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 The dark wind blows[Academy Flashback, nk]

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PostSubject: The dark wind blows[Academy Flashback, nk]   Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:16 am

A dry breeze offered little comfort as it wafted through the desert, eventually descending upon a youthful group of shinobi in training in a fenced in area. This group of youngsters playing out in the sand. The youths were split off into different groups, the girls would be chattering away near the entrance way back inside. Their petty gossip filled with boys, flowers, and decent. The boys made a few other groups, some took to sparing with each other, others practiced against dummies, some showing off their skill with a kunai knife, others showing their lack thereof. One child, however, sat alone underneath the shade of the building. His red eyes almost piercing the darkness while he softly muttered to himself. This lonesome behavior was not missed by the other children, who would walk past the child and hear his words. He was wierd, strange, scary, and an outsider. He was not a part of their world, nor did he wish to be.
   But his words weren't meant just for the wind. No, this child wasn't alone. Her presence was always with him, and as his words left his lips, her words spoke back. Words spoke in whispers, only meant for him. For you see, the boy didn't need the approval of his peers. He was strong, as long as she was there. And she would never leave him. She kept the promise she made him not too long ago when he had left.  
   The child was young, he had yet to develop his skills, but his true potential had yet to be unveiled. It was yet but a fragment of that potential, the voice was trying to unleash. With her guiding voice, she knew he would be able to succeed.  "Mother?" the child cried out. "It's too difficult. I am not strong enough yet" his hands closed together as he tried to channel his energy into his hands. "You can do it, my son."The voice cried out from across the void. "Quiet your mind and focus your thoughts. Breathe in the desert wind, let it fill you up. Then unleash it from within" The boy sighed softly. "Okay, i'll try." his voice quivered, he was still unsure of himself, but perhaps the small amount of faith she put into him would yield results.
  The boys eyes closed and his world became dark. His lungs exhaled out the air and slowly breathed in the dry desert air. The same breeze that had traveled far across the desert. He could smell his mother's essence as it kissed her cheek many miles before it entered his lungs. His palms extended out. And an image appeared as clear as day of her face. His hands slammed closed. Suddenly a vortex of wind, shot out across the schoolyard, unleashing a torrent of gales striking the unsuspecting school children, and knocking many of them down. "Hey, purple wierdo... what gives?!" One of the more advanced students hissed at him, as he got back to his feet.
  The lavender skin'd child ignored his attempts at an explaination, he was more in awe of the power he suddenly wielded. The force, the power. He could not only feel the wind, but he felt like he had become apart of the wind. And it felt, amazing. The rush, the exileration, the...


"Hey!, I'm taking to you!" the boy shouted again, as a rock fell down to the ground next to the child. The rest of the children around the yard began to encircle his corner, leaving a 10 meter gap between him and them.


Another rock was tossed from a child on the other side of the crowd. "Come on now, Anwser him, Creep!" And after that the entire group started to jeer at him. Tossing small rocks at him. leaving Vaati to cover himself with his cape to protect himself. "Hey, Vaan! I think we have a new target dummy!" The other boys laughed. the girls spoke words of discent under their breath. The child was isolated and scared, but not alone... never alone. "Son, focus!" the voice spoke to him again. "b-but, scared" he said softly as the rocks pelted against his robes. "Use that fear then son, turn it into a weapon." the words were cryptic and Vaati was unsure of what she meant. "How?". "The rocks, use them"


One rock flew through his cape and struck Vaati upon the head, causing him to begin bleeding. His eyes suddenly turned from fear to anger, and quickly to rage. Something snapped inside of him. Grabbing the rock, tarnished with his blood he stood up.  "Oh look, the baby is mad... did we hit you.. GET EM!" another boy shouted as they all started throwing rocks at once.

All at once, in one swift movement a gust of wind rushed from the ground knocking the rocks back to the ground. His fist tightly gripping the blood soaked rock in his hand, swiftly he clasped his hands around it before chucking the rock forward, flicking his wrist to cause it to spin paralell to the ground. As it did the vortex of air applied to the rock started to expand out. As the rock struck the center member of a group of 4 children a large gust of wind was expelled outward from the stone sending them flying back 5 meters and into the ground.

"Don't think you're gonna get away with that!" one of the girls shouted. "I'm getting the instructor" another yelled as she began to run off. Vaati stared coldly at the children, tears in his rage filled eyes, blood running down his face, furious anger pulsing from him.  As he started to move, four of the boys began to circle around him. The red haired child in front of him was their leader, the child behind him wore a black shirt with a skull design. The one to his right had a blue hat and the one to his left had on yellow shorts. "Don't think about leaving, you're in trouble... we wont let you" they jeered. Vaati stared at them as his blood began to boil in his veins.


Vaati's voice boomed. "Quick grab him and hold him down!" the red-haired child commanded. The yellow short kid and the one in the blue hat jumped forward grabbing each arm, the child with the black shirt grabbed around his waist using vaati's robe to bind him. The red haired kid walked forward. "we'll hold you, till the instructor gets here...." a smerk came across his face. "but until then... " he reared back and punched Vaati in the gut causing the child to keel forward on his knees. To which the child responded by kicking sand in his face. Vaati's head hung low. The anger and hate seething in to his vains. "You can do it, my son. Harness your rage" the whispers echoed in his head.
from behind his violet hair, the crimson of his eyes gleamed through. "leave me alone" he spoke under his breath. The red haired boy laughed... "What was that? we can't hear you wierdo". The rage inside of him suddenly exploded out.. "I SAID" he roared as the wind began wipping up around him. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" a sudden gust of wind exploded out from all directions knocking the three boys that were holding him down, back against the ground. Slowly he arose, the lone red haired child stepped back and got into a fighting stance... "Okay, so you wanna fight comeon" He pulled out his training kunai and began to get ready. Vaati stepped back into a stance and looked at his right hand. Holding his hand like he would chop he took his other hand and focused his rage into it, his chakra extending from his fingertips forming a blade of wind. Forward the two dashed to each other the red haired kid's kunai clashing with vaati's wind blade. the two clashed multiple times, before backing off. "Is that all you got, Creep?", grabbing his kunai he dashed forward clashing once again. "I said...... LEAVE ME ALONE" Vaati shouted once more, instantly slashing out using a wind blade made with his left hand, catching the red haired child off guard. The blade slashing deep into the child's left arm and knocking him back to the ground. His kunai falling into the dirt. He coward back, skooting backward while cradling his wound. Vaati slowly walked to him, his hand raised up across his chest to deliver a coup de grace.
"Enough, Vaati!" a voice boomed through the yard as a figure suddenly appeared between the two youths. "Go on, go home. That's enough for today" Vaati took a moment and looked around, catching his breath. the wind blades dissipating. The Chuunin instructor in front of him turned around and made a motion with his hand causing two other chunnin's to appear. "Bring this one to get his injury treated" he motioned to the red-haired child and put his arm on Vaati's shoulder. "I'll bring him home"
The two started walking toward Vaati's home along the dusty streets of Sunagakure. "You impressed me, child" the instructor stated. "I didn't expect you to preform as well as you did" the child wiped the blood from his face with his sleeve. "You were watching" he asked, inquisitively. Anger inside of him begining to swell up as the instructor affirmed his suspicions. He just let him get attacked. "It was a test" a test? Who and What gives him the right to test him in such a way, Vaati wondered. "One that you passed with flying colors." the instructor stopped and kneeled down next to Vaati. Vaati looked around. They were once again inside the school yard. His eyes turned to the instructor, who began changing in front of his eyes, taking a familiar form he immediately recognized. It was his mother. "MOM!" he dashed forward immediately embracing the figure. "You are inside my Genjutsu son, but what you have learned here will persist. There is only one last thing for me to teach you today. How to break free. " The tall figured stepped back. Now son, focus your energy into your mind. follow these handseals and rush it. " Vaati stood motionless. "B-But if I do that, you'll disappear, and i'll be alone again. " his mother smiled. "You will never be alone, even if you can't see me... I'll be there" Vaati wipe a tear from his eye and nodded. With a few handseals he rushed his chakra through his brain and suddenly in a flash the world disappeared. Looking up the child was back in his corner of the playground, children around him playing as they were just a short while ago. But, he was not the same Vaati as he was then... He was stronger. He knew, he would never be alone.

WC: 1853 learned Genjutsu Kai, Wind Release: Gale Palm, Wind Release: Great Breakthrough, and Wind Release: Slash
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The dark wind blows[Academy Flashback, nk]
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