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 Find a Moth Mission [Mission/Private]

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Takeshi Uchiha
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Kiri Genin

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PostSubject: Find a Moth Mission [Mission/Private]   Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:40 pm


It was time to do another mission to help out the village Hidden in the Mist. Young Takeshi Uchiha hag gotten up like usual and he'd get dressed, have his breakfast, and head out into the village, going to the Jounin outpost, where all the missions were posted on a bulletin board in their outpost/bar that the little boy hated the smell of. He really hoped that one day, they changed the location of where you'd get your missions at. Why? Because it was stupid to have to go to a place where a bunch of Jounin hung put smoking and drinking.

Anyway, Takeshi soon discovered an interesting mission that shouldn't be too hard for him to do. The people requesting the mission were Kirigakure's Research and Development team. They needed someone to collect three rare white moths that were supposed to live around Kirigakure and only came out at night. The moths were supposed to glow in the dark, so maybe it would be easy to find them The hardest part would be capturing them without hurting them. Bugs, moths and butterflies in particular were very delicate. If you touched the wings and stuff, you could stop them from being able to fly, or injure them so that they would eventually die. This meant that Takeshi would have to become a Bug Cather. he needed a stupid yet useful in this situation butterfly net. He went to borrow one from some butterfly hunter person with a straw hat who had a weird bug for a pet. After this, it was time to wait for the night time. So until the night came, Takeshi spent his time practicing catching bugs of a similar type by catching butterflies. It took him some time before he got it right. He had accidently killed a few of them. However, by the time the night came, he was confident he could capture a few of these white moths without causing them harm.

Takeshi ventured around the village outskirts, heading to a slightly wooded area where he saw a lot of fire flies flying around, all glowy and such. He thought they were pretty cool. They were like flying nightlights, lighting up the night so it wasn't so dark and gloomy. However, these weren't what he was looking for. He had to look for something that was glowing white, not green. So, he carefully looked around. The moths should not only be white, but they should be a bit larger than the fireflies, and probably were a lot fewer in number because they were supposed to be rare. It took him several hours, and he found them deep in the wooded area, flying around near a lake that was concealed within the forest, the moon reflecting peacefully off of it's dark surface. The moths flew around the lake, as if they were spellbound by the reflection of the glowing jewel in the sky. It was so pretty. However, Takeshi had to get to work. He waited for a few of the moths to come near the grass where he was, and he gently but swiftly swung his bug catching net, catching two moths in one go. He opened up a jar and put them inside of it. Next, he waited for the third moth. When he captured it, he put that one int he jar with the others, and closed the lid before any of them could fly out. The little boy smiled at the glowing moths in his jar. He hoped they'd be ok. They were so pretty. At any rate, he'd done his job. He returned to the village and dropped the moths off at the village's Research and Development lab, collected his reward, and went home.

[Mission Complete. Exit.]

[625/300 WC] [200 EXP and 200 Ryo claiming]
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Find a Moth Mission [Mission/Private]
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