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 Training Hurts [Closed]

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Akio Uchiha
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Kiri Chunin

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PostSubject: Training Hurts [Closed]   Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:38 pm

Sitting up in his bed Akio yawned softly, scratching his head before swinging his feet and using the momentum to hop up to his feet. Stretching his arms out he would yawn once more before undressing and hopping in the shower. Quickly washing up he would quickly dry off, perhaps not well enough as he slipped on his normal black and blue outfit. Today would be the day that he would really push himself to his limits. Rushing out of the house he would hurry through Kiri until he reached the training ground.

The training grounds were a large area of dirt with most of the perimeter cleared of anything that would be considered to hamper anyone who may want to try and train on the fields. The only thing on the field was a single box which was located at the corner of the dirt square far enough away not to get in the way of any training, but close enough to access without going out of your way.

Having trained here a few times before the young Uchiha would head strait for the box. Upon opening the box he would reveal the contents of the container, which were various shinobi training tools. Such as dull kunai, smoke bombs, and even non-lethal explosive tags. Without so much as a second glance Akio would quickly grab a few of the training kunai before closing the box once more and taking up a spot on the training field.

Taking in a deep breath Akio would attempt to create a clone of himself. Instead of the generic illusion clone they teach you in the academy this one was a jutsu Akio had thought up himself. Instead of being an illusion this clone was more related to a shadow clone. As it is real and tangible while taking just as much damage to destroy as the user would along with instead of dispersing once killed the user can choose to let the body linger instead. Unlike most clones however this one is much more simple and does not have an actual chakra pool so the user does not split his with the clone and therefore can't use jutsu. On the other hand they are simple enough that handseals are not required to actually create them.

Concentrating Akio would be successful in creating a clone or so it would seem. Although as he began to form a smile he would begin to notice flaws such clothing colors being off slightly or even pouches placed wrong. This wouldn't deter most that hadn't meant or seen Akio before, but the Genin was not satisfied as he dispersed the clone and tried once more. Beginning to concentrate another clone would appear where the last one had stood this time it was spot on with the looks of Akio.

Grinning widely Akio would not hesitate as he sprinted toward the clone, unleashing a spinning punch toward the clone. Predicting the first move the clone would preform a back flip as he narrowly dodged the strike. As he would dodge the clone would bring his feet up quickly, attempting to land a counter attack. Caught off guard Akio would only manage to dodge the kick by a fraction as he watched the clone's leg fly past his face.

Then something unexpected happened as the clone swung around with a second attack, this time aiming for the back of Akio's head. Concentrating chakra as he noticed the blow would be almost impossible to dodge at this point Akio would appear to be interrupted as the hit landed knocking him to the ground or at least it would seem this way. While the attack would hit what appeared to be Akio the body would simply be an illusion as the clone watched it fall to the ground. While a wide grin was plastered on the clone's face it would slowly fade away.

The sky would take on an inky black look as the ink bled down from the sky and soaked the horizon in the same inky black color as it seemed to flow like liquid. Then just as quickly as the ink devoured the horizon it would begin to soak into the ground around the clone bleeding toward him and reaching where the 'body' of Akio was laying only a second after it hit the floor. Quickly climbing up the clone's leg as it had no time to react in it's shocked state. Trembling the clone would begin to struggle as he panted, horrified as the ink seemed to have a liquid like gummy feeling to it. The ink continued to cling to the clones leg as the struggling only brought more of the clone's body deeper into the pit of black ink. Before long the clone would be absorbed up to his waist, followed by his chest and finally his head. This would all happen within mere seconds from the ink capturing only the clone's foot at first.

Watching as the clone struggled Akio would grin slightly, watching as all of it's body sank beneath the ink before the only thing visible were it's hands which clawed at the ink for a split second before following the rest of the clone's body. If the clone had been a real shinobi they would have passed out in real life while the genjutsu would make them think as if they had drown in the ink. Concluding the genjutsu the Genin would chuckle as he saw the clone fall to the ground and stay their motionless on the training field. Then as quickly as he had created the clone he would disperse it.

Then Akio would concentrate once more, focusing he chakra on creating yet another clone at his side. This one would waste no time as it went to sweep Akio's legs. Quickly jumping the clone's leg Akio would go for a high kick, only to be blocked by a high kick of the clone's. Spinning out of the kick Akio would flip backward away from the clone before throwing a kunai. Strifing to the side the clone would dodge the dull training tool with little effort as he jumped up, attempting to strike Akio with one powerful punch.

Sliding under the clone Akio would spin around, tossing a second kunai at the clone. This time the clone would react quickly, just barely ducking the metal projectile. However the moment Akio saw the kunai over the clones head he would form the bird hand seal. This time he would use the genjutsu as it was originally suppose to be used as opposed to using another genjutsu to catch his target within the inky prison. An invisible pulse of chakra would radiate from the kunai, instantly shooting out within a 100 meter radius from the kunai. With the clone not expecting the jutsu and being right under the kunai when it was activated it would be simple catching him withing the sphere of the jutsu.

Upon dodging the kunai the clone would sprint toward Akio, watching the Genin poof from his view the moment he began running toward him. To his surprise he would be confronted with the same genjutsu the first clone faced. The sky turning a liquid inky black as it bleed down to meet the horizon and darted for the clone. Giving him about two whole seconds to react to the whole thing. As the ink drew closer to him the clone would be a bit smarter than the first, jumping up from the ink to avoid it. This would prove useless however as the cube began to fill slightly, but would stop as the clone fell back down to the bottom and made contact with the pool of ink. The force of his fall sending his legs directly into the ink, leaving only his waist up above the gummy liquid. This clone would not move though, hoping that this would give him time to escape from the genjutsu, however with his waist below the ink the cube would slowly begin to fill up with more and more of his body being blanketed by ink with each passing second. Before long the clone would find himself with only the top of his shoulders above the ink along with his head.

Swallowing hard the ink would continue to build up until is had reached the clone's neck. Panicking as he saw no way out the clone thrashed helplessly within the ink. This would quickly prove to be a bad choice as the ink that had been slowly devouring him now quickly swallowed his head and continued climbing further up the walls of the cube. The sound of his screams began to slowly fade away as the ink began to pull him further and further down. Like the other clone this one would face the horrors of being completely submerged, only having a few more seconds to take in the situation before he would fall to the genjutu and believe he had drown. While in reality his body would be collapsed and unconscious in the real world unharmed besides what had been done before the genjutsu was activated or any damage the user or anyone nearby decided to inflict after the victim had fallen unconscious. Although being just a clone it would simply poof away as Akio decided to just disperse it seeing as his training seemed to have come to a conclusion. He had tried himself a good bit and mastered the jutsu he had came here planning to learn.

Once more Akio would grin and let out a soft chuckle as he ended the genjutsu. Seeming to be quite satisfied by the results he had gotten the Genin would search the training field. Gathering up the two dull training kunai he had thrown earlier and taking the rest out of his pouch Akio would walk over to the box and replace them. Shutting the box he would let out a single yawn before brushing the dust he had kicked up from his clothes and leaving the square patch of dried up dirt that represented the training field. Heading away from Kiri Akio figured that was enough training for today seeing as he had trained three whole custom jutsu.

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Training Hurts [Closed]
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