrior went by the name Unmei (Fate). Praised by many in the clan, "A godly warrior", "son of our clan head", "Bringer of life", these were but a few of his titles within the clan. He was renowned for Medical Ninjutsu and Ninjutsu in itself. Fate would end up creating one of the most powerful Kinjutsu of all time, one which he could use even after his own death. The Kinjutsu he had created had a cost though, his own life. The only way this technique could work was if he entered the other realm, the realm of the dead. Only from there could he shift people between the two realms.

The technique was indeed one to make Unmei who he was, the Bringer of Life. His family, their protection and right to live meant so much to him that he would sacrifice himself in order for them to continue living, for an eternity. The clan had become so powerful due to their ability to come back to life the instant they were killed, that they were dubbed "The Undying". Many of the clans started to fear them, not only because of their undying members but because of the threat they posed to the Shinobi World. If they really put their minds to it they could take control of the warring clan era, they could rule them all and change the world as they knew it all those years ago. This was long before the time of the villages, long before peace came to the land and even longer before this crazed First Shinobi World War for Bijuu had started. Because of this a few clans had decided on a treaty between them for as long as The Undying had stayed Undying. They had declared war upon The Undying. The alliance had won and won and won, however each win was a loss as The Undying would return steadily one by one after each battle they had with the alliance. For many months this had went on and the alliance kept on loosing shinobi but The Undying remained the same numbers as they were in the beginning. Eventually the Uzumaki clan had came up with the idea of sealing the souls of The Undying away. They created a counter technique for this reincarnation Kinjutsu Unmei had created, called The Dead Demon Consuming Seal. Used in conjunction with shadow clones, a final battle had commenced where the souls of The Undying had been sealed away for all eternity. It wasn't long after that the treaty had ended and the clans had returned to their hatred for each other, engaging back into the wars between the clans for power.

With his entire family being not only dead, but sealed from him forever, he had lost all that he has worked his entire life, and afterlife, to keep safe. He no longer had a purpose, and for centuries he would watch the clans go at each other and sometimes even play a role in controlling the warring clans by giving them a "favor" of reviving one of their best shinobi. They of course had no idea what was going on and thought of it to just be a great warrior unable to die so easily. After all those years the clans and shinobi have outgrown the memories of The Undying. With a small era of peace between the clans and Shinobi after the creation of the Five Villages, Unmei had gotten bored and decided that it was of no amusement anymore for him to see the animals in the realm of the living go at it after he revives them, as there was no war anymore and no one wanted to *publically* dethroat each other. But all of that had changed after the First Shinobi World War had commenced, his thirst for amusement - the only thing actually giving him a sense of happiness after centuries of no family beside him in the realm of the dead - had grown again. Because of this he decided to create a tournament, called Unmei no tōnamento meaning Tournament of Fate. He would host this tournament every now and then, giving whoever had pleased him with their performance a new chance at life.

Now that you know the story, here are the rules:

This tournament will only be held every January, March, May, July, September and November. If Unmei decides there will be a special tournament held outside of this timeline then there will be one, meaning staff can decide to host one outside of these 6 months listed above.

This tournament can only be entered by one of your deceased characters per tournament. Meaning one character per tournament.

Your deceased character may not enter the tournament if his or her soul had been sealed away. Ask a staff member for permission to enter the tournament if your soul was indeed sealed away, however it will only be accepted depending on the case at hand.

The one/s being revived are only those who have impressed staff with their performance, much like the chuunin exams. Even if you have killed each and every participant, you can still have a chance of not getting revived, however in that case you have a very good chance. Even if you were first to be killed, do not be afraid, if you performed well and impressed the staff with your skill then you can still be revived. If you do not get revived, do not throw a tantrum. Remain calm, and simply request a re-review from one of our admins. Do not ask multiple admins, do not nag, simply send a pm requesting the admin to review your posts again. If the admin decides that you have impressed him or her then you may be revived, if not then try again the next tournament.

There will be multiple staff voting on the revive/s to try and avoid any biased revives.

Once your character is revived then you will wake up in your home village, exactly the same physically as you were right before, just without any injuries. This means you can keep any transplants your character had, as well as the items you had on you during your death topic. Your old/original body in which you died will disappear though any transplants made from it before and after your death will remain in effect. Your items you had before your death will also disappear along with your old body. This doesn't mean you don't have the items, it means you have "replacements", to keep this system from being used as a replication tool to create extra things, IE. You had Samehada before you died, you fell off a cliff and died because you were a stupid shinobi who died by cliff. Samehada lays on the bottom of that cliff, you get revived, now there are two Samehadas. We don't want that. So the following rule is put in place.

If you're revived and someone has claimed/looted an item or something from you such as a sharingan implant, then you will not be revived with that item or implant ect. This can be case by case, ask an admin for clarification.

Each tournament may have it's own unique rules, and you will obey those rules. Not following the rules will get you disqualified on the spot, better luck next tournament.
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Revive Tournament | The Undying
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