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 Why do we cry? [Private- Training]

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

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PostSubject: Why do we cry? [Private- Training]    Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:27 pm

Fudge WC
NK - 698
Umm, Hi...person...

"Ume.... Yoko, Yoko has gone missing."

Ume, who was sitting on the edge of the village wall, wouldn't turn around or say anything to the man that stood behind him. He would begin to tap his fingers on the rough ground before, finally, he would move from the edge and stand to his feet.  "I must warn you. I don't take those types of jokes...lightly...Now. Please, refrain from saying such lies before I do something YOU won't enjoy." Ume would say as he would turn around to face his father.

"Ume, i'm not lying to you. I would never joke about something like this you, of all people, would know I wouldn't joke about the lives of my children. And you shouldn't be surprised... you have been out here a whole week waiting for her return. Ume. Listen, Yoko had been sent on a missions that... that if she hadn't come back by now, she is dead. " Daichi would tell Ume as he placed his left hand on the young boy's shoulder.

Ume's vision would begin to get a bit blurry; tears beginning to swell up in his eyes before sliding down his face. No words would leave his mouth as he would come to the realization that well... Yoko was really gone.  Honestly though, Ume was taking this better then he would have a year or two ago. The boy would have gone into a rage back then and would have probably tried to seal everything that was within the village, no in the surrounding area.

"Ume, you stick. I want you to go to Okumata, it is a bathhouse, and you also can grab something nice to fill your belly. Don't worry about paying, I have already sent someone to pay in advance for you. So go. And then come back to the Estate, a meeting is going to be held and you are to come. Don't worry though it is going to happen tomorrow night, so you have time to relax." Daich would say to Ume, who would just nod his head in understandment. Ume would do as he would say and jump down from the wall and begin to his walk to the bathhouse.

Ume would walk the somewhat crowded streets of Sunagakure, a blank expression on his face. He had whipped his tears away after the few looks he had gotten, even though he didn't really care for them. He mainly did it so that no one would talk to him asking him why he was crying. He would make it to the place but still stay silent, someone was there though that would talk for him. This other person also belonged from the Uzumaki clan and he was not only told to make sure everything was paid for but to watch Ume, so he would accompany Ume inside.

Ume though would be the only one of the two, and strangely only one at this time, to enter the the male side of the bathhouse. Maybe it was really late and no one wanted to come in today, he didn't know nor cared. He was only though in there at this time. Sinking into the warm waters quickly, only stopping when he got to the base of his neck.

"I'm so alone now. Lost and confused... as I have no purpose. I knew I should have went along with here instead of letting her go with that squad, only I could have protected her. Only me. Ume Uzumaki is the only one to protect Yoko Uzumaki. Ah...." Ume would close his eyes as tears began to fall once more. " I should just kill myself.. as I am too relaxed. I shouldn't even be here.. I should be out there searching for Onee-sama. But I feel. I feel that would be a wasted effort, as even my heart is telling me is gone."

Ume would let himself finally submerge all the way into the warm waters, tired. This was him giving up on the world, as his world had already been taken from him. As Yoko was everything to him and he didn't expect to lose that, not even in his nightmares.

made by sei

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Ume Uzumaki
Suna Jounin
Suna Jounin

Posts : 106
Join date : 2015-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Why do we cry? [Private- Training]    Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:22 pm

WC- 290
Umm, Hi...person...

"Okay, get up you can't be in this place." A voice would say as their hand would reach down into the water and grab Ume by his hair, pulling only his head above. Ume would first gasp for air and then begin to cough curiously for a few seconds. "Ume-chan, why did you try to kill yourself? Did the news of your sister really hit you that hard?"

Ume wouldn't say anything but just stare forward, he didn't have to answer the guy. Ume didn't have to do anything or explain anything to anyone at all. The man would sigh and shake his head before sending Ume's head back into the water suddenly, this making Ume reach out and try to remove the man's grip. After a few seconds of the struggle the man would let Ume back up.

"Hmm, you don't really want to die. You wouldn't have struggled like that if you did, so lets talk Ume-chan. Tell me just a little bit about what you are feeling. " He would say as he would let go of Ume's head.

"T-then what am I supposed to do? Yoko might not be coming back.... I have no purpose, nothing to protect. " Ume would say as he looked down at the water, getting a bit of his reflection. Though, he could barely see anything as his vision was blurred due to the absence of his glasses.  He did though not care as he could use a bit of his imagination to just see the face of Yoko.

"Hahaha, look through this book as you relax. It all will come to you from it, and you also will learn a power Fuuinjutsu technique not most can perform. Look toward the future Ume-chan."

Trained Jutsu:

made by sei

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Why do we cry? [Private- Training]
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