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 Public Relations 1 (Mission)

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Akutenshi Shiruda


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PostSubject: Public Relations 1 (Mission)   Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:21 pm

It was an average, sweltering hot day in Sunagakure. The weather was perfect for short sleeves and shorts, you would think, but Akutenshi thought otherwise. He was used to the heat, and could circulate chakra through his body to remain cool, but he wanted to protect his body from the sun rays, so long sleeves it was! People still looked at him funny because of it, though. He didn't want a sun burn, though! They were dangerous, and his studies linked them to skin cancer, and he had traced it and done tests and Suna had more skin cancer than any other village, mainly because of the sun and possibly genetics.

Still, he didn't mind the heat, was protected, and he was done with studying. He wanted to do a mission like every other genin should do! And of course, there was the perfect mission for him- public relations. He was already a friendly face in the hospital, though he felt he was underpaid there, he still had the best customer service. So doing this would be a breeze. He had already filed the paperwork in triplicate and forwarded files to all the proper departments, and all he had left to do was the mission itself.

So off he went, strolling around town, trying to figure out who needed help. He wasn't the most sociable shinobi in town, exactly, and just going up and talking to people made him uneasy. Still, there had to be SOMETHING he could do! His eyes scanned left and right as he passed Tide Lane, before alighting upon a man struggling to carry two giant boxes to a shed across the street. A gentle smile crossed his countenance as he decided to approach and lend a hand. He grasped the top box, lightening the man's load. The removal of the box allowed the man to see where he was oging better too. Upon spotting his benefactor, the man grinned wide, "Thanks, ninja-san! That box was really heavy."

The genin just smiled softly and nodded his head, following the man now quietly. The two enjoyed the trip in companionable silence. They ended up having to make multiple trips, but with two people, the work was done twice as fast. After only an hour of labor, all the boxes had been moved. "Thanks for the help. You saved me a lot of time and sweat. Is there a way i can repay you?" the man asked, reaching for his wallet.

Akutenshi shook his head and motioned for him to stop. "No thank you. I'm just doing my duty as a ninja and a member of this village. I'd have wanted help if I was in your position." he replied graciously, and the two made some small talk for a bit before the ninja departed in search of someone else to help.

A few minutes later, he heard angry cursing. Walking over to investigate, he saw a burly electrician looking very angry. "Good for nothing apprentice doesn't even bother showing up! The hell am I supposed to do without an apprentice to fetch my tools!?" He cursed and raged. The shinobi walked up and offered his help.

"Can I help? I'm not an electrician, but as a ninja, I can probably do a good job." Akutenshi stated and the man glared at him for a second, before nodding sharply.

"You'll do. Come on, kid." And so they got to work. Many hours passed by, and good work was done. They ran wires, curved conduit piping, fixed up lights and much more. Akutenshi didn't do any technical work, but he did help out a lot by getting tools, holding them, handing them over when needed, marking down notes and meter readings and other various tasks. It made the whole job much easier. Finally, it was done, just as it was getting dark.

"You did good, kid. You're much better than my worthless apprentice. If you ever decide being a ninja isn't your cup of tea, come find me. I'll give you a job." There was a pause, before he added, "Speaking of jobs, can you go check to see if my apprentice is okay? This is the second day he missed, and I'm actually a little worried about him. He's a lazy, good-for-nothing bum, but he's better than that.

Akutenshi decided it would be a good idea. He headed off for the address he was given, 6142 Sandstone Park, and knocked on the door. There was no response. He looked through the windows of the small house, and noticed one was broken. A strong sense of blood filled his nose. Worried now himself, Akutenshi kicked the door in, though it took a few kicks, and ran inside. There was a corpse cooled in a pile of dried blood. It looked to be five days old. He investigated it, watching carefully and looking for clues. It indeed seemed to be five days old. That struck the genin as odd, considering the electrician said this was only the second missed day of work.

Something was wrong.He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up on one end. A voice rang out, "I didn't expect one of you people to arrive so quickly. I didn't even have time to set up any fake evidence. Still, you'll do nicely." The voice was his own! Akutenshi, thoroughly creeped out, spun around to confront... himself?

Indeed, the person standing there was a carbon copy of himself. The features on his face morphed into the boy on the floor, then into the electrician, and then back into Akutenshi. It was a shape shifter! "You seem to have guessed what I am. It's the ultimate spy kekkei genkai. You'll never be able to catch me in a crowd." an evil grin stretched across his own face, an eery site to see, and then he dashed out the room. Akutenshi made to chase his doppelganger.

In the busy street, the shape shifter could be anyone. He observed the night time crowd, looking for anyone out of place. He saw a woman talking to a few friends, then saw her again walking carefully about 20 feet away. It was obvious who the faker was. Crouching, Akutenshi swiftly made his way through the crowd, keeping to the shadows of people and in the clone's blind spots. Eventually, he tackled the spy.

The spy began changing shape again and the doctor attempted to jab the spy in the back of the neck to knock him out, using his medical knowledge hard earned of anatomy to knock him? her? out. However, the enemy from some village proved more slippery than the ninja from Suna had thought, and escaped by shifting his body to change height, only gaining a glancing blow on the head, which would bruise later, allowing him to slip away. Thus began the high speed chase through the streets, alleyways, and roof-tops. It probably belonged in the Prince of Persia movie or something. It was pretty cool. At the end, however, the spy was trapped with no way to escape! It was a dead end, and he yelled "You'll never catch me alive!" He bit into the cyanide pill, and collapsed, dead. It was strange looking at his own corpse, really. Akutenshi picked up the body, and went to the hospital and registered him in the morgue. He then realized just how much paperwork this would make for him, and cursed quietly to himself. This wasn't good. On the upside, he helped out three people, the shed guy, the electrician twice, and the village by stopping a spy. Mission accomplished. Now he just needed to tell the electrician. He'd have to do it later. If only by letter or something. Or the village would alert him.

WORD COUNT 1313 WORDS. I get an extra 200 exp right?
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Public Relations 1 (Mission)
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