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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

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PostSubject: Traiiiinnniiinnnnggg!   Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:23 am

As usual, it was a hot day in Sunagakure, Kenao lied on the sofa in his sitting room, his dad had gone on an unknown mission, he was the only one at home, doing nothing. He sighed, thinking of , what to do, he wish could meet someone special that day. Lots of things ran around in his head, he thought of training his body, training his byakugan, he thought of going to the park, but then, something popped up in his head, he remembered that he had just learned the Generic Sealing technique few days ago, and has not learned the reverse of the technique, he should be able to unseal whatever he seals. He thought of it, yeah, that makes a lot of sense, it would be good if he learned that
Kenao sat upright on the sofa, what he met was his perfect, ripped 6 killer abs. Building those took him a lot of effort,he remembered when he was in the academy, the training he had in preparation for the genin exam helped a lot in his abs buildup.
He stood up and sluggishly walked to his closet, slid a yellow shirt on top of the white short he already had on, he took out a scarf and tied it on his head. He walked out of the house, he walked past some buildings before he saw the academy few meters away, he increased the pace at which he was walking, he had already started sweating due to the intense heat the desert had, the absence of clouds were a great cause to that. He held his head high a bit, but was met with the intense light the sun of sunagakure had, he flicked his head downwards immediately, tears had formed near his lower lid, his vision became a little dark. "Stupid sun and stupid heat, be damned". The ground was hard, but he couldn't hear the sound of his black sandal thudding the ground. He walked a bit, and got to the entrance of the academy.
He walked through the passage, encountering different rooms left and right, he spotted a child being scolded for pranking his teacher, he smiled a bit, he remembered when he did that to his own academy teacher,"Those days" he thought, as he chuckled.
He walked for a bit more and saw an open door with a lot of scrolls, and he saw fuinjutsu seals and signs on them, " Finally, found this damn room". He adjusted himself before he entered, stroked his hair to the front to make it straight since it had become a little rough when he lied on the sofa, he walked inside the room, and saw a jonin at the far end of the room, looks like he didn't notice him, since it looked like he was busy drawing a fuinjutsu seal. Kenao walked towards him and pat him on his back, the jonin had a serious face, as Kenao tapped him, he snapped out of his serious mood and instantly donned a smile. "How can I Help you" he said, "Uhm, I was thinking, if you can teach me how to unseal objects?" Kenao replied.
" Of course, I can teach you, but weren't you thought how to unseal when they thought you how to seal objects?" The jonin replied. " Well, they would have, I was kinda in a hurry when they thought me, so I left immediately I learned the sealing technique, can we learn the technique now?" Kenao replied, "ok, well, if you want to use the technique, all you have to do is touch the seal with your palm, and send chakra into it, after doing that, you can bring out whatever you want by sucking It out with your chakra, and then the obkect will appear( the jonin reached for a scroll after uttering those words and flumped it on the table in front of Kenao and him, he unsealed it and unrolled the scroll) touch that seal(he pointed at the seal he should touch with his index finger) and do what I told you to do " the jonin instructed. "Hai!!, I got it" kenao replied, he placed his left palm on the scroll, remembering the words of the jonin , he had good control over his chakra, thanks to the hyuga training he had, he sent chakra into the scroll and lifted his hands off the seal, and poof!, a poof of smoke emerged, a second later, it vanished and a shuriken emerged. Kenao couldn't believe it was that easy, "can't believe it's so easy to learn, should have leanred it that day,thank you sir, I'll be going now" Kenao bowed and left the room walking out of the room and increased the pace as he ran out of the academy with a smile on his face.

Jutsu used:Unsealing technique

Chakra left:100-10

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin

Posts : 480
Join date : 2015-08-23
Age : 16
Location : Ogun State, Nigeria

PostSubject: Re: Traiiiinnniiinnnnggg!   Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:47 am

Kenao walked out of the academy, with a smile on his face, he decided to walk home, before he saw a gathering of girls several meters away from him, he wasn't in any mood to talk to girls at the moment, and didn't want to hear the girls talking about his "unreasonable jokes", he sighed and walked east, away from the girls. He wanted to walk home, and he was, he was supposed to use the way the girls had blocked for their little chit chat, he was walking on a route that made his destination further, he sighed and sat under a wooden chair under a house, constructed suna style, with the outer coating being of sand, the sand was an insulator of heat, the shade the house provided could be easily felt because the temperature dropped by 6 degrees under that house, he was fed up with the suna sun, what made him more annoyed was that he might have to deal with it for his whole life,
The suna sun isn't the only thing that seemed like a turn off, the orange layout of the village, without no noticeable vegetation to add colour and beautify the village when one would be looking for a good view, the landscape was levell, you wouldn't see anything but a levelled landscape, full of fine orange sand, there are barely little plants on the suna soil, Kenao got tired of watching cactus and trees that sheds their leaves just to prevent dehydration. To Kenao, sunagakure is a ugly village. Nevertheless, the sincerity and hospitability of the sunahakure shinobis was something that Kenao liked. Kenao was sweating in-between his toes, he put off his sandals and placed his feet on the suna soil, the ground was hot, as expected, but he was used to it. The past days had been quite uneventuful for the young hyuuga, he had the fun of his life in the academy, where he would prank almost anybody if given the chance. He remembered the time he made a noble man in sunagakure a laughing stock when he visited the academy. Kenao could remember that he used the cloak of invisibility technique and applied chakra all over his lower leg, which made him stand with his legs up and his head down below the academy roof, the philanthropist is bald but always put on a wig, Kenao figured this out days before the man came, and saw it as another chance to increase his fame by pulling another stunt when the man came to address the then sunagakure academy students about the free pizza he was going to give everybody.
Kenao unrolled a thread made of wool, right on the man's head and was forced to scratch his forehead till he unintentionally scrapped his wig off his head.
Kenao smirked as this memory came, he was a bad kid in the academy. But he was growing everyday and more age means more strength, according to the Hyuga. He decided to train his byakugan's sight range on that very chair he sat.
He closed his eyes only to flick them back opening and instantly activating the byakugan afterwards, the skin near his eyes bulged when veins came out.
He was only able to see an area of 20m with his byakugan, he wanted to increase the range of his byakugan but he had no idea on how to do that, his father wasn't around to teach him so he decided to do it solo than wait for his dad.
The young hyuuga saw everything as black and white when he activated his byakugan, he tried imagining that he saw more areas with his byakugan, but that didn't work. His head was blank, nothing seemed to come up, so he just decided to focus on one single spot, trying hard to increase his vision as he strained his byakugan and the surrounding veins, he was at that for 16 minutes, and nothing seemed to happen, but he observed that his eyes only continued to ache him, he believed that this was a good sign, and it interprets that his byakugan was developing, but as more and more minutes passed, with no change, he began to doubt it. He had no other means however so he continued straining his eyes. He was trying to view a house that was out of his vision, he tried adding chakra to his eyes but that only resulted to more strain.

1 hour and 20 minutes had passed, his neck was aching him, and he was tired with all the straining, he relaxed a bit but didn't deactivate his byakugan. He kept trying to penetrate the walls of the house, he continued doing that until he fell into a subconscious state for 5 minutes. He was knocked back into consciousness when a spider walked across his face. He decided to see if he could view what was in the house. His byakugan had not been deactivated, his eyes fixated on the building and he observed that he could see what was in the deserted house, where there was no sign of life or furniture in the house , he was delighted, it seems that his byakugan's sight range had increased. He deactivated his byakugan and stood up, putting on his sandals and went home.
On his way home, he observed that his eyes ached him more than it did before, a good sleep will solve this he thought.
He took off his sandal and shirt and jumped on his comfy chair, sighing and was expecting to be gone in a few minutes, but that didn't seem to be happening, he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling of his roof, 20 minutes had passed before he feel into a subconscious state, before he fell asleep. Kenao woke up 2 hours later

WC: 988

Gained +150m sight range for the byakugan, byakugan is now c rank, with 170m sight range
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