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 Scorpion Influx: The Second Coming.

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Kyoto Yoshida

Kyoto Yoshida

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PostSubject: Scorpion Influx: The Second Coming.   Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:52 am

Mission Name: Scorpion Influx Pt.2
Rank: C-Rank
Type: NPC
Client: The Village
Exp/Ryo Reward: 250 Exp|300 Ryo
Mission Description: With the small Scorpions dealt with, we need you and a team of two others (NPC) to go outside the village and find the nest where these buggers are coming from. Using mission issued explosive tags rig the hive then destroy it. Hopefully this will put an end to this infestation.
Location: Sunagakure
Additional Information:
Eligible Members: Sunagakure Ninja

"Well it sucks i didn't get my cash reward from the last little bit. But this time, theres no dumb stipulations! Lord Jashin has smiled upon me!" Kyo couldn't help but smile as hes finally about to get paid! His dedication to Jashin is something he does willingly on his own and dont get paid for it... that and no one but him really worships Lord Jashin. Some what a sad thing but the religion of Jashinism isnt common and very few know of it. Good thing for Kyo was in the comfort of his own home, where as he can speak and worship Lord Jashin freely. "Well. Gotta meet some kids to deal with this scorpion thing.. Yea this gotta be quick though.." Spoken aloud as he was going out the door.
A beautiful day. Sun shining, birds chirping, grass dewing. And to think its pretty early in the day. Not even in the afternoon yet. " lovely lady. Its nice out today." Kyo said to himself enjoying the scene. Taking a huge inhale... and then exhale he couldn't help but smile. As Kyo couldn't think of a better place to live. Then a frown appeared on his face followed by a sweat drip from his chin. "EXCEPT ITS HOT AS BALLS!" Yelled out the young priest. Despite being a nice day out, they were in a desert. So its normally hot but this day was something else. "I already hate the heat.. but this is jashindamn ridiculous..."
Walking towards the village's gate while his hand shading his face from the heat, which isn't helping much, Kyo see two genin ninja waving towards him. "And they put me with some straight newbies.." Kyo thought to himself as these genin didn't look too impressive. "Of course. "Dont judge a book by its blahh blahh blahhh....! Freaking Newbs!". The two other genin could almost make out what Kyo said. To be honest, Kyo would say it again in their faces if need be. He steps up to the genin and holds his hands out. They look at him confused. "Hand me the tagged kunai. I seen the nest when i went out killing these suckers. So just follow me and i'll have us done with this mission and be back before noon time!" Kyo revealed he knew the location of the scorpion nest which he was to be destroying along with the two youngsters. "S-Sure!" one of the genin said as he pulled out the tagged kunai and handed it to Kyo. Without hesitation, Kyo snatched it and stormed out the village gate.
"Hmmm.. Now where was it again..?" Kyo questioned himself as he forgotten the location of the All three genin began to search the area that Kyo was in. He knows for sure where the burial site of the scorpions he had squashed and he knew the nest was close by there. About 30 mins past and then one of the genin shouted out. "Hey guys! I think i found it!" Boom. And there it was. The nest of the blasted scorpions that the need to handle! Kyo and the other genin quickly met up with the one that founded the Scorpion Nest. Kyo just smirked. "hmph. Die!" Jumping a a few feet back he quickly throws the tagged Kunai, which he been holding for the longest, at the nest. The genin hurry and dives out the way last second as Kyo didn't warn them! KABOOM!. All that was heard after the destruction of the nest. "Just too easy." Kyo said walking away from the two genin, who was on the floor. The way he walked away from the explosion. One would say it looked like it was a movie scene.

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Scorpion Influx: The Second Coming.
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