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 Mission: Fish Galore [Mission/Private]

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PostSubject: Mission: Fish Galore [Mission/Private]   Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:11 pm


Takeshi woke up a few days later. It had been precisely  three days since the last time he saw old man Ohshitsune. The young boy with the raven black hair and blue eyes awoke with a stretch and a yawn, and he got out of bed, pushing away the covers, standing up, and working out the kinks from his body. After this, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, wash his face, and comb his unruly hair that girls loved for some reason he couldn't understand. Just thinking about them crowding around him trying to touch his hair freaked him out. He winced his eyes shut at the thought of it and shook his head, opened his eyes again, and noticed no one in the mirror but his own reflection. That's just the way it should be. He smiled a little at himself, then he walked out of the bathroom after drying his face off.

He now went to go get dressed. The boy put on some long black shorts, a white t-shirt, bandages around his arms and legs to provide some cushion and also some support to those areas, and then he put on his gloves, his boots, then his jacket. The final touch was his shiny metal plated headband with the Kirigakure symbol proudly embossed on it. He put it around his neck like a loose hanging bandana, and the boy was ready to go. Where to go exactly? Well, first to the kitchen to grab some fruit and make a run for it before Mom realized he was wearing his shoes inside the house, and then off to figure out a mission for the day!

Everything seemed to go well. He'd successfully snuck through the house without getting caught wearing his boots, and thus he opened the front door to go outside, but when he did, someone was standing right there! Takeshi was instantly terrified and backed up, falling on his bum. He quickly grabbed for a kunai from the holster on his right thigh, and he pointed it up at the person, when he realized it was just old fisherman Yoshitaka Ohshitsune-San. A wave of relief overcame the young Genin. Yoshitaka laughed and offered the boy a hand to get up, and Takeshi lowered his kunai and accepted the hand, getting back up to his feet.

The old man said he came here to invite Takeshi to go another fishing trip with him, but this time, that he'd be taking Takeshi out to his favorite fishing spot, where he had added with emphasis, "Where the fish are always biting". Takeshi just merely thought that that meant it was a really good fishing place. He didn't realize that Yoshitaka actually meant that they bite people. He would soon find out what all happened at that great fishing area when he got there. At any rate though, Takeshi accepted the man's mission offer, and the two went out on the old oyster smelling boat again, heading for that location. Ohshitsune drove the boat through the water on the brim of Kirigakure, heading half way around the island to the north, and then out and over towards a smaller island. Their destination? A little cove on the fringes of the island's surrounding waters. And just what were the fish in abundance here? Sharks. They would be shark fishing.

"My boy, ur in de big leegs nao! Git ur pol We bait wit chum and dead fish Git a fish out of de bucket and hook it.", said old man Yoshitaka. Takeshi did as he said. The old man showed the boy how to fish for sharks, and they started to actually catch them, and pretty fast too. It was so much more chaotic than regular fishing. A few times Takeshi almost got pulled in the water and became lunch for the sharks, and a lot of times, these fish jumped out of the water to try and take a chunk out of the boy and the old man, but Yoshitaka was having the time of his life, really thrilled at all of the action and excitement! Takeshi got a few chances to use his kunai to stab a flying shark, and punched or kicked a few others back into the water, while dodging many more of them. This was actually exciting after all! Takeshi had enjoyed himself by the end of the day's fishing. They'd gotten plenty of sharks, and this time after returning back to the village, Yoshitaka showed Takeshi how to properly flay a shark, explaining how it was different than a regular fish and what parts were good to eat and what weren't. After all this, the man made some shark fin soup and the two shared dinner. Yoshitaka paid Takeshi for his help, and the mission was done. Takeshi headed home, having had a fun time out at sea with Ohshitsune and the sharks.

[Mission Complete. Exit.]

[821/600 WC needed]
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Mission: Fish Galore [Mission/Private]
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