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 Mission: That Fishing Man's Pole [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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Kiri Genin

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PostSubject: Mission: That Fishing Man's Pole [Mission/Private]   Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:34 am


It was a fantastic morning! That was, besides hearing Mother and Father argue, because father was having a really hard time getting around the house my himself. It was saddening to see that kind of stuff, so off the little Genin went to work! He needed not to focus on the bad things going on at home, but he needed to focus on being a Genin, and what came with being a Genin, or any type of Shinobi you ask? Missions! Shinobi had to do missions to earn money and do good things for their village, such as helping out people and beating bad guys! Takeshi ran away from his house as fast as his short legs could carry him, heading for the mission post, where a bunch of Jounin usually hung out, sometimes smoking, while they took all the important missions, leaving the Chuunin and Genin with dull and boring, but "equally" important tasks. 'Yah right...equally important my ass.', Takeshi thought. However, he looked over the available missions pinned to the cork board on the wall of the tavern here, and he picked one that was fairly new.

The mission client's name was Yoshitaka Ohshitsune. His name alone made the young boy laugh. It appeared that Yoshitaka had been fishing recently and lost his favorite fishing rod. What ever shall he do?! Takeshi would be the hero! He took the mission down from the board, rolled it up and stuffed it into his jacket, then ran out of the tavern, past all the smoking loser Jounin and the fat people munching pizza. Apparently the fishing pole should also be easy to find, it had said. It wa a red fishing pole with his name on the handle. There was also a listed address on the mission paper. He decided to head there first. If Mr. Ohshitsune was there, even better.

It took him only about ten minutes to get to his house on the edge of the village near the sea. He knocked on the door, and he could hear rushed footsteps coming, then the door opened, and Takeshi was hit immediately with the smells of tobacco, booze, and oysters. The short little old man looked at the little boy, saying, "Oh...little boy! You're a ninja?! Well if you are, help meh find mur fishin' rod! I don't know wu it is. It cud be upstears er out back, or it might even be ootseed by deh oshun. Goh goh little snapper!", he said, explaining, and not giving Takeshi any time to introduce himself. That was fine with the boy. He didn't like the smells in here, so the sooner he found the man's fishing rod, the better.

Takeshi searched high and low inside the man's home. He looked upstairs, in a bedroom, in a closet in which he was almost smashed by too much dusty cleaning supplies, in an attic that had a skeleton in it that made him scream because it did fall on him. It wasn't up there. It wasn't in the house at all. The boy ran outside, and headed for the docks then, where all the fishing boats were tied down. He looked around in the boats, not caring if some people yelled at him. He explained he was on a mission. It didn't take all too long in fact, to find a really old boat that smelled like oysters. He approached it, and it said on the front left side of it, Ohshitsune Oysters. Takeshi jumped int he boat and started rummaging around, and sure enough, under a bunch of bags and mesh rope nets, he found the fishing pole.

"Glad I found this!", said Takeshi. He grabbed it and ran off back to the old man's house. When he came back with the fishing rod, Yoshitaka was really happy. He offered to fry some oysters for the lad, but Takeshi turned him down politely, accepted a little pay as a reward instead, and hurried back home to shower after making sure he gave the mission report to the Jounin outpost.


[680 WC. 300 required for the mission.]
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Mission: That Fishing Man's Pole [Mission/Private]
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