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 Dealing with snakes(Private)

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PostSubject: Dealing with snakes(Private)   Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:03 am

Voltaire Hayashi spent the vast majority of his time in an odd state that existed somewhere in between irritated lethargy and contented irritation, but some certain things could definitely push him into the next gear, though those things were definitely a part of a short list. It went, from matters of least importance to matters of the utmost importance: dead kittens, which would usually just cause him to insult a person; dead Sunagakure no Sato citizens, which would drive him to do some very dangerous things; anything that could risk making him seem weak to himself or others, as his friends and even basic acquaintances knew that it would bring out the absolute worst part of him; and harming those in the trade of merchant, because that is the trade that his parents were a part of and he viewed them as good, noble people in spite of the fact that they often times just could not be there for him when they should have been. They put food on the table and made sure that he was with somebody who would not abuse or neglect him when they were out making sure that the family was fed. Due to this, he was willing to fiercely defend those who were a part of that trade, and pass it off as if he was doing it for the good of the village's economy. Pretending to put Sunagakure first was an awesome way to get done what came first. He was going to be doing just that now that he was aware that he could make some monetary profit off of protecting the people in that most noble of trades, he jumped at the opportunity.

This mission concerned an apparently very powerful reptile that had been causing a lot of issues within the village by making the space around the village more difficult to travel, which was a very dangerous detriment to the trade of the people living in the walls of Sunagakure no Sato. Wolves surrounding a town could really do just as much damage as wolves inside of a town, and wolves were not nearly as bad as giant snakes who want to destroy your soul for some odd reason. Voltaire had been given a brief description of what it was capable of, but was in no way worried for his own health or safety. He was getting better at sensing what was going on on the left side of his face and after that encounter with the giant scorpion he had with his good friend and fellow Jounin, Zevas, he decided that he was in the mood for a good, legal hunt. This would not be half as exciting as hunting down and destroying another ninja would be, but it was a good start while he was still cooped up in the village. He joked to himself under his breathe about how he was probably one of the few wolves surely more dangerous when confined to the wall of the city. When he had the world to roam he was focused on finding and ripping brutally apart his next enemy. On the inside, however, within the walls that are meant to ensure him safety, he found that he could find no peace of mind or calm. With nothing to hunt, he was growing dreadfully bored, which, much like the things that were listed previously, could really bring out the worst in him, and his worst was much worse than the average worst could be.

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PostSubject: Re: Dealing with snakes(Private)   Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:20 am

Voltaire kept under his jacket his two deadly ninja puppets, the Twin Wasps, which he hoped would be enough to lay the finishing blow on the wicked serpent who was causing his village so many problems. The desert is a hard enough place to attract tourism as it is, and a vicious monster killing all of those who decided to grace the good people of Sunagakure no Sato with their annoying, confused, ignorant, and tolerable only due to the profit motive presence was not going to help with this cause. That meant that it was the place of the shinobi to clean this mess up, and that was a job that he was actually very pleased to carry out. Behind the empty socket that was behind the cloth bandages wrapped around the left side of his face, there was a brain with unparalleled knowledge about biology, and not just that of humans. Venomous snakes and their own biological make up were something that every doctor should at all times be perfectly away of. Voltiare had been told that the beast had scales like the armor of a samurai, but that was absolutely fine by Voltaire. The eyes, the under belly, and the innards were where one would want to hit on a snake. And due to that same education, though it was not a pleasant thought, or one that Voltaire would even liked to have allowed himself in the first place, he could remove a giant, venomous fang from his mid section with little more than a nasty scar if it came down to it.

Another key thing to remember in the combat of a giant reptile, and something that the now one eyed Voltaire greatly admired and found himself somewhat jealous of, had special sensory organs for detecting heat and or motion. Both of these factors were things that Voltaire Hayashi would have no problems faking to lure the beast out of hiding. He stood on a concrete slab that made up the bottom part of the gate that allowed entrance and exiting with the West of Sunagakure no Sato and the rest of the arid as always Land of Wind. Before him there was just miles and miles of endless sand. It was like an ocean, which was so extremely fitting, since this snake was said to move through the sand in the same way that a shark would move through the water. Either way, Voltaire would love to see the scaly bastard glide through some concrete. As he had so often before, he pulled out his puppets. He did not throw them this time, but instead held them out before him and sat them on his finger tips. First the wings started to flutter, and then the Twin Wasps were airborne. He controlled the both of them with his right hand and have them dive down, striking the sand with their stingers again and again, always staying within three or so feet of one another in the name of consistency. This assured that the beast would have one central spot to strike. This worked like a charm. A wicked bolt of scales, flesh, fangs, and hatred erupted from the sand below to swallow up one of the Twin Wasps, which would prove to be a fatal mistake for the most horrid of beasts. At the same time the one inside of the mouth pointed up its stinger and shot it out, as the other did the same aiming for the eye of the beast. It was killed instantly. And this, was the ability of a real Jounin. Voltaire then retrieved the puppets by hand, and considered getting some venom but did not.

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Dealing with snakes(Private)
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