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 Mission: Find My Kitty! [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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PostSubject: Mission: Find My Kitty! [Mission/Private]   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:18 am


Another day, another ryo, as the saying goes. A young Uchiha with blue eyes of sapphire was up and having breakfast with his family, having an extra serving of bacon as usual. He was already dressed for a day of work, wearing his black jacket, black pants, and a black t-shirt to match as well. His hands were gloved in leather, and his feet were equipped with athletic tape bandages for cushion. His shoes were waiting for him at the front door as soon as breakfast was over. When it finally was, after Takeshi chugged down his juice, he bid his family farewell, and they gave him the best of luck for his missions today. The boy left with pride and love in his heart, putting his shoes on outside the door and leaving the little two-story Japanese style house.

He decided to leave the crowded streets of the village, especially since some annoying girls were running towards him. Takeshi shouted out to them, saying, "I'm out of here! Leave me alone!" It was obvious to the girls that he didn't want to be bothered, but some of them still approached him. To get out of this situation, Takeshi did a Mario-like wall jump with a running leap and kicking off the side of a wall, then another, and came to the top of a roof. He made sure to dash for it afterwards, to loose any of the girls who might try to follow him onto the rooftops. From here, Takeshi headed towards the Jounin outpost, where the missions were posted on a bulletin board. When he got there, as usual, the smells of smoke and booze wafted to his nostrils. The boy went through the door, grimacing at the smell, thinking, 'Sheesh, can't they have a bar somewhere else and not let it be the same place they post the missions? At this rate I'll have cancer and want to become an alcoholic. He looked frustrated, but the child made his way through the adults and went to the mission board. Here, he looked for a mission and he found the last D rank available for today. It kind of sucked he could only do D and C rank missions, but he guessed at least the Village Elders were looking out for the safety of their Genin. Still, most of these missions, if not all of them, were boring.

He took the paper down, read it, stuffed it in a jacket pocket and then quickly left out of that joint before he got sick. From here, outside, he went and started his search. The mission was to find a little girl's lost cat. It was listed as a grey cat with blue eyes and supposedly very fast. Still, Takeshi had the confidence he could do it. He could and would find that little cat and take it back to the girl! She was counting on him to see her pet safely home to her care. And so, the search for the little greycat began! The only thing he ha to do was think of some places a cat may be, likeat the fish market, or the docks near the fishing boats, or downtown near some trash. he went to these places, looking around, being quiet and careful, seeing many cats, until he finally found the one that fit the exact description.

The problem now was actually being able to catch him! Takeshi ran after the cat, cashing him through streets, up walls, onto roofs,crawling through pipes, even falling in a pit and almost killing himself. Damn, this cat was no joke. Finally, the boy decided to set a trap of bait for the little cat. He made a classic box and stick trap, setting a can of open tuna fish inside. It took the cat a little bit of time, but surprisingly the cat went in, knocking the stick out of the way, and found himself trapped under the box. Takeshi body-flickered quickly over to the box, took it off the cat, and hurried to grab the cat before it took off again! The cat hissed and growled and meowled angrily, swiping claws at the boy, but Takeshi held fast. He kept the cat secure, and when it began to calm down, he held it more softly, and stroked his fur gently, talking to the cat, reassuring it he'd be just fine. He took him home to his little Mommy, who looked really happy to see him. When the cat saw the little girl, he happily jumped into her arms and purred and rubbed his head on her face. It was a happy little moment. Takeshi put his hands on his hips and nodded and grinned. He then went to go get his mission payout, leaving. He needed to go home soon and wash these cuts before he got an infection.

[Mission done. Exit.]

[814 WC/300 Needed]
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Mission: Find My Kitty! [Mission/Private]
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